Years of service in Ministry, 2021

In the framework of reform of law enforcement system, launched in 2013, a decision was made to increase the years of service in MVD from 2021, and 2020. Due to this, the government was able to reduce the cost of financing the payments from the pension Fund and to enhance the skills of law enforcement personnel, reversing the outflow of highly qualified specialists. In the most delicate situation were citizens who were planning to retire for service from 2021. They will have to continue its work, so as to retire in the presence of the experience of 20 years could only law enforcement in the first half of 2020 (in the case of continued employment, they were paid ¼ of their pensions).

What will be considered

As it became known, the length of service in the interior Ministry in 2021 will be calculated according to the algorithm that was used in previous years. The main criterion is a certain period of service in the law enforcement system. Under current law, a citizen must serve at least 25 years to retire on superannuation, and of the calculation of the period takes into account only such periods:

  • Professional education if a citizen got it before the service. Count only full-time education for a period of not more than 5 years. In service training shall be counted according to the scheme: 2 months for 1 month of service.
  • Positions at various levels in the Ministry of interior (including probation period upon hiring).
  • The secondment, if it was carried out according to article 32 of the Law on service of the Russian Federation.
  • Suspension of service in law enforcement, if necessary for the position in another government Agency or authority.
  • The position of the Prosecutor, provided that the employee has been given the rank and service of the Federal penitentiary service, the National guard, Federal drug control service and fire safety.
  • The work of a judge, the Investigative Committee or the customs, if this was preceded by the receipt of sparzanza etc.

Years of service in Ministry, 2021

The relevant law is designated the so-called grace periods, when you can quickly earn years of service in 2021 and retire. This happens in the case if the employee of the interior Ministry is serving in hazardous or special conditions, and also when performing professional duties in the far North or in the regions equated.

The current situation

At the moment, to discontinue my work in the Ministry of interior may any employee who has worked in it for 12.5 years, provided that total work experience is 25 years. Accordingly, in 45 years you can retire and receive a pension. But the government is confident that the previously adopted rule does not match the current reality, when there is a clear trend of increasing life expectancy. Moreover, the work today is much more comfortable than a few years ago, which is also to contribute to the ongoing reform of the judicial system. In this regard, there is a high probability of the further increase of the period of service up to 30 years, especially as some politicians have repeatedly acted with such a proposal.

Law enforcement officers are very unhappy with the new seniority 25 years in 2021 – an unpleasant prospect, and dedicated forums where users actively criticize such an unpopular measure, is proof of this. Despite all the arguments of the reformers, it can be stated that 5 additional years in the non-normalized chart without weekends and even a hospital will affect the health of the average militiaman. And the situation when the operative at the age of 45-50 years will try to catch up with a young criminal, and all seems comical.

However, despite widespread discontent at the local level, legislative changes came into effect in 2020, although for a long time the government denied their existence. This is a clear answer to the question whether the interior Ministry seniority 25 years in 2021, and if its abolition as law enforcement officers.

Years of service in Ministry, 2021

Preconditions for the further increase

According to experts, the statement about the increase in life expectancy should not be taken as a serious argument, as this is the usual screen behind which to conceal the real state of Affairs. In fact, by changing the order of calculation of seniority in 2020, the government pursued the following goals:

  • To optimize and reduce the cost of the maintenance of the Ministry, as to the payment of pensions takes most of the budget of the Department. This will allow us to redirect funds to upgrade facilities, upgrade technology and other strategic objectives.
  • To increase the salaries of the employees, to provide them with additional benefits and more likely to give bonus payments to encourage them to efficiently perform their duties.
  • To reduce the number of experts so as to contain the contentment of around 15 million people in the current situation it is impractical and inefficient. The introduction of innovative technologies is an inevitable process and its side effect is reducing the need for live employees.

Considering all these facts, we can assume that 25 years is not the limit, and in the next few years may be decided to increase the years of service up to 30 years for good reason.

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