When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar

Zinnia grows many generations of gardeners in a row, and they do not lose their popularity due to the high decorative properties. But in order for this culture to achieve their full potential, you must know the main agrotechnical methods of its cultivation. One of the highlights is the sowing time, the observance of which is essential for the growth of healthy plants. Experienced growers know that choosing a day when to sow the flowers depends on several factors that you want to see more.


Zinnia for a long time the optimum time of sowing of seeds for seedlings: it falls to the middle of April. Not every gardener has the opportunity to land exactly in these terms, so you need to understand why they are recommended and what are the consequences of non-compliance, as well as how to help the flowers planted in another time.

When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar


If you sow Ziniu much earlier – in March or February, after the appearance of the first seedlings they may not have enough natural lighting. In the case where the grower is committed to the flowering bushes before the standard period, he will have to provide additional lighting with fitolamp with violet light in the spectrum of 440-445 nm. This is precisely the wavelength required for the successful development of vegetative parts of the plant, which are formed for two months after sowing.

To dosvechivat seedlings only in the morning and evening hours when outside the window it was already dark, but most of the supplementary lighting is carried out throughout the day. It is important to remember that fitolampy are not a replacement for sunlight, but allow you to reduce the stress from lack of light.

A more affordable option — the use of fluorescent lighting. To suffer in this zinnia will be stronger but still a little support with short photoperiod will be provided.

Too early planting Bush can pull, its internodes will be longer than the required size, and the stem is thin and fragile. This complicates the transportation to the place of disembarkation in open soil and makes the plant brittle.

When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar

Later date

Zinio to plant the seedlings late April is inexpedient, since from the moment of sowing to beginning of flowering is about 2.5 months, which will significantly reduce the period of flowering of culture. Moreover, with this approach the time of transplant in the open ground is necessary for months with pretty hard weather conditions: in July, when the seedlings will be ready for planting in a permanent place, installed the hot weather, which complicates the healing and adaptation of plants to new conditions. Because of this, the percentage of dead seedlings will be much higher, and the period of stress in rooted colors will be much longer than those planted in time.

Lunar calendar

Beginning growers often neglect the recommendations of the lunar calendar for sowing, but those who have been engaged in the cultivation of flowers, know that this factor to better account. To choose the most suitable time of planting, be sure to read the Lunar calendar in April 2021. It should be familiar with the phases of the moon.

When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendarWhen to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar

Seeding at the right day increases the percentage of germination of zinnia, promotes the formation of strong and extensive root system, initiating the growth of all above-ground organs, and ultimately makes the seedlings more healthy and viable.

In April 2021 the most favorable days for planting ornamental plants seedlings would be:

  • April 1, Wednesday. The first quarter of the lunar cycle, 8, 9 lunar day.
  • April 2, Thursday. Growing moon, 9, 10 lunar day.
  • April 28, Tuesday. Waxing moon, 6, 7 lunar day.

As Zinio should be planted in mid April, you should choose one of the following dates:

  • April 14, Tuesday;
  • 18 April, Saturday;
  • 19 April, Sunday.

When to plant zinnia seedlings in 2021: calendar

Planting on these dates will provide the normal development of seedlings and the formation of a large number of buds of adult plants.

15, 16 and 17 April to sow the seeds of zinnia is not necessary, because according to the lunar calendar these days are adverse.

How to sow

The algorithm of sowing of this crop is not complicated:

  • For growing seedlings need planting pot or box with a height of about 10 cm greater depth is undesirable, because the moisture in the soil will stagnate, and this can lead to fungal diseases.
  • Suitable soil is best to buy at the store. You should take soil for growing seedlings. A more affordable option – a mixture of black soil with quartz sand in the ratio of 2:1, respectively.
  • Zinnia seeds require pre-soaking. To do this, you must place them on wet cotton wool or gauze during the day. Sown after this training seeds show higher germination percentage.
  • Seeds are sown to a depth of not more than 1 cm because of deep seeding slows down the timing of germination.
  • The soil in the planting boxes to moisturize, then cover with cling film.
  • Capacity put in a warm place with a temperature of 20-23°C. the First seedlings emerge in 3-4 days, and the mass of sprouts visible in a week.
  • Periodically the soil to be wet. This is best done by using a spray bottle with warm water because watering from watering can to wash the zinnia seedlings out of the ground.
  • Once the seedling appears a couple of leaves, the film can be removed.

Sometimes Ziniu sown in peat tablets. This method of growing seedlings allows you to plant it in a permanent place right in the pills, so the roots are not injured. But it should be remembered that the peat dries much faster than regular soil, so watering these sprouts often need.

Instead of peat tablets sometimes use disposable cups filled with substrate that before the transplant is cut and removed soil ball intact. Survival zinnia when such methods of cultivation is the highest.

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