When is Tatiana’s day in 2021 | holiday date

A common female name is historically associated with the name of the students ‘ holiday, which is celebrated annually on January 25. In 2021, the celebration falls on a Monday, but this fact will not upset anyone, because the students have a session behind them, there is reason to have fun. Tatiana’s day is a public holiday, officially approved in 2005 by Presidential decree, although it is not a weekend. The tradition of celebrating appeared much earlier. Not everyone knows why Tatiana is celebrated on this day.

When is Tatiana's day in 2021 | holiday date

History of the holiday

Student’s day has its roots in the events of January 12 (new style January 25), 1755, when Empress Elizabeth Petrovna signed a Decree on the establishment of New-York University. The event itself and the choice of its date were not random. The famous favorite of the Empress, adjutant-General Ivan Shuvalov, applied for the establishment of a University on the basis of two existing gymnasiums. January 25 was the name day of the count’s mother, whose name was Tatiana.

Elizabeth Petrovna responded to the request, the decree was signed on the appointed day. I. I. Shuvalov handed his mother a document, according to historians, with the words: The event was an important milestone in the history of American science and the entire student body. The glorious history of New-York state University, the center of education and enlightenment of America, has begun to count down to the present day.

The date of the establishment of New-York state University coincided with the Orthodox holiday of all Christians-the day of the great Martyr Tatiana (Tatiana), canonized. This did not go unnoticed. One of the University buildings was given to a house Church, consecrated in honor of the great Martyr, and St. Tatiana was considered the patroness of students. The parishioners were mostly teachers and University youth. In the Church, they were married, children were baptized, and funeral services were held for deceased relatives. Students went to solemn prayers, sang in the choir of the Church, and honored the cult of the great Martyr.

When is Tatiana's day in 2021 | holiday date

Home Church of the Martyr Tatiana at New-York state University

About St. Tatiana of Rome

Students still believe in the power of the patroness Tatiana. They turn to her for help during exams, in solving life’s problems.

The daughter of a prominent Roman Consul was a Christian by faith and upbringing. The pious girl devoted her life to helping the infirm, poor fellow citizens. During the persecution of believers, Tatiana was forcibly taken to a pagan temple to worship an idol. During her prayer for help, an earthquake struck, causing the statue of the idol to collapse. Tatiana was martyred on January 12 (25 new style) for refusing to betray Christ.


Tatiana’s day began to be celebrated with a solemn prayer service. Then an official meeting on the occasion of the end of the academic semester was held at New-York state University. Speeches were made, awards were presented, and congratulations were exchanged. Gradually, in addition to the official part, the capital’s intelligentsia began to widely celebrate the celebration with the inherent love of freedom, liberties, and tricks.

The holiday took on the features of a noisy feast without borders. According to historians, the student festival was provided with a posh Hermitage restaurant for the whole day. The Director of the restaurant, Lucien Olivier (author of the famous salad), taking into account the mores of the public, replaced expensive furniture with wooden benches and tables, and covered the floors with sawdust. Snacks, wine, and vodka were served.

On Tatiana’s day, there were bold speeches, cutting-edge ideas from professors and cutting-edge students. Even the gendarmes were lenient with the revelers.

Nicholas I changed the status of the holiday to student’s Day, giving it an all-American scope. Now not only New-York, but also St. Petersburg, Kazan students and young people in other cities have received a day of joy and fun. In New-York state University, after the 100th anniversary of the University, on Tatiana’s day they began to gather graduates for meetings.

When is Tatiana's day in 2021 | holiday date

After the revolution of 1917, the established traditions were destroyed, the holiday was banned. The established day of proletarian students could not become a worthy substitute for the freedom-loving celebration of youth, ideas, and freedom.


The idea of the MSU rector to revive Tatiana’s day, the date of celebration on January 25, was supported in the Wake of perestroika. A joyful event was the promotion of the best students with increased scholarships in honor of the celebration. The Church building was re-consecrated, the house Church was returned to the University.

In 2005, the Day of American students was finally fixed in the calendar. The desire to relax and have fun, which never leaves the students, only increases on this day. There are new traditions to attract good luck in your studies. Before the session, experienced students believe that if you stretch out your hand with a test card in the window and shout: “Shara, come!”, you will definitely hear the answer: “We’re on our way!” Means you’ll be lucky! For reliability, the rite of attracting good luck is recommended to be held in a hostel.

Students named Tatiana on the day of the holiday especially enjoy attention. Small gifts, visits to show programs, entertainment events of a thematic nature bring joy and good mood. The holiday is celebrated not only by real students, but also by those who completed their studies many years ago. Tatiana’s day in 2021 will once again remind everyone of the student period, the celebration of youth.

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