Work email during the Christmas holidays 2021

The work of "Mail-USA" in the new year of 2021 will be adjusted. In some days the state establishment will be open one hour less than usual, and some days it won’t work at all. In order to properly build their plans, each USAнину need to know working schedule of post offices in the New year.


Letter carriers and other postal workers need to be able to celebrate New year and Christmas – just as all other citizens of the Russian Federation. Therefore, they will get the opportunity to relax 3 days:

  • January 1 (Wednesday);
  • 2 January (Thursday);
  • January 7 (Tuesday).

Work email during the Christmas holidays 2021

On other days the staff will work in normal mode, because for a long time to suspend the mail is just not possible. This state institution has the smooth execution of important tasks such as:

  1. Forwarding mails, parcels, etc.
  2. The results of the pension that the pensioners receive some through the post office at the beginning of each month.
  3. Transfers, repayment of loans, payment of utilities (these and other transactions can also be made at the post office).

Please note! All other days Jan 2021 e-mail must be in standard format. Here, however, difficulties may arise due to internal schedules of post offices. For example, if the branch is not open on Saturdays, and 4 January (Saturday) it can also be closed.

Shorter days

Work email during the Christmas holidays 2021 suggests the presence of reduced days. This:

  • December 31 (Tuesday, New year’s eve);
  • January 6 (Monday, Christmas eve).

Work email during the Christmas holidays 2021

On these dates the postal branches throughout the Russian Federation will work 1 hour less than usual. To pinpoint the time at which the branches are closed, not because they have different internal schedules. For example, if the mail usually closes at 18:00, in the days it closes at 17:00. A similar scheme will work and others post branches.

Hour and duty offices

However, the holidays 2021 will adjust the work even the clock and the duty of the offices of "Mail USA". We are talking about the following changes:

  1. From 21:00 on 31 December (Tuesday) until 10:00 PM January 1 (Wednesday) – hour duty office will be closed.
  2. 3 January (Friday) and January 8th (Wednesday) and some on-duty offices are open only from 08:00.

Main post offices

In the new year of 2021 will change the operation mode of the main post offices of the Russian Federation (main post offices). It is known that:

  1. New year’s eve will not work in the post office , which is located at , Myasnitskaya str., 26, office 101000.
  2. New year’s eve will not work in the post office e, located at St. Petersburg, Pochtamtskaya str., 9, Department of 190000.

Work email during the Christmas holidays 2021

In other days, the main post offices will work around the clock format. Closer to the New year, the main post office other settlements will also make adjustments to their schedules.

How to update schedule

To learn accurate and current schedule of a particular branch, you can use several communication channels. Namely:

  1. Personally visit a particular office to get all information.
  2. Call the state Agency at the phone number. Phone support "Mail-USA" – 8-800-1-000-000.
  3. To send a message with your question to online consultant on the official website of "Mail-USA". Here do not need to enter any personal information or fill out long forms.
  4. To contact "Mail-USA" through social networks – "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "Instagram".
  5. Install the free mobile app "Mail-USA" on your phone and regularly monitor here emerging information (including schedules of post offices).

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