Year of the Bull 2021: how to meet | the right meeting

Everyone has heard that the night from December 31 to January 1 largely determines what the coming year will be for a person, but few people know what the right meeting 2021 should be, and how to meet the year of the Bull in order to attract good luck.

Eastern calendar and its features

The Eastern calendar has 12 totems and 5 elements, each of which has its own color:

  • wood (green);
  • water (blue or black);
  • metal (white);
  • earth (yellow);
  • fire (red).

It is not difficult to calculate that a certain combination of totem and element is repeated once every 60 years, which means that the previous time the White Metal Bull came to us in 1961, and the next time it will return only in 2081.

Also, the years in the Eastern calendar are divided into two groups – “Yin” (passive) and ” Yang “(active). In 2021, we are just celebrating the New year of the White Bull, which belongs to the “Yin” group, which means that the period will be more successful not for new beginnings, but for promoting and completing things that have already been started earlier.

We have dealt with the features of the horoscope, now let’s go directly to specific recommendations on how to properly celebrate the New year 2021.

Where and with whom to celebrate

The bull is a herd animal, but at the same time domestic, appreciating comfort and rich, delicious food. Eastern sages recommend celebrating the New Year at home or going to visit the next of kin (children or parents).

The ideal solution would be to bring the whole extended family together at the festive table. If such a scenario cannot be realized, do not forget to congratulate your closest people on New Year’s eve.

What to do if you are used to celebrating in a restaurant, arranging a new year’s trip, or even meeting January 1 in one of the warm countries? You should not abandon your plans, just take something with you that will establish your connection with home and family. That it will be up to you to decide. For someone, such a portal can be a photo, for someone a beautiful new year’s candle holder, and for someone a cozy blanket.

What to put on the table

Coming year of the Ox and it means the new 2021 needs to have their gastronomic limits, the main of which is the absence on the holiday table dishes of beef, veal (of course, the ban affects the liver, heart and other by-products of this segment). Obviously, the new patron will not like such dishes at all. The bull is more to your liking:

  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • cereals;
  • fresh herbs.

On the table must be a variety of salads, recipes and design options for which you will find on the pages of our website.

Naturally, you can’t do without meat dishes. An excellent alternative to veal can be:

  • poultry meat (chicken, Turkey, duck, goose);
  • rabbit;
  • pork;
  • mutton meat.

Fish (in any variations) and seafood should also be on the new year’s table. In the section “New year’s table” you will find a lot of ideas for a delicious, satisfying and beautiful menu for 2021.

How to decorate your home

Room decor is one of the most important stages of preparation for the new year’s holiday. The element and color of the totem speaks eloquently about how best to meet the upcoming 2021 year of the Bull and what shades will be preferred.

The decor should be dominated by white and any variations of the metallic shade. Ideally, it should be a combination of white and silver (interspersed with bright shades are allowed-green, yellow, blue, orange…)

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