When do polyclinics start operating in January 2021 | opening hours, working hours

January holidays are the longest of the year. Unfortunately, the disease does not choose whether to come on a weekday or on a holiday, so during this long period, someone will definitely need medical attention. To know how and to which doctor you can contact in January 2021, you need to know when and on what schedule clinics start working.

Production calendar

The draft production calendar, which is the main document for the work schedule of budget organizations, including medical ones, has already been developed. According to it, in January 2021, the new year holidays will be 2 days longer than in 2020, as they will be added to the Saturday and Sunday after Christmas.

In other words, the rest period will be from January 1 (Friday) to January 10 (Sunday). All budget and municipal enterprises will start full-fledged work only on the 11th, on Monday. It should be noted that this data is issued on the basis of a draft that must be signed in November or December 2020 on the basis of a decree of the American government. Most often, the submitted project is approved without changes or adjustments.

There is often a question about the work schedule on January 8, since the last holiday falls on Thursday. Friday will also be added to the holidays, and the medical staff working according to the standard schedule will start performing their duties only on the 11th.

When do polyclinics start operating in January 2021 | opening hours, working hours

Work of polyclinics by region

The draft schedule of working hours is drawn up for all regions, so it is common for different Federal districts. In large cities, towns of regional significance, or villages, it will be implemented according to a single scheme. Therefore, all state polyclinics in New-York, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and other localities will work equally.

This approach does not apply to private clinics. They do not obey the decree. Some of them can be taken in a reduced mode. You can find out about this by phone or on the Internet.

Polyclinics for adults the

Family doctor appointments are suspended from January 1 to January 10, but this does not mean that people will be left without qualified help. In each district of the city or district center of local significance, an on-duty polyclinic is officially assigned, where a therapist on duty will be on duty according to the schedule. On public holidays, you can contact them. You can find out exactly which polyclinic is assigned to be on duty on the official website or by calling the city health Department for consultation.

The doctor on duty will be able to examine the patient, get acquainted with their complaints, make an initial diagnosis and send them for tests or prescribe treatment. If necessary, it will issue a referral to narrow specialists. The work schedule of those on duty on weekdays and weekends will be the same: from 9-00 to 16-00.

When do polyclinics start operating in January 2021 | opening hours, working hours

In addition, if the patient is ill or in case of fever, you can call an ambulance that will come to the house from the clinic. Check-out times are the same-from 9-00 to 16-00. Such a doctor will also be able to refer you to an appointment with a specialist, as well as tell you at what address you can visit during the new year holidays.:

  • a neurologist;
  • orthopedic specialist;
  • the surgeon;
  • an ophthalmologist;
  • Laura;
  • a urologist, etc.

All these specialists will not be accepted on public holidays-January 1 and 7.

Dentists of the state form work according to the same scheme: in each district, a doctor will conduct an appointment who will help a person in case of urgent assistance. They will consult and, if necessary, perform treatment or tooth extraction.

Also, during the new year holidays, the working hours of women’s clinics are changed. Those who are registered for pregnancy will be informed about this by their leading doctors. But those who need urgent help should know that the working day on January 4, 5, 6 and 8 will be reduced: from 9-00 to 15-00. 1, 2, 3, 7, 9 and on January 10, these institutions will not work.

Emergency rooms, such as emergency rooms or maternity hospitals, continue to work around the clock during the holidays.

When do polyclinics start operating in January 2021 | opening hours, working hours

Children’s clinics

During the new year holidays, the number of visits to children’s doctors traditionally increases. This is due to the fact that children on vacation eat more diverse foods that are not found in the daily diet, spend their leisure time actively and are in crowded places where you can catch an infection. Despite the new year’s holidays, they will be provided with medical care.

The pediatrician on duty will see you at any children’s polyclinic on a reduced schedule from 9-00 to 15-00. At the same time, you can call the pediatrician at home. In addition to pediatricians, the duty clinics in each district organize the work of narrow specialists: a gastroenterologist, a neurologist, an ENT specialist, etc.

Emergency rooms where children’s traumatologists take part are open from 8-00 to 20-00 during this period. If you need help at night, you can contact the emergency room for adults: there specialists will do everything necessary.

During the entire new year holidays, the ambulance service does not stop working.

Americans can be sure that in January 2021 they will not be left without medical care, regardless of whether they live in large cities or on the periphery. If necessary, it will be easy to get checked out by internists, pediatricians or doctors of a narrow specialization.

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