Whose 2021 year according to the Eastern horoscope | new, what will it be

According to the Eastern horoscope, each move has its own patron from the animal world, and its character largely depends on whose coming year 2021 will be. We offer you to learn interesting facts about the Eastern horoscope, which is popular all over the world today, and understand what the coming year will be like.

Important! The patron Saint of 2021 will be a White Metal Bull. In the East, the arrival of a new annual cycle will be celebrated on February 12, 2021.

Let’s understand how the horoscope works, the history of which dates back to the time of Ancient China, and why the Bull will come to us exactly “white” and “metallic”.

Features of the Eastern horoscope

There are 12 totem animals in the zodiac circle:

Whose 2021 year according to the Eastern horoscope | new, what will it be

The choice of patrons is far from random. Six of the presented totems are animals that have long been kept in homes. In China, it was believed that a house with 6 animals-a horse, a goat, a bull, a pig, a rooster, and a dog-was bound to be prosperous. The remaining six animals (rat, rabbit, tiger, monkey, snake and dragon) are inextricably linked to the ancient mythology and culture of the East.

All totems are divided into pairs, in which one totem is a representative of YIN, and the second – YANG. And here, too, the division does not occur randomly. All YIN animals have an even number of fingers on each paw, while YANG animals have an odd number. The only exception to this rule is the rat, which has 4 fingers on its front legs and 5 on its hind legs. it was For this feature that the rat was granted the right to open the calendar cycle. However, the totem represents Yang energy, since the total sum (4+5=9) is an odd number.

In the East, it is believed that a perfect balance of these two energies is necessary for complete harmony, so the key character traits of paired totems should complement each other.

Whose 2021 year according to the Eastern horoscope | new, what will it be

Character Of The Bull

In the new year 2021 on the Eastern calendar, we will enter under the patronage of the Bull. The character of this sign is ambiguous.

the confrontation over the new

Whose 2021 year according to the Eastern horoscope | new, what will it be

The importance of color and element

In addition to who exactly will patronize the entire 2021 year according to the Eastern calendar, the color and element of the animal matter. There are 5 such combinations in total:

  • wood (blue);
  • fire (red);
  • earth (yellow);
  • metal (white);
  • water (black).

All possible combinations of totems and elements give a 60-year cycle, in which each year has its own unique patron with special character traits and opens up special opportunities for people.

So, in 2021, according to the Eastern calendar, we will be patronized by a White Metal Bull. The totem element (metal) has the following characteristics: strength, hardness and reliability. As a rule, the time periods that fall under the influence of this element are years of calm and balance. Although, the previous year 2020, the symbol of which was a White Metal Rat, can hardly be called such. This was one of those rare exceptions, when the key factor was the location of the planets and an abnormally large number of eclipses, the unpredictable effects of which were warned in advance by astrologers.

Can I use red?

Having found out whose year 2021 will be according to the Eastern calendar, most of our compatriots immediately begin to plan a celebration without a gram of red shades. Is this correct?

Whose 2021 year according to the Eastern horoscope | new, what will it be

Of course, if you absolutely want to implement the holiday in green or chocolate tones, 2021 is a great opportunity. But, for those who can’t imagine their New Year without traditional scarlet accessories, there’s some good news.

  • In China, red is The new Year’s colorand regardless of who will be the patron Saint of the next period, all houses and streets are decorated with red garlands and lanterns.
  • The year of the Bull will officially come on 12.02.21 so decorating your house in scarlet tones or wearing a red dress on the night of January 1, you will definitely not be able to offend the new patron.
  • Bulls ‘ dislike of red is nothing more than a myth. In nature, these animals are completely indifferent to bright colors, as they have monochrome vision and see the world in grayscale.

What to expect for other zodiac signs

Features of the new totem and its compatibility with other signs can tell a lot about what the year 2021 will be like for people born in the Eastern calendar not in the year of the bull.

So, the most successful 2021 year of the White Metal Bull will be for people born under the patronage of a Monkey or a Rooster. A good enough, but not ideal, period will be for those who were born in the years of the Snake, Rat and wild Boar.

A year will pass with varying success for those whose totem animal by year of birth is a Horse, Dog, Rabbit, Dragon or Tiger. But for Sheep and Bulls, oddly enough, they predict a difficult year.

The rat

The year will be successful in terms of work and finances, but only for those who learn how to work in a team and set priorities correctly. There will be a lot of work and responsibility, which can increase the stressful state. If you don’t properly organize your day, you may not have time to rest at all.

The year will be difficult for those who do not listen to the recommendations and do not make grandiose plans. The more ambitious they are, the more likely they are to fail due to unexpected problems or trips. At the same time, everything will be more or less smooth on the personal front and in work. The year is favorable for starting a romantic relationship and finding new business partners.

Representatives of this sign should control their emotions and try to avoid conflict situations at home and at work. The year will swing on a swing. Success will keep coming and turning away from you, so it’s better not to rush headlong into risky adventures, but just lie low and wait out the period.


Tact and diplomacy are the secret to your success next year. Don’t expect too much from others, it will help you avoid disappointment and resentment. The job will not bring the desired high income, but 2021 is not the time for drastic changes. Lay low and wait, making plans for the future.


It’s time for productive work. You will have to work hard and hard, but you will see the result only next year. Don’t be lazy and try to get everything now. The more effort you put in the year of the Bull, the more impressive the result will be, which will please you in the future.

Hard work is not your thing. Luck is on your side, but making the right decision promises to be difficult. Putting aside your stubbornness and not setting too high standards for yourself, you will easily achieve success. But the final leap to the top is still better left for the coming year.


From a business point of view, the year will be a success. There will be difficulties, but their solution will be relatively simple and fast. Things will be more difficult on the personal front. A peaceful life in 2021 is guaranteed only to those who can curb their passions and maintain control over their feelings.

It’s going to be a tough year. Possible quarrels with loved ones, problems at work and financial instability. The work will seem boring and monotonous, the requirements of the management and the second half will be too high. During this period, it is better to abandon serious decisions, and it will be easier to survive all the difficulties with friends.

A monkey

The year will be smooth, calm and not significant in any way. But the very fact that it will not bring serious problems and cataclysms should please those born under the sign of the Monkey. You should pay attention to your health. Most likely, the aggravation may occur due to the need to devote a lot of time to work or during travel.

The rooster

Those born in the year of the Rooster in 2021 will find themselves in their element. They will have the opportunity to restore their former position (in society, at work, in the family), will receive special help in solving existing problems, and will not experience financial problems. But, as for a Monkey, health problems are not excluded. In particular, injuries are possible.

The dog

You like to take risks, but 2021 is not a good time for such experiments. Beware of rash actions, spontaneous decisions, and excessive temper. You may have to give up on some important issue. It is possible that this will entail unplanned financial expenses, but will allow you to maintain peace of mind in life.

Wild boar

The ability to adapt to difficult conditions will be very useful to you in 2021. The year promises to be successful for business, filled with new interesting meetings. But, on the personal front, you should be especially careful. There may be disagreements with the other half, which can cause quarrels and even a breakup.

Now you know which animal on the Eastern calendar we will meet for the New Year 2021, and what to expect from the new patron.

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