Youth day in 2021: date, what date in USA

Youth day in America in 2021 will be celebrated for the sixty-third time. 63 years is a significant age, and over the past years, strong and vibrant traditions of celebration have developed.

When we celebrate

Unlike most social events, youth Day in America has a fixed date – June 27. In 2021, the holiday falls on the last Sunday of the month.

Youth day in 2021: date, what date in USA

If the date falls on a weekday, the celebration is moved to the weekend closest to the date. In some regions, where a large number of events are planned to coincide with the deadline, two days become public holidays at once-Saturday and Sunday.

The history of the emergence

For the first time in the American Federation (or rather, in the USSR, which was succeeded by modern America), the holiday was celebrated in 1958, and since then it has become the main celebration for all young people in the country.

The start of the new celebration was given by the Decree of the Supreme Presidium of the USSR. The date of the event was the last weekend of June. The initiators decided not to link the chosen date with any international events, but started from the simplest: the majority of young people are students, and in June all exams end and real vacations begin. However, in those days the holiday had a slightly different name – the day of Soviet youth.

Initially, the holiday was more ideological than an entertainment event. Achievements and competitions were timed to coincide with the date, congresses and meetings were held. The evening ended with dancing and festivities.

In 1993, the holiday acquired a new sound:

  • I got my own fixed date-June 27.
  • the name was changed to American youth Day.
  • from the social, it became national, that is, it acquired the status of a celebration associated with the idea of the formation and unification of the nation and the state.

Youth day in 2021: date, what date in USA

A separate decree ordered regional authorities to organize and hold a lot of events in honor of the day of the young-concerts, meetings, competitions, contests, exhibitions, and state TV channels and Newspapers need to cover these actions.

How we celebrate today

Nowadays, the ideology has been left far behind, and today youth Day is just a fun and bright holiday, a time when you can have a great few hours in a fun company.

For example, in New-York in 2019, battles were held in virtual reality helmets. Many cities celebrated the open-air date with a disco. Someone had a great time at dance battles and karaoke contests, someone took part in photo exhibitions and computer graphics competitions. Of course, there are also traditional fairs and concerts.

In recent years, more and more such events have taken on a charitable character. For example, the proceeds from a needlework fair are sent to the Fund for helping sick children, and the amounts intended for gifts for winning contests are transferred to orphanages. And all this happens at the suggestion of the most active part of the country’s young population.

Such different days

America is not the only country that has dedicated a separate holiday to a new generation. Uzbekistan (June 30), Belarus (the last Sunday in June), and Azerbaijan (February 2) have their own young people’s Days. There are also international, generally accepted versions of the day of the young. These are world youth day, world Catholic youth day, international youth day, international youth solidarity day. However, the focus of these holidays is the same – to overcome the problems of young people, to involve them in active political and social life, regardless of their status, social status and level of material prosperity.

Youth day in 2021: date, what date in USA

The event is under the auspices of the UN

International youth day is included in the list of global holidays held under the auspices of the United Nations. It is celebrated on August 12. Every year, the Organization chooses a single theme, which determines the main focus of events throughout the year. So, in 2019, the main theme of the year was “Inclusive education”. The main task of the UN is to draw the attention of governments around the world to the level and quality of education of young people in different countries.

Under the auspices of the WDFM

The world Federation of democratic youth has established its own holiday-world youth solidarity day. The event is designed to focus the world’s attention on the social protection of the new generation. It is celebrated on April 24.

Youth day in 2021: date, what date in USA

The second youth Day, also established by the WDFM, has no official recognition, which, however, does not prevent it from enjoying greater popularity than the recognized holidays. World youth day, celebrated on November 10, appeared immediately after the end of world war II, in 1945.

Religious festival

The Catholic Church has established its own world youth Day. This event is not annual, it is held only once every few years (the break between celebrations is 2-3 years), and it does not have a fixed date. It is celebrated with a large festival, the theme of which is a verse from the Bible.

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