Will there be a transfer of hours in 2021 in USA | do I need to transfer them

America has abandoned seasonal time translation since 2014, and listened to the opinion of health experts who proved the negative impact of this factor on the human body. But the discussion about whether there will be another clock transfer in 2021 in America, again appears on the pages of the press and on the Internet.

Background of the issue

For the first time in our country, the hands of the clock were switched to seasonal time in 1917, following the example of the Germans, who saved energy resources.

In 1921, this event was abandoned, but in 1930 the hands were moved forward an hour. Maternity time (the name was fixed due to the introduction of innovations by decree of the Council of people’s Commissars) has not been changed for more than half a century. In the period from 1981 to 2011, they returned to the “summer” time. The seasonal shift of the hands relative to the “maternity” time (and not canceled), led in the summer to an advance of the reference calculations by two hours.

Will there be a transfer of hours in 2021 in USA | do I need to transfer them

An attempt to abolish maternity time was made in 1991, but exactly one year later they returned to their previous state. The next time transfer in America took place 20 years later, in 2011 the “winter” time was again canceled, only “summer” time was established. In 2014, we decided that a permanent “winter” time would be correct.

Another initiative

In March 2019, Deputy Andrey Baryshev put forward a proposal to return the seasonal time and change the clock twice a year in the State Duma.

The bill was supported by arguments:

  • additional organization of evening leisure activities at the expense of “light” hours;
  • energy savings, as lighting will be required an hour later in summer;
  • reducing the number of road accidents during extended daylight hours;
  • elimination of early dawns in some regions before mass awakening of people;
  • support for construction and agricultural work in natural light.

The initiative was not supported, despite the impressive list of advantages of the innovation. The document was withdrawn from consideration in the first reading by the decision of the relevant Duma Committee, the recall of the Government of the American Federation. Expect in the near future, whether the clock will be switched to seasonal mode in 2021, is not worth it.

Opt-out of seasonal changes

America has repeatedly conducted research on the impact of time shifts on people’s health. Experts note that under the influence of changing the clock, there are violations of circadian rhythms, sleep patterns, which subsequently leads to the development of:

  • strokes;
  • heart attacks;
  • atrial fibrillation.

Will there be a transfer of hours in 2021 in USA | do I need to transfer them

The body is forced to adapt to changes, is in a state of stress. This factor affects the manifestations of:

  • dullness of attention, concentration;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Doctors are concerned about the consequences of disruptions in biological functions, from hormone levels to blood pressure readings. Do I need to change my watch if the risk of developing myocardial infarction increases or accidents on the roads increase due to problems with concentration?

The second significant reason for refusing to transfer hours, after medical factors, was additional expenses instead of the expected savings. Industrial workers had to reconfigure their equipment, and utility workers had to reprogram all electricity meters that charge consumption for day and night hours separately.

The situation in Europe

A survey of Europeans in 2019, whether it is necessary to change the clock, reflected the desire of 84% of the 4.6 million citizens of 28 EU countries to live according to a stable time of the “summer” option. The authorities noted that the savings from the seasonal transfer of arrows are negligible, does not justify the inconvenience that it carries.

The European Parliament has approved a bill to stop changing summer and winter time. The majority of deputies voted for the rejection of the practice of seasonal time transfer. But the law’s entry into force was postponed until 2021. The delay is given in order for each EU country to decide what time it is necessary to save for a comfortable stay – “winter” or”summer”. In case of doubt, the European Commission reserves the right to postpone the date of entry into force of the draft law.

Will there be a transfer of hours in 2021 in USA | do I need to transfer them

It is assumed that in 2021, countries that have chosen “summer” time for the stable option will finally switch the hands of the clock in March 2021, and those States that prefer “winter” time will make adjustments to the clock operation in October.

The condition for EU member States is to coordinate decisions among themselves so that the choice of summer and winter options does not lead to adverse consequences in the common market.

The unity of American and international experts in the issue of regular transfer of hours is aimed at stabilizing the situation. In 2021, America keeps the previous time unchanged, the resumption of seasonal shifts, and Europe will finally decide how to interact with countries based on the choice of citizens.

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