When to guess in December 2020-January 2021 | dates of divination

Winter time is not only new year’s holidays, but also the most suitable period to get answers to your questions by performing various rituals. In order for the wish to come true for sure, you should know certain dates of divination in 2021-2022, because many people know only Epiphany predictions. In addition to them, there are still a few days that can reveal all the secrets of their own future, and have a special energy, when everything you want will come true.

When to guess in December 2020-January 2021 | dates of divination

December fortune telling

In December, there are certain days that are considered the most favorable for divination. Some of them are suitable for predicting both men and women, while others are only suitable for female representatives. Below are the dates when people are guessing in December 2020.

  1. The time for divination begins on December 7 on the day of St. Catherine, the great Martyr who was killed for the Christian faith. Even with the time of Ancient America, it was accepted that girls turn to her in search of a worthy groom. It is during this period that predictions have a special power and necessarily come true.
  2. St. Andrew’s Day. On the night of December 12-13, only girls can find out their fate – when the meeting with the betrothed will take place and who it will turn out to be. To do this, write men’s names on separate sheets and put them under the pillow, and in the morning pull out one of them. If you come across an empty one, then the name of the narrowed person remains a secret for the time being.
  3. The next season begins in the period from December 16 to 17 on the feast of St. Barbara-the patroness of a happy and long marriage. However, the method of divination on this day is quite specific. Dumplings are being prepared, one of which will have a different filling. At the end of the treats are added to 1 container, which is presented to potential suitors. The one whose” special ” dumpling will fall to the guy, and will be the first to marry.

When to guess in December 2020-January 2021 | dates of divination

Fortune-telling in January

The most favorable day for knowing your own future is at the Epiphany of the Lord. It is generally believed that predictions on this particular holiday are very accurate and truthful. However, in addition to it, there are certain days when people are guessing in January 2021.

The longest period of divination runs from January 6 to 18 – from Christmas eve to Epiphany. It should be remembered that during two weeks there are separate “scary” evenings when you can summon evil spirits – from the 14th to the 18th. During this period, you are more likely to see evil spirits.

According to the tradition of our ancestors, Epiphany divination was held on the night of January 18-19. At this time, the predictions are as accurate and reliable as possible.

What attributes will you need for the ceremony?

It all depends on the place, time and questions that girls want to get answers to. Before starting divination, you need to follow the following rules::

  • choose a quiet room that should be free of any Christian symbols (crosses, icons).);
  • remove all round objects – rings, earrings, bracelets, and a cross on your body;
  • untwist hair, removing the hair clips, elastics and Bobby pins;
  • divination is carried out on the narrowed exclusively by unmarried girls. Those who are already married or divorced can read fortunes for children and well-being.

To get answers to the most intimate questions, you should make predictions alone.

When to guess in December 2020-January 2021 | dates of divination

At Epiphany, the most popular methods of divination are:

  1. On a Shoe.To do this, the girl must remove her shoes from her left foot and throw them through a window or gate. Then you need to find the discarded item and see how it lies on the ground: if the toe of the Shoe is facing the house, then you should not expect to get married this year.
  2. Grain and ring.This is an ancient rite in which several girls get together. Each of them brings a ring, it must be placed in a transparent container filled with grain. It is worth noting that the products must be made of different metals. Then each girl takes a handful of grain and looks at what she sees. Gold means that the betrothed will be a merchant, for whom she will marry. If you come across your own or desired ring, then the made wish will definitely come true. The groom will not be in the case when the girl gets a handful of only grain.
  3. Ring and water.To do this, you will need a glass with a smooth bottom, filled with liquid. Then the ring cleansed with Holy water is lowered inside, and in the middle you can see the face of the future groom.

When to guess in December 2020-January 2021 | dates of divination

The most common and at the same time dangerous is divination on mirrors. It is also connected with the other world, which provides answers to the desired question. To perform the ceremony, the girl needs to take 2 mirrors – bigger and smaller, placing them opposite each other, light candles between them. After the appearance of the outlines of various objects, you can see the appearance of the future groom.

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