Will the clock in 2021 in USA

About 10 years in the USA repealed the clock on a “winter” and “summer time”, but will continue this trend in 2021? Whether in the near future to get up an hour earlier or later, to get used to a new routine of work and sleep to rebuild your own biorhythms? Because such innovations, according to research by physicians, often cause dyssynchrony and depressive disorders in the population.

Will there be changes to 2021

Recently across the country, conducted a public survey, do I need to translate the clock in 2021 as it was 10 years ago. It showed that 66% USAн do not want any changes. Lawmakers of the state Duma and the Russian Government has with the population of the country in solidarity. With the initiative of the innovations in the state Duma were only a few deputies, offering to move the clock hands only in some regions of the USA, especially NYC and the Far East, but their initiative was not supported by the majority of parliamentarians. Next year USAне can sleep peacefully, they do not need to ask extra question: translate the hours in 2021 and when it is not to be late to work that morning. Return to “summer” and “winter” time is not planned.

Will the clock in 2021 in USA

What the experts say

USA refused from the annual temporal fluctuations, as lawmakers listened to the opinion of doctors. Doctors sleep and psychologists believe that energy savings is not as important as the health of the population. Time crashing in spring and autumn leads to the exacerbation of chronic diseases, provides a kind of “jolt” to the body, disrupts sleep, dulls your concentration and mental activity, and leads to an increase in the number of accidents on the roads.

On the other hand, some researchers argue that the manipulation of the figures on the clock any negative effects on health do not have, as modern man no longer so dependent on the laws of nature. They argue that winter time is more suitable for human biorhythms, as as close to astronomical. USAнам’t really like to get up in the morning an hour earlier to strain hearing early Wake-up call, awake to gather in the dark to go to the workplace, take the children to school or kindergarten.

International practice of translation watch hands

According to the data for previous years translation time occurs annually in the spring in 81 countries. These include almost all countries of the European Union, except Iceland. Temporary transfers 2 times per year remain in New Zealand, Canada and us States, in some regions of South America, Africa, and Australia. The Japanese government refused to double translation in the 50s. The same applies to many subtropical and Equatorial countries with long daylight hours. Seasonal transfers are only in Iran, Namibia, Morocco, Chile, Syria, Lebanon, Burkina Faso, Israel, Paraguay, Brazil, Jordan, Cyprus and the Philippines. Scroll arrows twice a year and residents of Mexico, Bahamas and in Bermuda and Cuba.

Will the clock in 2021 in USA

The clock for many years practiced in almost all of Europe, although according to surveys 80% of the population supports the transition to continuous time. In 2018, the people of Finland have sent a petition to the European Commission to cancel the change of time. In the end, the members of the Committee decided that temporary fluctuations do more damage to Europeans than benefit the economy. But the debate in the European Parliament continue in the present. According to EU law each country individually have to decide the issue, closer to her “winter” and “summer” time or a stable situation.

Why translate the clock

The alternation of “summer” and “winter time” was first introduced in times of rapid technological and economic expansion in the United States and Europe. The need arose to save energy and labor resources. Then this innovation helped during the Second World war, when the fighting has depleted many countries, and needed saving not only energy resources, but also the extension of the working time in the sunlight. Opponents of this idea argued that seasonal and temporary fluctuations lead to additional financial costs, that is, to the necessary adjustment of appropriate technology in a new way – working machines, electrical equipment, and measuring instruments.

In the days of ancient Russia of our compatriots are distributed 24 hours in accordance with the movement of the Sun and focused on the sound of bells. In the 19th century began the development of railway communication between distant provinces. The traffic focused on the time, but after the great October revolution of 1917, was introduced the European practice of translation hours in summer and winter to extend the light of the day.

Will the clock in 2021 in USA

In autumn, clocks are moved back 1 hour, and at the end of March – forward 1 hour. Such a rule was in force until 1924. Then came “daylight savings time”, operating until 1981, when clockwise moved forward an hour, and there were no annual changes. Only since 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a Decree, leaving only the summer transfer. Then with Oct 2014 USAне again switched to 1 hour and moved at constant time.

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