Zack Snyder’s justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

The appearance of “justice League Zack Snyder”, the author’s version of the story of the same name, released a few years ago, is an expected event of 2021 for fans of the superhero picture. In the DC Extended universe, the fifth film after the change of Director, the film crew members underwent numerous modifications, as a result of which the film caused disappointment to the audience, was marked by a box office failure.

Production history of the series

The release of “justice League” was accompanied by serious problems. The script was changed many times before production, in the process, and in may 2017, the post of Director was transferred to Joss Whedon, removing Zack Snyder, although nothing was changed in the credits. The reason for the replacement was the tragedy-the suicide of the Director’s daughter. Filming of the film was shortened, some of the material was re-shot, from the version shot by Snyder, no more than 10% remained. As a result, the film did not receive the expected success, and the company refused to plan future projects of the franchise.

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

When the reasons for the short filming became well known, fans of comic book films, actors, and crew members turned to the management of Warner Bros with a petition to release a picture based on Snyder’s version. There was a mass action called Snyder’s Cut. Initially, the release of the author’s film was considered unlikely, the Director’s version was called mythical in the press. Over time, the situation has changed, the original version of the picture still decided to release. Snyder announced a budget for creating special effects, editing behavior, a platform for showing, and promised not to include a single frame from the Joss Whedon version. The Director has saved the author’s version with the footage, everything necessary for work.

For the current period, it is planned to release a debut mini-series of four parts, after which it will launch a full four-hour version.

The plot

The basic plot line of the two versions is the same, and the main characters are preserved. After the death of Superman, the justice League will be created, where its founders, Batman and Wonder woman, together with like-minded people, protect the world from an army of parademons led by Steppenwolf.

Viewers will probably notice the fundamental differences in the author’s version. So, they will receive a disclosure of the backstory of the characters, new participants in the events whose actions were withdrawn in the 2017 film will appear. Viewers will see how Wonder woman reveals the story of the Steppenwolf attack, find out who the Cyborg digs a grave for, and who is probably destined to die.

Teaser trailer from fans:video

Actors and roles

In the Director’s version of Snyder’s film, all previously announced actors will be involved, including those who were excluded from filming in the previous version. Actors are involved in the film:

  • Ben Affleck will appear as Bruce Wayne, or the popular Batman. He was also involved in the first tape “justice League»;
  • Henry Cavill will again play the role of a friend of Superman;
  • Gal Gadot will still be Wonder woman;
  • Ezra Miller will portray a character called Flash;
  • Kiaran Hinds will appear as a terrible Steppenwolf.

Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, and Jeremy Iron, who plays Alfred Pennyworth, will also appear in the new film.

  • Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Zack Snyder's justice League movie 2021 / cast, release date

Interesting facts

  • Actors who played the main roles in the independent film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, once again appear together with their characters in the film version of “justice League Zack Snyder”, although they were previously awarded the anti-award “Golden raspberry” as the worst ensemble.;
  • the petition for the author’s version of the adventure film was supported by more than 180 thousand people, thanks to the distribution of the document in the social network;
  • the mass movement of fans in support of the Director’s version was called toxic because of threats, intimidation of those who did not believe in the likelihood of the implementation of the film version of Snyder.;
  • discs with recordings of the film, launched in cinemas since 2017, were massively destroyed after the news of the Director’s revision of the film by Zack Snyder;
  • posters of the two versions featuring the main characters differ in tones – the new one is made in dark colors, which conveys the author’s mood;
  • the Director informed fans of a deeper disclosure of the Cyborg, as for him, this character is the heart of the entire fantastic story.;
  • the mystery of the new film emphasizes the changed appearance of Superman. If earlier the character was dressed in a red and blue version of the suit, now he is in black attire. You can already see the changes in the poster, the first teaser of the picture.

It remains to be believed that the release of the film “justice League of Zack Snyder” in 2021 will meet the high expectations of the audience, Zack Snyder will embody the Director’s ideas, the public will receive a new excellent film

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