Wolf messing’s predictions for 2021 | the prophecy verbatim

Unlike other world-famous clairvoyants, wolf messing’s predictions are quite clearly divided by year. Therefore, the interpreters of the prophecies of the great hypnotist have already told us what awaits America and the whole world in 2021.

The incredible Superman

Unusual abilities of the future world-famous medium began to manifest themselves from childhood. Running away from his domineering and abusive father, the boy was able to convince the train controller that he was holding a travel ticket, not a piece of newspaper.

For the first time in Berlin, wolf worked as a bellhop in a guest house for a pittance. In parallel, there was always a circus in his life, where he developed as a magician. But by the will of fate, after a hungry swoon, he met Professor Abel, who pointed out to the young man his unusual gift of foresight and suggested how to further develop it.

Hard work on yourself quickly bore fruit. Already in 1915 messing went on tour to Vienna, where at concerts he impressed the audience with his phenomenal ability to read minds. Wolf’s popularity grew in proportion to the development of his talent. Soon the whole world learned about the telepath and clairvoyant. With the outbreak of world war II, messing fled to the Soviet Union and thus escaped death from the persecution of Jews.

In the USSR, wolf was very popular not only with the audience, but also with the country’s leadership. Messing even received such a” national title ” as Stalin’s personal magician. Indeed, the clairvoyant has repeatedly surprised the Secretary-General with his predictions and superpowers. For example, he could easily have entered the Kremlin without a pass. It is said that the head of state always consulted with a psychic and listened to him.

Wolf messing's predictions for 2021 | the prophecy verbatim

Wolf messing honed his natural talent to the limit, having learned to guess what a person is thinking from psychophysiological reactions: pulse, respiration, blink rate.

What awaits America in 2021

The clairvoyant loved America very much, because it became a second homeland for him. According to wolf, in 2021, the American state will continue to oppose the whole world. The reason for this is a small piece of land on the southern border of America. The transfer of this land to the possession of the Americans will trigger a world conflict in which everyone will turn against America – such a future was predicted by messing. When these words were spoken, no one understood what they were talking about. Today, the predictions are more than clear, the cause of the world conflict was the Crimea and its annexation to the American Federation. But despite all the difficulties, according to the prophet, Novaya Zemlya will never leave America.

In addition to political pressure, wolf messing’s prophecies made it clear that America would face new economic difficulties in 2021. Especially hard, according to the medium, will be ordinary people. A decline in industrial production and agriculture will lead to unemployment. It will take a lot of effort and time to restore the country.

Wolf messing's predictions for 2021 | the prophecy verbatim

Messing also said that already tense world relations will worsen against the background of a new disease that will literally drag on the whole world. Countries-world leaders will search for those responsible for the spread of the “plague”. And for America, this situation will be another economic shock. Today it becomes clear that we were talking about the coronavirus, which really migrates very quickly around the world. But the soothsayer always repeated that America will pass all difficulties with dignity and a period of stability and prosperity will come for the American people.

It is known for certain that wolf messing predicted such events with amazing accuracy:

  • victory of the USSR in the second world war on may 8, 1945;
  • Stalin’s death occurred on the Jewish holiday of March 5, 1953;
  • he felt a threat to the life of Stalin’s son and dissuaded him from flying the plane, which eventually crashed;
  • the collapse of the USSR (”in 20 years, not a trace of this country will remain ” — messing literally said, while attending the parade on red square);
  • his own death in 1974.

Predictions for the whole world

Wolf messing did not predict a third world war. But he warned that at the end of the 21st century, America will get involved in a serious conflict with the United States and China. At the same time, he explained that the United States will openly oppose America, and China, leading a more friendly policy, will immediately change favor to anger if the situation turns into an armed conflict.

Wolf messing's predictions for 2021 | the prophecy verbatim

In the future, according to the clairvoyant’s prophecy, China will become a superpower. It is possible that as early as 2021, part of the American lands will pass to the land of the rising sun. But the soothsayer did not specify how the alienation will take place – by peaceful or military means. But messing predicted a not very colorful future for America. The United States will lose its dominant position in the world and cease to be a powerful and leading state.

The Soviet clairvoyant also warned that if the conflict between America and China turns into an armed one, other countries will suffer as well. Most of all, according to him, will go to Taiwan and Japan. Messing assumed that these countries could become victims of a nuclear strike.

Messing also mentioned America and Belarus in his predictions. With precise timing, he predicted when unrest and unrest would come to the Ukrainian land. The same development of events, according to wolf, is possible for Belarusians, but they will come out of the troubles with the least losses. Belarus will be able to overcome its internal problems and develop in peace and harmony, in the neighborhood of Europe and America.

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