Will the unified state exam be canceled in 2021 | will it be canceled

There is another entrance campaign ahead and all graduates are concerned about one question – is it possible that the unified state exam will be canceled or at least simplified in 2021? It is no secret that the final exam in its current form is a serious stress for every 11th grader and not everyone manages to get high scores in the necessary subjects even after a purposeful multi-month preparation.

So, let’s find out what awaits graduates and future applicants in 2021, as well as whether the Government and the Ministry plan to review the current system of knowledge quality control.

Changes from 25.12.20

Assessing the scale of the COVID-19 epidemic in America, the authorities have taken a number of measures aimed at reducing the risks of coronavirus infection for participants in the educational process.

  1. The early unified state exam was canceled.
  2. The final essay dates have been moved from December 2020 to April 2021.
  3. Those who do not plan to enter universities are allowed not to take the unified state exam in 2021.

Why do I need the unified state exam?

The unified State Exam, as a form of GIA for graduates of the 11th grades of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums of the American Federation, was introduced as mandatory for all graduates of the country since 2008, although it was launched as an experiment in 2001.

The main purpose of the unified state exam is to check the quality of knowledge and practical skills of graduates in the main subjects of secondary General education.

Will the unified state exam be canceled in 2021 | will it be canceled

For graduatesa high result of the state exam opens the door to any University in the country, since enrollment in state-funded places is made automatically, only taking into account the points of certificates and the presence of additional merits, such as victories in Olympiads and competitions at the national and international levels.

For Universitiespoints of certificates submitted for consideration by applicants are a guarantee that the student who sits down at the Desk tomorrow has basic knowledge, which will allow him to successfully master the training program in the chosen direction.

For educational institutionsuse scores are an indicator of the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of teachers ‘ work. Although, there are heated discussions in certain circles about the reliability of such a format for evaluating school performance, because it would be incorrect to compare the results of students in General education and specialized educational institutions. And in most cases, 11th graders do not limit themselves to the school curriculum, but turn to private teachers in order to achieve maximum results.

Movement to cancel the unified state exam

Questions about whether the unified state exam will be canceled in the 2021-2022 academic year, and whether the current GIA-11 format will ever be canceled, arise due to the fact that there are many opponents of such certification among children, parents and teachers themselves.

Among the main arguments that require cancellation of the unified state exam:

  • psychological stress that graduates face (and not only on the test day itself, but also throughout the entire training stage);
  • unequal access to knowledge equal to the requirements of the KIMS for students of schools of the provinces and specialized schools of the cities;
  • unreliability of the results, as the assessment may be affected by the psychological and physical state on the day of passing the unified state exam, changes in the format of questions, and many other factors;
  • the process of “additional training” put on stream, which has grown into a profitable business direction.

Will the unified state exam be canceled in 2021 | will it be canceled

Another serious problem that graduates talk about, but the authors of educational innovations do not think about at all – is admission on the principle of “American roulette”, when a graduate is forced to choose a specialty based on the result of the unified state exam and often turns out to be a student of “the wrong University” or “the wrong specialty”. As a result, the country invests in his training, but then the person does not work in the profession. And just imagine, these are 40% of the total number of Americans who have graduated from universities. Moreover, a third of them did not work a single day in their specialty.

Of course, it is not correct to say that the cancellation of the unified state exam in 2021 can radically change the situation, because among these 40% there are those for whom the decision was made by parents, and those who changed their opinion during their studies. There are already questions about the universities themselves, the quality of building a training program, the employment prospects provided, as well as the level of wages in certain industries.

Opinion of the Government and Ministry

When asked whether the cancellation of the unified state exam in 2021 will be considered, the country’s leadership says to the Council categorically:no!

The President and the Minister of education agree that school graduates should know not only their native language, but also the history of their country. Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed that it is unacceptable for an 11th grader to be unable to answer basic questions about the history or geography of America.

Only a pandemic can influence this opinion. At the same time, if earlier the Ministry actively discussed the introduction of new mandatory subjects, which in the coming years should become the history of America and English, but today this is no longer the case. But the transition to the digital format of the unified state exam is becoming more and more relevant.

Will the unified state exam be canceled in 2021 | will it be canceled

Practice shows that in high school graduates pay attention mainly to the subjects that will be taken on the GIA, superficially studying everything else. Reducing the number of subjects taken, or completely abandoning the unified state exam, you can expect a rapid drop in the level of knowledge, according to the Ministry.

Conclusion and expected dates of exams

All reforms of the knowledge quality control system have been completed. The Ministry is fully satisfied with the format of the GIA for 11th graders and the content of CIMS. This suggests only one thing-instead of searching for answers to the age-old question of whether the unified state exam will be canceled, all those taking exams in 2021 should focus on preparation.

Important! The early unified state exam in 2021 has been canceled!

In October 2020, the preliminary calendar of the unified state exam 2021 was officially approved and published, in which the main block of exams is scheduled to be held on such days:

Will the unified state exam be canceled in 2021 | will it be canceled

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