When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021

The so-called "Christmas vacation" for many, the favorite time for travel and, therefore, must as soon as possible to know when in 2021, begin and end new year holidays, that time to buy vouchers and not to miss the end of the weekend and first day of work.

A long weekend in January

Traditionally, the Government gives USAнам the January long weekend and the year 2021 will be no exception – we will rest from 1 to January 8 (inclusive).

"Winter vacation" USAн waiting for two major celebrations:

When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021

Thus, the last working day of 2020 will be the 31 of December (Tuesday) and it will be shorter than normal everyday life for an hour. This rule is spelled out in the law and mandatory for enterprises of all forms of ownership.

The first working day 2021 will be January 9 (Thursday).

Adaptation to everyday work easier is the fact that the first week will be the shortest – just two days (9 and 10 Jan), followed by 2 more legal holidays.

Possible translations

Annually with the aim of optimizing working time and USAн the optimal duration of rest periods, the Government adopts a decree "on the transfer of public holidays". Usually document take in the second half of autumn (late October or early November).

The draft resolution, which proposes the Ministry of labor, involves the transfer of two festive days of January for the may holidays. We are talking about the weekend, which are formed by the overlay of the Christmas holidays on Saturday and Sunday (4 – 5 January).

When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021

According to the law these days can be moved to the next working (respectively 9 and 10 January) that automatically sheds vacation until the 12th, inclusive. But, such a long vacation has two negative sides:

  • Economic. The majority of enterprises will suffer serious losses for such a long period of inactivity.
  • Psychological. Too long vacation entail the same long adaptation period, during which the effectiveness of employees is reduced.

One should not ignore the health of the nation, scientists and politicians, because most people spend their holidays "at the table" overeating and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, which adversely affects health, causing the exacerbation of various chronic diseases.

When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021

Thus, justifying its decision, the government offers to citizens to use the required 2 additional days during the may holidays, respectively 4 and 5 may 2021 (Monday and Tuesday), which will allow to organize another "vacation" with duration of 5 days.

Other holidays in January

In addition to the main holidays prescribed in a manufacturing calendar and giving USAнам official weekend in January 2021, there is also a lot informal.

Old New Year

The first of such dates January – Old New Year, which in 2021 will be traditionally celebrated on the night of 14 January.

With the holiday involves a lot of beautiful traditions:

  • girls ‘ divination;
  • cooking generous Kuti;
  • metrovaya (13 night);
  • POSELENIE (14 this morning);
  • festivities.

When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021

The Baptism Of The Lord

A holiday that is traditionally celebrated in the USA on January 19.

Baptism marks the end of Christmastide and gives the opportunity to be cleansed from sin. In the Churches consecrated water.

  • First time – in Churches (during services);
  • Second time in open water.

When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021

After the consecration of the reservoir wildest wash away their sins, plunging into the hole. It is believed that this rite bestows cleansing and charging health for a year.

Student day (Tatyana’s day)

The holiday is celebrated annually on January 25.

In this day congratulate all Tatiana and University students, gnawing granite science. There is a beautiful mini-cards, funny wishes and humorous quatrains.

When the end of the Christmas holidays in 2021


Of course, almost every day of January is fraught with some interesting date that can be a great cause for celebration:

  • regional holidays;
  • professional;
  • important dates in the Orthodox calendar.

If you don’t want to part with the holidays, we offer you to see the entire list of interesting dates of 2021:

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