Where to celebrate a party on New 2021

Every year we look forward to the onset of the magical atmosphere of the winter holidays, and any a working man – new year corporate party! And a month before the event, if not sooner, the management of large companies and small companies began to think, where is better to celebrate corporate New 2021.

Initially, the search space for the event might seem complex or even trivial task, but it is not. There is a perception: how a Christmas party would hold – and the work will be in 2021. The idea is exuberant and fun contests, communication with colleagues in an informal setting and the opportunity to Express themselves – everything is the key to good real party.

Classic holiday

Usually includes:

  • budget event in the cafe;
  • restaurant;
  • themes;
  • rent a concert hall.

Where to celebrate a party on New 2021

Inexpensive and cozy party in a cafe

If the team is small enough and the firm has a large budget for a major party – not a reason to despair! You can spend New 2021 with colleagues in the atmospheric café. The advantage of this choice lies in the economical distribution of funds and the ability to individually select the menu, discussed it personally with the chef and Manager of the institution.

Restaurant corporate

New year holiday of workers of successful firms is often held in the restaurant. Delicious meals, there was live music and excellent service will allow you to truly relax and enjoy the holidays with colleagues.

In the thematic school

Employees are tired of the annual cafes and restaurants? Tired of delicious, but monotonous food? How about themed places?! Pub will treat you to delicious craft beer and great snacks. Nautical theme? A huge list of dishes prepared based on seafood. Healthy and tasty snack will not leave indifferent any one Department. Maybe Asian motives? Nice sharpness unusual Asian or Mexican food is exactly what sometimes you want to diversify work activities.

Where to celebrate a party on New 2021


For those who have the means to vacation, you can rent a concert hall or a large historical building with a Banquet hall. Alternatively, you can hire the local castle or manor. The invitation of a popular singer or actor as the lead will create a special holiday atmosphere. Often this option is preferred by large corporations and companies with high revenue.

Modern style

Corporate New 2021 you can spend quite modern:

  • to rent a flat or apartment;
  • to celebrate the holiday in the hotel;
  • work;
  • to go to the floating restaurant.

Home party

Young and modern team will gladly respond to the call to host a party in a posh apartment buildings or skyscrapers. Top floor, panoramic Windows, large open space inside with all the amenities – everything you need to rock! A retreat will cost no more than to note the restaurant, it will take a lot of pleasure from a non-standard location. Choose an apartment in advance, because "competitors" don’t sleep. It should also include insurance and discuss with the owner the conditions of compensation of damage in case something happens.

Where to celebrate a party on New 2021

New year’s eve party in the hotel

Most hotels offer services events, and corporate is no exception. There is a large selection of hotel hospitality for every taste and budget. It’s hard not to agree that after a holiday it is quite difficult to get home not only for time but also for health reasons. Why suffer? Have the opportunity to book a restaurant in the hotel but a few rooms where you can stay until morning.

Country cottage

Fresh air, kebabs, grill, music – it’s all about the party. Such activities are organized all year round, and winter is not inferior to summer. Rooms in a large house or a separate small Bungalow with the possibility of accommodation. The choice of music, staff and a pleasant atmosphere with clean air.

Restaurant on the water

The floating restaurant would be great for the team to 100 people. The cost of rent depends on the size of the yacht and the duration of the holiday, but employees will receive a complete set of services, starting from food and ending with comfortable cabins.

Where to celebrate a party on New 2021

Sports ideas

A stereotype can destroy a more active pastime during the event on the New 2021:

  • rent bath or sauna at the sports complex;
  • tourist travel abroad;
  • extreme Hiking in the mountains.

Rental of the sauna in the sports complex

A modern sports and entertainment complexes have a rich program of leisure activities that offer a variety of saunas and steam baths, cold and warm pools, and a cafeteria with delicious cocktails. Workers will appreciate the party in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle.


To plunge into the new year the world Prague or Dresden. To try hot mulled wine on the Central square of one of the European cities. And, maybe, to go to warm countries – Thailand, Bali? In any case, the tour goes to all the staff good, especially if it’s a Christmas party!

Extreme holiday in the mountains

There are plenty of options: you can spend time in a circle of colleagues, rising in a mountain or rafting on the river. Danger, drive and good mood will not only strengthen the relations in the team, but also a new life experience.

Where to celebrate a party on New 2021

Economical and creative options

No matter where to party on New year 2021, the main thing is how and with whom! Suitable for this purpose:

  • corporate events in the private working office;
  • outreach workshops;
  • the involvement of humorous groups;
  • themed parties in any convenient place.

You can spend a good time in his office, decorating it accordingly. Each employee will be getting creative and will offer something different. If possible, is to attract people from outside to create the atmosphere of celebration – master of ceremonies, the Comedy team.

Outreach workshops will help to rally the team, learning any skill, whether it be soap making or cooking shows, which involved the workers themselves, and at the end will have a tasty result for the whole team.

To show imagination, to align the option with the employees and to organize an unforgettable corporate party, even if it’s themed fancy dress night favorite movie, is the goal of every responsible Manager.

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