When are students ‘ holidays 2021-2022 / winter

Graduates who will start studying at American Universities in 2021-2022 are always interested in when students ‘ first vacations start and how their work schedules differ in schools and higher educational institutions. We offer you to understand in more detail the issue of creating a student calendar and find out who and how makes the schedule of academic and vacation periods for universities in the country.

Creating a work schedule

You may already know that students ‘ vacations are significantly different from school holidays – the 2021-2022 academic year will not be an exception. If students of schools and lyceums have a rest at least 4 times a year (and even more often with the modular system), then only 2 rest periods are provided for University students-winter and summer holidays, the dates of which do not coincide with school holidays.

Why is this happening?

When are students ' holidays 2021-2022 / winter

The schedule of academic hours is set annually by the University’s management before the start of the educational process. When forming the student calendar, higher education institutions ‘ administrations are guided by the main document approved by the Ministry of science of the American Federation.

Important! This document does not contain clear dates for the beginning and end of vacation periods, but only sets the minimum duration of rest for a year, depending on the length of the study period.

For 2021-2022, the following standards remain relevant::

Holidays (minimum duration)

At the same time, at least 2 weeks of the specified period must fall on winter holidays, and the rest of the time – on summer holidays.

It is also worth noting that when talking about 2 winter vacation weeks of rest, new year’s holidays, which traditionally take place from January 1 to January 8, are not taken into account, which means that the actual winter vacation period for students lasts at least 3 weeks.

However, the start and end dates of winter or summer holidays at different universities in the country may differ significantly.

Student calendar

You will be able to find out what your student calendar will be like this year at the end of August, when a detailed schedule of lectures, practices, tests and exams will be compiled for your stream and group.

When are students ' holidays 2021-2022 / winter

Today, most American universities operate according to a modular system, which allows us to determine approximately when the holidays will begin in 2021-2022 for students who will close the session in a timely manner.

1 and 2 modules

The first two academic modules in higher Education institutions follow each other, without a break for the holidays. So, the approximate start and end dates of modules can be as follows::

from 01.09.20 to 25.10.20

from 26.10.20 to 31.12.20

* At the same time, in most Universities, exams will end before December 25 or even earlier, and the last week of the year will be reserved for passing academic debts.

Winter holidays

Thus, students have excellent motivation – to go on winter holidays earlier in the 2021-2022 academic year, just pass all modules and tests in a timely manner, as well as prepare well for exams and pass everything the first time.

When are students ' holidays 2021-2022 / winter

The holiday period at universities will last until mid-January (in some Universities, the 3rd module starts only on January 25).

3 and 4 module

Traditionally, the third and fourth training modules are the most stressful, because they last longer than the autumn ones.

from 18.01.21 to 28.03.21

from 29.03.21 to 30.06.21

* Traditionally, June is the time of the summer session. Although the official training process lasts until 30.06.21, the exam period for responsible students ends much earlier, and additional time is reserved for those who will have to retake tests and exams.

Summer holidays

Officially, summer holidays for students after the completion of the 2021-2022 academic year begin on July 01, but, like winter holidays, for most they will come much earlier.

It is also worth considering the need for practice, which students of 3-4 courses most often have in the summer months. In this case, thoughts about rest will have to be postponed for another 3-4 weeks.

Important! This schedule is relevant for full-time students. For students in correspondence format, Universities develop their own schedule of sessions and lectures.

When are students ' holidays 2021-2022 / winter

As a rule, universities try to schedule lectures and sessions of correspondence groups during the minimum workload of classrooms with full-time students. As a rule, these are the last weeks of training modules and session periods when the hospital no longer has a large number of couples.


Of course, the dates given in the article are very relative, because each UNIVERSITY in 2021-2022 can make its own calendar of the educational process, and for students, the dates when the winter and summer holidays will begin largely depend on the individual schedule of the group and a number of additional factors, among which the main one remains timely passing of tests and exams.

The best way to accurately know what your training schedule is to ask friends with seniors, as they were trained in the past two years and what were the start dates of vacation periods. As practice shows, there are no major changes in academic calendars for students of certain specialties from year to year.

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