When blessing Easter cakes and to paint eggs in 2021

For an Orthodox Christian it is important to know in advance about when to sanctify the Easter cakes in 2021, after all, Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian religion. The day symbolizes the resurrection of the Lord, the victory of Jesus Christ over sin, death. This is a time of joy, hope, faith in the bright future that believers share with each other. Following an established tradition, it is customary to sanctify the Easter cakes, curd Easter, paint colors or decorate with colorful stickers boiled eggs. After the Church Liturgy, the faithful visit their relatives, receiving guests.

What date in 2021 will be Easter

In the Orthodox Church Easter is celebrated according to the Alexandrian Paschal:

  • Sunday that follows the Jewish Passover holiday.
  • After the full moon, as Christ was crucified at full moon.
  • After the vernal equinox.

Based on these requirements, a solemn date is not fixed. It is “movable” –changes from year to year. In 2021 Easter will be celebrated in the night from 18 to 19 April, therefore, to paint eggs and to sanctify the Easter cakes you can have in the early morning of Holy Saturday. Bake allowed for Maundy Thursday.

When blessing Easter cakes and to paint eggs in 2021

In some temples is the blessing of Easter baskets Saturday night, and in others the rite is performed only on Sunday morning. On Monday and Tuesday (20 and 21 April) in many churches to bless the food, as these days are considered to be Easter. Data issues it is advisable to check with local churches to advance, because the schedule is in local churches often varies.

A festive Liturgy is always performed in the night on Sunday (2021, from 18 to 19 April). For those who for some reason can not defend night, in the morning, a Bright Sunday there will be an additional service.

The significance of this feast for Christians

According to biblical tradition, the son of God, Jesus Christ, being Holy and pure, selflessly took the blame of all mankind. He suffered for the misdeeds of people on their own. Taking upon himself the sins of the world, Christ bore the punishment instead of the people who have committed crimes against the precepts of God.

On Good Friday Christ was crucified on the cross placed on Calvary. This mountain had a natural flat area and is easily visible from a distance, therefore, was chosen as a place of execution. Before the story of the prisoner to be crucified, the Roman legions laughed at him, mocked mercilessly beat him. For believers, the work of Christ is that he, being the son of God, had the power to free yourself from the bonds at any second, but suffered for the salvation of men.

In the evening on Holy Saturday in all churches is the sacred Liturgy. Close to Midnight, Midnight office is served, during which the priest and the deacon will carry in the special altar cloth (the Shroud), which remains on the throne until the day of ascension, 40 days. After that, the priests changing white clothes for the festive red, and in all the churches and the ringing of bells announces the approaching Great feast of Easter.

When blessing Easter cakes and to paint eggs in 2021

Traditions and folk customs

On this spring day from ancient times it was customary to invite to a hearty meal with family, friends, neighbors. After a long fasting, the tables were Laden with food, and the believers gave each other symbolic gifts with wishes of long life and good health.

The tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter “roots” during the formation of the Apostolic Church. There is a legend that after learning about the resurrection of the Lord, Mary Magdalene first went with the gospel to the apostles, and then visited the Roman Emperor Tiberius. She raised the ruler the symbol of life – the egg and told about the miracle of the resurrection, but he objected that as the egg white instead of red, people dying, not raised. After his words the egg white instantly became red.

When blessing Easter cakes and to paint eggs in 2021

Since then, coloring eggs for Easter is a beautiful tradition, which is equally joyfully perceived by adults and children. For the Christian Easter egg is a symbol of the Holy sepulchre hidden in eternal life. High cake, which depicts a cross with a thorny wreath, meaning of artos – the sacrifice for the people, Jesus Christ himself. Itself the Passover meal is a special one, accompanied by a joyful reverence, the sanctified food and decided to eat after the prayer of thanksgiving.

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