Winter youth Olympic games in 2021

Winter youth Olympic games 2021 is an international sporting competition involving athletes aged 14-18 years. The dates of the games – from 10 to 19 January 2021. It is expected that participants will include representatives from 70 States. Previous competitions were held in 2016 in Lillehammer.

The order of selection of the host of the competition

The idea of a sports forum belongs to the ex-head of the IOC Jacques Rogge. She was adopted at the Guatemala International Olympic Committee session in July 2007. The first youth games were held in Innsbruck (Austria) in January 2012.

The decision to hold the games in Lausanne was made on July 31 2015 at the 128th IOC session, held in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. The only rival of the Romanian city of Brasov, the Swiss was ahead by 61 votes (71 vs 10). Also announced its intention to hold the event, but were not included in the number of candidates the Russian city of Sochi, the Bulgarian American Sofia and lake placid. Lausanne had never hosted the Olympic games, but it has a lot of experience of hosting world Championships. In particular, there was held the matches of the football world Cup 1954, world Cup 1992, 1997 and 2002 figure skating Championships and the world championship in gymnastics, 1997.

Winter youth Olympic games in 2021

The format of the youth winter games

One of the main objectives of the event is to promote the spread of healthy lifestyle among the younger generation and to present it to the world Olympic movement. Many participants in these events subsequently come to the adult Olympics and achieve major success.

Its format, organization, sports program, and conducting youth competitions as close as possible to the real Olympics. Before the stadium will host the opening ceremony, during which delegations from each country will be held in front of a large audience. Also includes meetings with professional athletes, seminars, workshops and other educational practices. At the end of games will be held the closing ceremony.

Winter youth Olympic games in 2021

The venue

The organizing Committee did not make a secret of the fact, where will the youth Olympic games in 2021. On his official website, he said that the competition will be held in Lausanne, in the vicinity of the city in the Alpine zone, in the French region of Jura and lake Geneva. Cluster Olympic village will be organized in the University centre of Lausanne. To avoid over-concentration of athletes, arrival of participants can be arranged in two stages in 1880 people.

Also became the famous places of competitions in individual sports. In Lausanne, will compete in the following disciplines:

  • hockey;
  • speed skating;
  • figure skating.

The Curling competition will be held in the town of Champery. The winners in Alpine skiing, freestyle, snowboarding, ski mountaineering, will determine Lysine, Villars and Les Diablerets, which are located in the mountain massif of the Alps. In the place de Russ will organize competitions in biathlon, Nordic combined and ski jumping. In St. Moritz will reveal the strongest in bobsleigh, skeleton and Luge.

Winter youth Olympic games in 2021

The program

At the upcoming competitions will be awarded 81 medals, 11 more compared with the games in Lillehammer. Previously, the main program exactly matched the format of the “adult” Olympics. She was represented by the following disciplines:

  • skiing;
  • biathlon;
  • Luge;
  • bobsleigh;
  • figure skating;
  • speed skating;
  • Curling;
  • ice hockey;
  • freestyle;
  • snowboarding;
  • skeleton;
  • short-track;
  • jumping;
  • Northern combination;
  • skiing.

Winter youth Olympic games in 2021

Following the principles of gender equality, the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee has corrected the program of the youth Olympic games 2021 to include in a competitive list a number of female types, and new to such sports disciplines which are interesting to the youth. The addition of ski mountaineering, combining the plots to pass for skiing and everyday running. The winners will be identified in the individual, sprint and relay races (there are boys and girls 17-18 years). In addition, the program Luge appears women two, and in the Nordic combined individual competition for girls.

Classic hockey tournament to fight for the victory will be six teams are selected to play the results of the world Junior Championships to be held in 2018 and 2020. Men’s and women’s teams received the highest rating at the end of these Championships, will be able to come to Lausanne.

Winter youth Olympic games in 2021

USA at the winter youth games

Russian athletes once again have a good chance to compete for the top spots in the team standings – this is evidenced by the successful experience of the previous years. During the first events in 2012 our team placed in fifth place with 5 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals. The total number of awards (16) it was only behind Germany, who won 17 medals.

Four years later, young athletes from Russia rounded out the top three teams in the team standings with 7 gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze medals. The total number of medals (24) USAнам then was not equal at all.

The legacy of the tournament

The organizers of the games promised to leave a large inheritance to Lausanne and throughout Switzerland since the increase in the area of student housing through the construction of a hostel for 1200 seats and ending with the stadiums and training bases. Espase Malley ice rink on 9700 spectators will be a real decoration of the city, where he will engage young figure skaters and speed skaters. The mountain resorts will be able to consolidate their positions as key centers of winter sports.

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