Youth ice hockey world championship in 2021

Czech Republic, the birthplace of professional hockey player Jaromir Jagr got right in 2021 to carry out the youth world championship on hockey. Already 44 times, athletes will cross their sticks in the fight for the title of world Champions among youth teams. Participation in the tournament will take ten strongest compositions. Ice hockey Federation IIHF has announced when and where competitions will be held.

Time and venue

For youth games for ice hockey will open the doors of the best stadiums in the Czech Republic. Games will be held in two cities of the Czech Republic.

Multifunctional sports and cultural complex ČEZ arena (CHAZ), located in the city of Ostrava for the third time to meet the team members of the world Cup. CHAZ sports arena equipped with the latest technology. The capacity of the stadium during a hockey is 10109 places. In special cases it is possible to increase the number to 12,500 spectators. The second tier grandstands are VIP sections and skyboxes. Last for up to 20 people each, and open a gorgeous, panoramic view of the ice field. The comfortable classrooms are equipped with individual climate control, satellite TV, WI-FI. In addition to the ice arena complex located in the hotel a variety of restaurants, cafes, gyms and massage rooms.

Youth ice hockey world championship in 2021

The second city chosen was small but cozy Trinec, located on the banks of the river Walsh. For hockey players will be a universal sports arena Werk. This is one of the best stadiums in the Czech Republic, where technical equipment and comfort meet all international requirements. The newest complex built in 2014, can accommodate about 5,000 people.

The international ice hockey Federation decided not only with the venue of the championship, but with the date. The youth tournament will be held traditionally at the crossroads of passing and coming years. The first matches of the ice hockey world championship will be held December 26, 2020, and will end 5 January 2021. For USAн has become a commonplace to cheer for the juniors during the Christmas holidays.

Recall that the world hockey championship 2018-2020 took place in Canada. The champion defended the national team of Finland. Having defeated Junior team USA with the score 3:2 hockey players on the right were Champions of the MFM 2020. The Americans for the second time in the history of MFM took with him to the tournament silver medal. USA in the fight for the third place defeated the team of Switzerland with the score 5:2. This bronze award was the ninth of the account in the history of the games. The hostess of the championship to Canada for the first time in history, was left without medals at home championship.

Youth ice hockey world championship in 2021

Game schedule

The competition will begin the world youth championship U20 group stage. In the first stage of teams, divided into two groups, will play each other within their group one game. The group stage will be held from 26 to 31 December 2020. In the first round, according to the regulations, will be four teams. They will play in the consolation tournament January 2, 2021. According to the results of a consolation match, losing team will leave the first division. Semifinal, final and match for third place will be held on 4 and 5 January respectively.

A full schedule of games with the exact time of the event will be posted on the official website of the International Federation of ice hockey with the washer.

Participants MISI hockey 2021

The team selected will represent their States at the world youth championship 2020 2021.

In 2020, the teams will play each other in the quintets, and in 2021 will compete with national teams from the other group. The worst in each of the two teams in the playoffs will come, and will play for the right to stay in the elite division. Best get to the quarterfinals and play by the rules of the Olympics.

Youth ice hockey world championship in 2021

Interesting. Canadians are the true fans youth Championships in hockey. The tournaments taking place in Canada just a record attendance. This is due to the easy time of the tournament always falls on the Christmas holidays and a large number of victories at the Championships. By the way, the most spectacular for many years was the match “maple leaf” with the USSR team, and later with the national team USA.

The chances of the Russian national team to win

Russian fans expect from the team gold award. The squad has all chances to become the best in 2021, after all, every year the Russian team manages to stay in the top three. Latest gold for his country, young athletes are brought in 2011. At the 35th tournament of the youth world championship held in the USA the guys with the score 5:3 beat in the final of the Junior team Canada.

Youth ice hockey world championship in 2021

However, as always, the outcome of the games can be very unpredictable. So, at the world Cup in 2020, the strongest team of the canadian national team almost immediately left the tournament. The Russian hockey players at the last championship we showed a good team game. This was noted by the organisers of the world Cup, and first Vice-President of the FHR Roman Rotenberg. Satisfied with performance of hockey players left and coach Oleg Bragin. The young players took third place, defeating Switzerland. Bragin noted that in the confrontation with the USA players hoped for more. After the defeat some of them could not hold back the tears. However, young players showed a great game, said the coach. According to him, the USA has all chances to become the winner in the championship in 2021.

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