When children go to school in January 2021 | after the winter new year holidays

The number and duration of school holidays is regulated By the law on education of the American Federation. Educational institutions set their start and end dates independently, based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Education of the American Federation. When do children start school after the 2021 winter break? Do school schedules coincide with the regular and trimester systems?

For schools with a traditional system

In December 2020-January 2021, children will have the longest holidays, not counting summer holidays. They will start on December 28 and last until January 10. Children need to go to school on Monday, January 11. In total, the rest will last two weeks.

When children go to school in January 2021 | after the winter new year holidays

Extra rest

First-graders will have an extra winter break. They will start on February 15, 2021 and last until Sunday, February 21. Children will return to their classrooms on Monday, February 22. Additional winter rest was introduced specifically to make it easier for children to adapt to the third quarter. In the school schedule, it is the longest, it is difficult for first-graders to get used to such a load.

When children go to school in January 2021 | after the winter new year holidays

For schools with a trimester system

Many General education institutions in New-York, St. Petersburg, and other major cities are switching to the trimester system of education. In contrast to the classical four quarters, the academic year is divided into three trimesters of equal duration. Students study for 5 weeks, then rest for 1 week.

Winter holidays are an exception. In terms of time, they coincide with holidays in traditional schools. Students of the trimester system will go on vacation on December 28, and after the new year holidays they will come to school on January 11, 2021.

Then – 5 weeks of training. The last school day of the winter term is Friday, February 12. From the 15th, children will go on vacation again. The holiday will last for nine calendar days – until February 21. Students will sit at their desks on Monday, February 22, 2021.

When children go to school in January 2021 | after the winter new year holidays

The schedule is subject to change

Usually, after the new year holidays, children and teenagers start school according to the schedule, but with the incidence of influenza and SARS, General education institutions in different regions of America are closed for quarantine. This happens when the epidemic threshold is exceeded.

The situation is being monitored by specialists of the American Ministry of health and regional structures. If the number of absentees in classes exceeds 20%, the school is closed for quarantine. The experience of recent years shows that the peak incidence occurs at the end of January-February. Accordingly, students get extra days off in winter.

Quarantine lasts at least 7 days – this is the incubation period of the flu. If necessary, it can be extended.

The final decision is up to the school

The schedule and orders issued by the Ministry of Education and science of the American Federation are Advisory in nature. The final decision remains with the administration of the General education institution. She has the right to adjust the schedule so that the process of training and recreation is as effective as possible. The law on education stipulates that the school administration has the right to postpone the beginning of the holiday period for two weeks. There must be a good reason to move the schedule:

  • long-term quarantine;
  • severe frosts and drifts;
  • other climatic features;
  • serious lag behind the curriculum.

When children go to school in January 2021 | after the winter new year holidays

The Directorate has the right to postpone holidays in educational institutions with traditional and modular training systems, but it must coordinate its decision with the local education Department.

First day of school after winter vacation

Vacations are necessary for the child to recover, to rest from the stress accumulated over a quarter. After all, the student lives according to the daily routine, receives new information every day, teaches it, and performs homework. This mode is stressful for the body.

During a week’s rest, children relax, their daily routine changes, and they forget their educational material. In the first days after school, it is difficult for students to adapt to school days.

Parents should take this into account and prepare their child. To do this, you will have to reduce the time of evening wakefulness and put him to bed earlier, limit TV, computer, entertainment with friends in the evenings.

On the first day of school, psychologists recommend that teachers postpone the study of new material “for tomorrow” and communicate with students. If you can’t do without a new topic, then it’s better to build it in the form of a quest, quiz, or other game, so that children can get involved in the process faster and easier.

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