Where to invest money in 2021

Experts told where to invest money in 2021, so they do not lose their value, and worked. Some argue that it is safer to use the traditional options, suggest other innovative ideas. Each of the ways of increasing savings has its own characteristics.

Classic Bank Deposit

The safest way of investing money in 2021, as before, will remain in investment banking. The system of Deposit insurance ensures that in the event of termination of the financial organizations, the citizen will receive their “blood” back. Though covered only amount to 1.4 million. Also not all Russian banks are the participants of the Deposit insurance program. So before you decide which Bank is better to invest money under percent in 2021, it is necessary to clarify this information. The list of banks participating in the insurance program is available on the official website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Return on investment is on average from 4% to 11% per annum. The rate depends on several factors:

  • the term of placement;
  • initial payment;
  • conditions of the Deposit;
  • the rating and reputation of the Bank;
  • of the refinancing rate.

The longer the period of placement and the larger the amount, the higher the percentage offered by banks. If the terms of the agreement, the Deposit can be replenish and partially withdraw the interest, the yield will not be large. The most profitable deposits for a period of 12 months from the impossibility of removal and replenishment. The initial fee for such deposits varies from 30 to 50 thousand.

To know which Bank is better and more profitable to invest in 2021 financiers are recommended to track stocks from banks. Often good deals come on the eve of big holidays. For example, Sberbank annually, we offer deposits with higher rates for the New year and victory Day. According to analysts, at the beginning of 2021 in the banks with state participation will be possible to locate the accumulation of a maximum of 6-7 % per annum. While in commercial organizations, this figure can reach up to 8-9%.

Where to invest money in 2021

Experts warn that too high a percentage, relative to the other is a sign of a lack of funds in the Bank. Such proposals should be treated with caution. Because the Central Bank annually selects the licenses of dozens of unreliable organizations. To avoid becoming a customer of a bankrupt Bank and not to wait for the return of their savings from the insurance company, it is better to entrust their money to banks with the state support. These include:

  • VTB;
  • Sberbank;
  • Rosselkhozbank;
  • The Bank FK Otkrytiye;
  • Promsvyazbank;
  • Mail, Bank and others.

To maximize profits, economists suggest all the accumulated funds divided into five parts. To choose a reliable Bank with average interest rates and open the so-called ladder of deposits: 3, 6 and 12 months. The last two savings account needs to be replenished. After Deposit for 3 month, the money can be transferred to the account opened for six months. After finishing the contribution for 6 months money profitable move long term Deposit with maximum interest.

The two remaining parts of the accumulated savings, experts advise to keep in foreign currency. Safest place to buy equal parts Euro and the dollar. To keep the currency in electronic form on a simple foreign currency account or to place them on the profitable Deposit. Interest rates on dollar and euroclad small (about 2% per year), but these funds do not depreciate due to the continued appreciation of the ruble. To preserve the possibility of the game on exchange rates is more suitable for short-term deposits.

Where to invest money in 2021

Today, some banks offer to open online deposits without leaving home. Interest on such online deposits much higher than those offered by personal visit to the organization. Manage your finances conveniently through mobile app for a specific Bank. In 2021, the number of organizations working with clients in online mode, will increase significantly.

Other ways of investing

For those who have a decent amount, but never decided to invest the money in 2021, experts offer win-win options:

  • buying precious metals;
  • the purchase of real estate.

The first option to invest in several ways: to buy the metal bullion, jewelry and coins, or to open the metal account. Store the metal in its natural form is not very convenient. For this you need to rent a safe Deposit box at the Bank or to install a home safe. At the opening of a depersonalized metal account it should be remembered that they do not fall under the law on Deposit insurance. The rates on such accounts is always small, but the price of precious metals has been steadily increasing, so this is a great way to embed long-term assets.

The acquisition of real estate for many years, remains one of the best ways of investing money. Despite the stagnant market in recent years, apartment prices are steadily creeping up. Real estate is always possible to sell and receive it back with good interest. In addition, passive income in the form of rents to the owner of the apartment, garage, cars or office space, will be guaranteed.

Where to invest money in 2021

Innovative ways of investing experienced investors offer investment via the Internet. The essence of investment is the investment of their savings in venture capital funds. This variant of earnings is very risky, so the “idea” investment should be selected very meticulously. To sponsor a project may be possible, minimum thresholds for investments does not exist. If the business will be deployed, then the investor can receive up to 50% profit.

Another unconventional method of earning on the savings — trust money an experienced broker. Professional traders, who cleverly traded on stock exchanges, can yield up to 10% of the transferred amount to the owner. Before you start partnership with him, read real reviews about his online activities. If the applicant would be “dishonest”, then this information will immediately pop up.

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