Whether winter will be cold or warm in 2021-2022: anomalously, the coldest

Winter is unpredictable even in the Northern regions of America: the last time it brought rain to Siberia at a time when there should have been snow. What kind of winter do forecasters promise in 2021-2022: warm or cold? If you believe most weather forecasts, then all three months will pass without abnormal temperature jumps – it will be frosty, with periods of thawing. The forecast amount of precipitation is less than in the 2019-2020 season, at least in the European part of America. And now-more details by month.


In early December, forecasters promise moderate frost – not lower than-15-17 degrees. From January 1 to January 10-11, it will be warm – the temperature will start to drop closer to the middle of the month. December will bring a surprise to residents of the southern Federal district and Khakassia – here the temperature will rise at the beginning of the month. Experts attribute this to the fact that spring has dragged on in these regions, so the cold snap will come later.

This month of winter 2021-2022 will be the coldest in Siberia and the Urals. Here, the thermometer will drop to -10-15 degrees in the first week of December. According to weather forecasters, there is a high probability of cooling to -20 degrees. You should not expect a large amount of snow at the beginning of the month, although it will fall in November-in small quantities and quickly melt. But if the autumn is dry, then snow in December is not excluded.

Whether winter will be cold or warm in 2021-2022: anomalously, the coldest


The first month of the new year 2021 will not please residents of the Central and Western regions of America with snow. If the weather is changeable in the first two weeks, then from January 15-17 you need to prepare for heavy snowfalls and skidding on the roads. There will be a lot of snow, but not for long. In the last decade of the month, we should expect warming.

Snowy and frosty weather will continue throughout the entire territory of the Siberian Federal district. Before Epiphany and after It, the thermometer columns will be kept at -20 degrees.Noticeably colder during this period and in the far East, in the Primorsky territory-up to-10-15 degrees. Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, and Novosibirsk will experience similar weather conditions.

Swings are predicted to be frequent throughout the country. In the morning and until lunch, thermometers can show -8-10 degrees, and closer to 16-17 hours-drop to-17-18 degrees. So it’s safe to say that the middle of winter in 2021 will be cold. Unexpected January swings will not pass by other regions of America – they will cover the entire territory of the country. The expected difference in thermometer readings is on average 9-12 degrees.

Whether winter will be cold or warm in 2021-2022: anomalously, the coldest


Southerners will not be lucky: experts predict frequent weather vagaries in their regions, the temperature regime will constantly change from subzero values to thaw and back. In February, gusts of cold squally wind are also possible. Sharp fluctuations will continue until the second half of the month, and from February 14-15, warm weather will be established in the southern Federal district, with many Sunny and fine days expected. In Rostov-on-don and the Rostov region, experts predict up to +12 in the afternoon. By night – cooling down to-4-6 degrees.

In Siberia and the Urals, there will be traditional snowstorms, blizzards, and severe frosts. Periodically, they will be accompanied by squally northerly winds, and then they will be replaced by thaws and Sunny days. Weather “swings” will stop closer to the end of February. The maximum temperature during this period is not lower than -15 degrees.

In the Central part of America and the Volga Federal district, meteorologists predict thaws. Uncharacteristically warm weather will set in on these territories, and the sun will start warming up the soil.

Whether winter will be cold or warm in 2021-2022: anomalously, the coldest

New Year’s holidays

On New year’s eve 2021 and Christmas, everyone is waiting for snow, crunchy underfoot, light frost. Will winter be cold and snowy during the holidays? Meteorologists joke about this that it will definitely be cold, and in some places it will be very frosty. Indeed, in the vast territory of the American Federation, the weather is different. The General forecast is encouraging: this time they promise no slush or thaw. But you should not expect a lot of snow either. It will delight children closer to Christmas.

Folk signs

There are also people’s hydrometeorological center in America – signs that work as well as specialists. Long-term observations suggest what to expect from winter:

  1. Autumn is warm and dry – which means that winter will come late and will be wet.
  2. Cold summers and warm autumns mean a long and frosty winter.
  3. In October, a large number of leaves remained on the trees – wait for the cold weather in December.
  4. Severe winter will come if there are a lot of berries on the mountain ash.
  5. But to expect snow, if the mushroom season turned out, I was pleased with a good harvest.
  6. Frost is on the trees in November? Expect Sunny days in December.
  7. The sleepy flies came to life in late autumn, just in time for a warm winter.
  8. Farmers have gathered a rich harvest of grain? So, you need to prepare for the cold weather.

Whether winter will be cold or warm in 2021-2022: anomalously, the coldest

Believing the signs or taking them with a smile is an individual matter. Summing up the official forecasts, we can say that no special whims and surprises are expected. December, January, and February will not differ much from previous years. So everything is stable, and experts will tell about the amount of precipitation in the fall.

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