When you can fish in Lent in 2021 | Orthodox

It is allowed to taste fish during Lent in 2021 only on public holidays according to the Orthodox calendar. Church celebrations are not all assigned to calendar dates, many are calculated from the time of Easter. In order not to break the order, you need to figure out which days of fasting are considered holidays.

Holding Lent in 2021

According to the Church Charter, the clergy calculate the next date of Easter by the phases of the moon. The resurrection of the Lord falls on the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

It should be noted that unlike the Gregorian calendar (according to the new style), according to which most countries, including America, live in the present, Orthodoxy retains the Julian calendar (old style), which is 13 days behind. Everyone knows the meeting of the Old New year on the night of January 14.

The full Moon falls on different dates each year. In 2021, its offensive along with Orthodox Easter is expected on may 2. Accordingly, Lent, which lasts for 7 weeks, or 48 days, will begin on March 15 and end on may 1.

When you can fish in Lent in 2021 | Orthodox

The time of humility and abstinence is aimed at strengthening the spirit. For those who intend to go through the path of restrictions for the first time, it is important to know when it is allowed, in addition to plant food, to eat fish during the fast. The rules of the Church code apply equally to the laity and the clergy.

The Essence Of The Post

The period of Great Lent in Christian philosophy is intended for the mental experience and repetition of events described in the gospel about the last days of Christ’s stay among people before the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection.

Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days without food or water. He knew about the impending crucifixion, prepared his body and spirit for the great test, comprehended life, and turned to God.

Orthodox Christians who strive to become close to God consciously fast, not taking animal food, reducing the diet in General, humbling worldly desires. The beginning and end of Lent mark the days when it is necessary to completely abandon food, and not just fish. At the beginning of the fast and in the last week, the temptation to give up fasting is greatest, since the whole body is rebuilt with a decrease in calories. According to the monastery Charter, Christians are not allowed to eat for seven weeks:

  • meat and fish;
  • milk, dairy products;
  • animal-derived fats;
  • drink alcohol.

When you can fish in Lent in 2021 | Orthodox

Church canons prescribe compliance with the rules:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Fridayyou are only allowed to eat. Food should be dry, cold, without adding oil;
  • Tuesday, Thursdayyou can not have Breakfast, lunch, and a hot dinner made from lean products is allowed;
  • at the weekendit is allowed to eat three meals a day.

A prerequisite is to observe the General simplicity of dishes, i.e. there should be no mixing of a large number of products.

Orthodox Christians are forbidden to demonstrate the power of self-control. During the period of fasting, pride in one’s achievements is an undesirable companion, since this is not a manifestation of a feat, but only of spiritual growth. In addition to food restrictions, it is equally important to restrain other temptations – to indulge in fun, visit crowded places, gather in companies.

The time of Great Lent includes not only days of commemoration and mourning, some dates are filled with bright Christian events, permeated with a festive mood, which means that allowances are allowed in the General diet.

Fish on the table in Lent

The calendar of Church holidays includes two important Orthodox celebrations during Lent:

  • Annunciation Of The Most Holy Theotokos– on April 7, the faithful celebrate the key event of the blessed Virgin receiving news from an angel about the conception of the Son of God;
  • Palm Sunday– the day of commemoration of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, falls in 2021 on April 25.

On public holidays, it is allowed to eat fish and red wine. Allocated one day of relief in the diet is fish allowed caviar on Lazarus Saturday (April 24), when the faithful remember miracle of raising Lazarus in the identity of the future resurrection of all the dead.

It should be noted that for those Orthodox who are not allowed to fast for health reasons, you need to consult a priest. The Church allows you to eat fish if there is a need to include it in the diet of pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and the sick.

When you can fish in Lent in 2021 | Orthodox

The fact of abstinence during Lent is important not so much in changing the diet, but in the way of spiritual life of every Christian believer.

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