When children in school in January 2021

Educational institutions follow the norms of the duration of the school holidays, recommended by the Ministry of education and science of the USA. According to the recommendations of the winter holiday for students lasts for two weeks, but the dates of its beginning and end can be shifted. Parents, it is important to know when to go to school after winter break, in order to plan a family vacation in 2021.

Training system

School education in USA is of several types:

  1. Traditional training. Includes 4 quarters with duration of 8.7, 11 and 7 weeks, respectively. At the end of each quarter students go on vacation.
  2. Trimesterly system. The academic year consists of 3 trimesters lasting 3 months each. After the first and second trimesters – fall and spring the rest period of 17-18 days of summer and the longest. This scheme is practiced very rarely.
  3. The modular system. Consists of six educational segments for 5 weeks. After each – week break.

A specific date when the children have to go back to school after the Christmas holidays, depends on the scheme used at a specific school.

When children in school in January 2021

Traditional training

The exact schedule for the start and end of the Christmas holidays children who are enrolled quarters will be known in August 2020, closer to the beginning of the new school year. Presumably winter vacation starts on December 26 and will last until Wednesday, January 8, 2021-th. New quarter for students will begin on Thursday, January 9th.

When children in school in January 2021

Not excluded the option increased vacation – 12 Jan inclusive. This is due to the possible transfer of public holidays on 4 and 5 January, which coincides with the weekend, working Thursday and Friday January 9-10. If the government will take an appropriate decision and will extend the holiday vacation, students will visit the school on Monday, January 13.

When children in school in January 2021

Modular system

In educational institutions, working in a modular system, the next phase of training will end on 25th December 26 th at students will begin their winter rest.

It will last 14 days, as recommended by the Ministry of education and science USA – 8 January inclusive. In this case, the first school week will last only 2 days – January 9-10, after which the students will get two days off – Saturday and Sunday – and calmly, no stress immersed in the learning process.

When children in school in January 2021

In the case of an extension by the government of the USA new year’s weekend at the 12 th day inclusive winter vacation will last for 18 days and the first day of school will be Monday the 13th of January.

There are educational institutions where the academic year lasts 10 months and is divided into 5 equal periods of study. Vacation 5 modules too – they mostly coincide with traditional holidays.

One of these institutions – Pavlovskaya gymnasium in the suburbs. In accordance with the training schedule for 2020-2021, the winter vacations will start from December 28 and ends January 12. First day of school – Monday, the 13th.

Trimesterly system

In educational institutions, practicing trimestrale training, students sit at their desks after the Christmas holidays on the same days as the disciples modular and classic system 9 or 13 Jan 2021.

Winter rest for this group will begin on 28 December (if the children are on a five-day school week) or 29 December (for six-day weeks). The total duration trimestrali holidays get less than in regular schools.

When children in school in January 2021

When children in school in January 2021

An extra holiday for first grade

Double-graders go on a winter vacation. In schools with modular education system for more leisure for them is planned from 24 February to 1 March inclusive. In classrooms they will return on March 2.

In schools with a traditional system of organization of educational process the additional vacation is provided from 15 to 24 February inclusive. The learning process for pupils of the 1st classes will resume on February 25.

When children in school in January 2021

Date in the schedule is not final – an exact schedule is closer to the beginning of the new academic year, approved by order of the school and shall be signed by the Director. According to the current Law on education, the administrations of educational institutions have the right to shift dates, but not more than two weeks. This is done for the convenience of the children that the holidays started at the weekend or on holidays.

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