When will there be a blood Moon in 2021 | date

Such a rather rare astronomical phenomenon as a full blood moon is of great interest not only to Amateur astronomers, but also to ordinary inhabitants. An unusually spectacular event is the night star, when it comes as close as possible to our planet and gets a bard or blood-red color. Previously, this phenomenon was considered a harbinger of future wars and catastrophes. Now many people know the essence of the astronomical phenomenon, and they are looking forward to when there will be a blood moon in 2021-2022 to admire this rare natural beauty.

When will there be a blood Moon in 2021 | date

Why does the moon change color

The red moon effect is observed during a total lunar Eclipse. During the full moon phase, the sun fully illuminates the satellite’s surface. If the planes of all three celestial bodies coincide, then the earth blocks the light from the sun and the lunar disk is in the cone of shadow from our planet. But the sunlight, skirting the earth at a tangent, partially dissipating in the thickness of the earth’s atmosphere, still reaches the lunar disk. Since the rays of the red-orange spectrum are the least susceptible to scattering, they are the ones that color the lunar surface in a blood-red color.

It is not possible to predict what color intensity the blood moon will have. It will depend on the state of cloud cover and atmospheric pollution at the time of the Eclipse. The most ominous shade of the moon’s disk becomes during major fires and volcanic eruptions, when a large amount of dust and ash enters the atmosphere, refracting the sun’s rays.

When will there be a blood Moon in 2021 | date

Mysticism and superstition associated with the blood moon

Eclipses, especially full ones, and even more so the crimson moon, always caused horror and superstitious fear among our ancestors. They believed in higher powers and believed that it was the wrath of the gods or the machinations of unclean spirits who inflicted bloody wounds on the night luminary.

Lunar eclipses were recorded in ancient Chinese manuscripts. According to Chinese mythology, the dragon swallowed the moon. And the Incas attributed the same role to the Jaguar. To ingratiate themselves with the evil gods, the priests performed human sacrifices and blood rites. Therefore, the red hue of the moon was considered bloody.

In America, the annals also mentioned the facts of such eclipses. There was no explanation for them, so they caused superstitious horror. In the Christian religion, there were even predictions linking the onset of the Apocalypse with a solar Eclipse and a blood moon.

Humanity perceived the dark disk of the moon as a harbinger of misfortune. This was accompanied by some historical events. Bloody eclipses were observed before the persecution of Christians by Marcus Aurelius and during the expulsion of all Jews from Spain.

When will there be a blood Moon in 2021 | date

The dependence of human health on a lunar Eclipse

Scientific studies have shown that lunar eclipses, full moons, and solar storms have a direct impact on health. All living organisms are very sensitive to such astrological phenomena. Weather-dependent people and animals experience unexplained anxiety and unreasonable fear before the event begins. That is, first of all, the psyche and subconscious mind suffer. On the dates of the blood moon of 2021, it is recommended not to contact people who are negatively inclined. Their unfavorable aura can have a negative impact on their emotional state.

Statistics show that during the period of eclipses, the number of suicides increases dramatically. If there are people in your environment with unstable minds and prone to depression, then they require increased attention and a sensitive attitude on the part of their loved ones.

If you have high blood pressure or are at risk of heart and vascular diseases, then it is necessary to reduce the amount of physical activity to a minimum on such days. People with psychological illnesses during the days of the blood moon can show aggression, and the symptoms of the disease begin to progress sharply. A person with a fine mental organization is better to refuse to contemplate the Eclipse, so as not to provoke the appearance of panic attacks.

When will there be a blood Moon in 2021 | date

When should we expect the next Eclipse?

The last time the crimson moon phenomenon was observed was in January 2019. The astronomical society of Canada has announced when the next blood moon will appear in 2021. Its total Eclipse will occur in 2032-2033. But penumbral eclipses can be observed in 2020, only with special astrological equipment.

In 2021, a total Eclipse is expected on may 26, but whether the night star will acquire a red color is unknown.

This will depend on certain factors that cannot be predicted: whether large-scale fires or volcanic eruptions will occur, which will lead to the appearance of suspended particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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