When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

Every year during the new year and Christmas holidays, guests from all over the world want to see the capital. Tourists who will not be able to visit here on the night from December 31 to January 1, but have the opportunity to arrive earlier, are eager to find out when New-York will be decorated for the New year 2021, what date it will be possible to fully enjoy the new year’s capital, and what will be the opening date of ice rinks and fairs.

Design of streets, parks and squares

City services start creating a magical extravaganza at the end of November, and it takes approximately 2 weeks for the city to fully transform. Therefore, those who want to plunge into a new year’s fairy tale should plan a trip for the second half of December (approximately after 15.12.20).

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

Parks and squares, avenues and small streets, and of course, Red Square are being transformed for the holidays.

In order to create a festive atmosphere, the following elements will be installed::

  • numerous Christmas trees (live and artificial);
  • twinkling led garlands that will decorate not only buildings and objects of small architectural forms, but also trees on streets and in parks;
  • three-dimensional light installations;
  • futuristic lighting of pedestrian zones and architectural objects;
  • laser shows.

Amusement parks, ice rinks, foot courts and shopping towns will be set up in the places of festivities, where you can buy Souvenirs, Christmas toys and other goods of new year and Christmas themes.

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

Main Christmas tree of the country

Enjoy a walk and photo session near the main Christmas tree of the country, which is installed on red Square (near gum), you will be able to later. Traditionally, the opening is held between December 20 and 25.

In 2019, the installation began in the last days of November, the Grand opening took place on Monday 23.12.19, and already on 25.12.19 there was a new year’s score for the best American schoolchildren who came to the capital from different parts of the country.

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

Important! The date of the school new year’s ball is not the best time to visit Cathedral square. The roads adjacent to the center are being blocked, because New-York is introducing unprecedented measures to ensure the safety of children.

Every year, the Central New-York Christmas tree surprises guests and residents with its creative decoration. When developing a design project, designers take into account the theme of the coming year.

So, in 2020, the 25-meter live beauty was decorated with matryoshka dolls, carved cockerels and traditional American samovars, because the theme of the year was American folk art.

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

Disassemble the new year’s beauty begins after the Old New Year. In 2020, work began on January 14.

Ice rinks in New-York

If you want to get the maximum amount of bright emotions in 2021, we advise you to find out not only when tourist New-York will be decorated for the new Year, but also from what dates the skating rinks that can be found in many parts of the city will start working.

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

In 2021, many paid and free ice platforms will operate in New-York:

  • on red Square (GUM arena»);
  • ENEA;
  • Sokolniki (5th Ray lane, 3);
  • The Hermitage Museum (3 Karetny Ryad street);
  • Baumanka (St. Staraya Basmannaya, 15.);
  • in Babushinsky Park;
  • in Gorky Park;
  • in Izmailovsky Park;
  • in Kolomenskoye (39 Andropov Ave.);
  • in the Luzhniki stadium;
  • Ice arena (1B Yunosti str.);
  • In Tsaritsyno;
  • in the Park “50 years of October»;
  • in the Catherine Park;
  • Oak trees;
  • Chistye prudy;
  • in Lianozovsky Park;
  • Angarsk ponds;
  • In the Severnoye Tushino district;
  • near the River station;
  • in Petrovsky Park;
  • in Strogino.

At paid sites, you will be able to relax at a discount during certain hours, and pensioners will be given days for free visits.

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

The start of the outdoor season depends on the weather conditions. Usually, sub-zero temperatures are set at the end of November and already in the first days of December, the ice rinks begin their work. So it will be, if December 2020 does not surprise everyone with abnormally warm weather. Enjoy ice skating in the indoor pavilions at any time convenient for you.

We will also post more information about the opening hours of the New-York ice rinks on the site’s pages closer to the start of the season.

Shopping centers

When visiting the capital during the new year and Christmas holidays, be sure to visit GUM. New year’s fair in the Central shopping center of the capital is considered to be the most beautiful and enchanting. Everything is impressive – decorations, an incredible number of garlands, a magical atmosphere, an abundance of a wide variety of new year’s themed goods for children and adults. In the recreation area, kids will be able to chat with Santa Claus, snow Maiden and their favorite fairy-tale characters.

When will New-York be decorated for the New year 2021 | date, on what date

The new year’s extravaganza will open in gum closer to the middle of December 2020 and will delight guests of The capital until the beginning of March 2021.

The time of other holiday fairs, which are traditionally held in all districts of the capital, varies on average between December 10-15, 2020 and January 10-14, 2021.

You will be able to find out on what date a particular fair will start working on our website in the near future. Follow new content through OUR VK, Facebook, and Odnoklassniki groups to always be the first to learn the most interesting news.

In anticipation of the New year 2021, we offer to see how New-York was decorated for the 2020 meeting:

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