Zombie movies 2021

Fans of zombie movies I look forward to the release of new products in 2021. Films about a mysterious rise from the dead usually like people who like to tickle their nerves. Although modern paintings often contain elements of a Thriller, detective, and even Comedy. Among the upcoming film premieres, viewers will be able to choose the movie to fit your preferences.


For 2021 scheduled several premieres of zombie movies. Some spectators are waiting for a few years because they are a continuation of the best pictures about rise from the dead.

Night of the living dead: Rebirth

Zombie movies 2021Release date: exact date unknown

Director: Roger Conners

Actors: The Aswan Harris, Alvin Hudson, Roger Conners

The producers of the film claim that they remove not just a remake, and a new look at customary things. The plot of the film revolves around two brothers who came to the cemetery to relatives, but this time it all went wrong. They were attacked by the living dead, and they don’t know how to escape from them.

World war Z 2

Zombie movies 2021Release date: 2021-2021 year

Director: David Fincher

Genre: horror, Thriller, action

Filming of “world War Z” was postponed several times, although fans waiting for the continuation of the film. The plot would be the events that developed after the first picture. People live in isolated zombies from the ground and take a special vaccine. A talented virologist invents a virus due to which the zombie will destroy each other.

I am legend 2

Zombie movies 2021Release date: 2021-2021

Genre: fantasy, action, Thriller

Among the most anticipated zombie movies of 2021 can be called a continuation of the movie “I am legend”. The Prime Minister has repeatedly postponed. The reason lies in the fact that will Smith refuses to appear in the sequel. Events in the upcoming film will be developed before the incident of the first part.

The army of the dead

Zombie movies 2021Release date: exact date unknown

Director: Zack Snyder

Actors: Dave Batista, Ella Purnell, Hiroyuki Sanada

Genre: horror, action, Thriller

Initially, the picture was supposed to be a continuation of the film “dawn of the dead”. Production was postponed several times until in 2020, the law has not acquired the company “Netflix”. It will be a story about how during the robbery of a casino in Las Vegas is the invasion of zombies.


Fans of zombie movies is also can watch TV shows about rise from the dead. Film companies regularly replenish the collection with new television series, and 2021 will not be an exception.

86 zombies

Zombie movies 2021Release date: Two thousand twenty one

Actors: Bill Moseley, Linnea Quigley, Kane Hodder

The main character is experiencing a crisis in life. Girlfriend problems and conflicts at work become depressed, but when the city is a zombie invasion of the epidemic, the guy decides that he needs to stop the bloodthirsty monsters.

The diet of Santa CLARITA season 4

Zombie movies 2021Release date: March 2021

Director: Marc Buckland, Ken Kwapis

Actors: Drew Barrymore, Liv Hewson, Timothy Olyphant

And although the company “Netflix” has not yet announced the exact release date of season 4 of the Comedy series about zombies, most experts in the field of cinematography agree that the production will not be delayed. It is known that it will be a continuation of many beloved stories, although the details of the plot are shrouded in mystery.

Kingdom season 2

Zombie movies 2021Release date: exact date unknown

Country: South Korea, USA

Actors: Chu JI-Hoon, BAE Doo-na, Kim sung-Ho

Genre: horror, mystery, boeveto

Even before the start of the first season the Director of the series “Kingdom” has informed that will continue. Presumably the release will take place in the first half of the year, although it is possible that in the process there will be some difficulties. The creators explained that to make a historical film about zombies quite difficult and expensive.

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