Winter fishing in 2020-2021 year

Many men are already planning to spend a few days or weeks in the 2020-2021 year, ice-fishing, poison on a frozen lake or river to get a large catch of fish and a charge of positive emotions. Experienced anglers know that fishing in the cold season is quite a dangerous occupation, which has its own characteristics and legal restrictions.

The opening of the winter fishing season

A simple answer to the question – when will be the opening of winter fishing season 2020-2021 clearly impossible. It all depends on the weather conditions in the region. Muscovites, for example, go on the ice before December-January, and the inhabitants of the Northern regions bring home fresh fish in November. Fishing the Central part of the USA usually inform each other that the “ice rose” or set to the freeze in early December. The main thing is to stop the thaw, and in 3-5 days was below freezing.

Experts recommend not to go on thin ice at the beginning or at the end of winter. Its thickness must be kept at the level of 6-10 cm In the daytime the ice cover over the pond usually becomes thinner, 1-2 cm, and increases the risk to fall into the water, especially when dragging heavy gear. While the pond was frozen enough, you can’t start fishing in large groups, and to call on the ice by car. This is often reported by the staff of the Ministry in local Newspapers or other media.

Winter fishing in 2020-2021 year

Features fishing on the first ice

Winter binds with ice the lake and the river gradually, so to open the fishing season is not in a hurry, it is better to prepare carefully, collect gear and tackle, and inquire on the discussion forums. He is usually quite successful, as during this period, the slave and prey peaceful and continues to lead an active life, gaining strength before the spring spawn. It is very important to observe the following rules:

  1. It is desirable to navigate the snow covered pond on skis. They are not tied to your legs so in a critical situation quickly reset.
  2. You should feel out of place near the sticking out of the water grasses, snags, bushes. Usually around these growths, the ice is very weak and thin.
  3. To go on winter fishing on the first ice in the 2020-2021 year, better in small group rather than alone, in which case the time to obtain or provide assistance.
  4. If after all the ice is gone from under his feet, not panic, should immediately shake off all the heavy stuff (box, ax). Once out of the water, you need to go in the direction where he began a movement to the reservoir, and not unknown in the opposite direction. Experienced fishermen winter roads always hand-grips and a long rope (10-15 cm). This kit allows rescue to cling to the thick layers of ice and get out of the hole yourself, if not around the assistants.
  5. If under the feet started to settle down or to crack the ice should stop and slowly back sliding movements in the direction from where began the way. Back on shore, you need to change the direction of motion.
  6. It is impossible to punch holes closer than 4-5 meters from each other. If biting into a hollowed-out hole no, she poured a serving of crackers or bloodworms and moving away to a new place (30-40 m). To the first hole in a few hours you can return, as there was left a powerful lure.

Winter fishing in 2020-2021 year

Active nibble on the first ice starts early in the morning or after 15 hours of the day. At this time, particularly active bass. Ruffs are well caught during the day and burbot are beginning to bite at dusk. For blesneniya pike or perch experienced anglers choose a place in front of the pits at the cliffs. In early winter large flocks of fish are concentrated in shallow water near submerged snags, stumps, reeds.

In the middle of the season, the inhabitants of the waters go to a depth in places of the river or Creek, in center Creek. Among the impressive depths are shallow “noses” who loves big roach, perch and podlesi. Fishing can be carried out not only at a shallow place, but also on the approaches to it, the main thing is to make a disguise, that is, to spread a cloak or tarp around the place catching not to frighten off enemies.

What you need to bring

Every fisherman practicing his technique of fishing. It can be bottom fishing and the balancer, the imitation fish or jig. It is very important to choose the right outfit and gear:

  1. Rod. Fishermen winter roads I prefer fishing rods-Bigalke small length with a round handle and a coil. For podlesi, perch and other small fish suitable a compact penoplastovyj the bait, and trolling for big predators like pike will need sturdy rod with sturdy handle. For winter fishing you need the line, it is better, solid or braided cord (for big pike).
  2. Box for gear. He also performs the function of a stool. It can keep drink and food equipment, as well as a small catch.
  3. Ice pick (fishing Bur). In modern shops presents a huge wide variety of models of ice axes. Excellent strength possess “Leningrad” rotations, more expensive options delivered from Sweden and Finland. Freeze the ice crust and crumb ice and remove large aluminum ladle.
  4. Container for nozzles. This wooden small boxes that store animals heads – the larvae of gammarus, bloodworm, worms. The boxes have to be openings for admission of air. Plastic models are less practical than wood because there is not enough protect the nozzle from freezing.
  5. Extractor. Device for removal from the throat of the fish hook. It allows not to damage the gear and the fish itself.
  6. Protective tent or flap. As the angler have to spend on open cold wind for a few hours, he needs protection from the cold. It may be a small canvas tent with a slotted bottom or a simple shelter from the rails, which pull a thick cloth.

Winter fishing in 2020-2021 year

Of course, this is not the whole list of fixtures and equipment, which you can prepare for the upcoming winter fishing season 2020-2021. The experienced fisherman is always handy spoon for casting, a fish scaler, zevnik, binoculars, flashlight and a thermos of hot tea.

As for equipment, it should consist of waterproof footwear (boots, high galoshes and felt insoles), thermal underwear, sweaters, outerwear, gloves neoprene. Many companies today develop and release in the sale of special clothing for winter fishing. You can even order a special jumpsuit, performs the function of a life jacket in case of contact with the ice.

Legal restrictions

From 1 January 2021 will come into force the new provisions of the law “On Amateur fishing”. Sport and Amateur fishing is still possible to lead in all Russian waters for free, with the exception of nature reserves and areas of industrial cultivation of fish.

Strictly prohibited the following forms of fishing:

  • explosives;
  • chemicals;
  • toxic reagents;
  • electrofishing and other home appliances;
  • network of the Gill guns.

In 2018, the limits were introduced on fishing. They will not change and in 2020 and 2021. For each water object they are set on an individual basis. For example, in the Volga-Caspian basin, Astrakhan region in the day, one fisherman can catch 10 kg of fish, and a resident of the Tambov region less – for him the daily intake does not exceed 5 kg.

Winter fishing in 2020-2021 year

The lovers of underwater fishing will have to move away from the beaches. Restrictions on the catch of valuable and rare fish species will be saved only for the Siberian, Northern and far Eastern regions. To catch certain kinds of fish need special nominal resolution. For violations of fishing regulations and Administrative penal code provides for penalties, which were significantly tightened from 2020.

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