When and where will be held Kazantip in 2021

Kazantip is a cult festival, to visit which is the dream of every party animal. For several weeks the selected tropical resort turns into a real tropical resort with a variety of extraordinary parties, crazy fun. You can simply indulge in relaxation and carefree enjoyment of life.

Every fan of Kazantip looking forward to the festival Episode, scheduled for early 2021, the year. Expected a Grand party as the trends of electronic music. It is likely that it will be possible to reveal unknown talents. Yet to find out what Kazantip 2021 where it will be and when.

For domestic rave movement, it is hardly possible to find a more significant event than KaZantip.

It is compared with the celebration of free expression, Burning Man, and even called the Russian analogue. The only difference – a harsh desert replace the soft sea beach. Having once been to this event, you can save vivid memories for a long time.

When and where will be held Kazantip in 2021

Where’s the location?

In 2021, the year chosen completely non-standard location for the festival. House party is planned in Asia. The venue chosen Phu Quoc island in Vietnam. Everyone is waiting for 11 hot nights and less hot days. East and West converge on the Asian land, to truly ignite.

Understand where is Kazantip 2021, but it is interesting and specific location. This whole island. Moreover, the event is planned in the submitted lineup:

  • Abelle;
  • DOTT;
  • Apollonia;
  • Craig Richards; Mashkov;
  • Loco Dice;
  • Guti (Live);
  • Oissam and many other artists.

In any it will be hot and interesting. Unique music art festival will not disappoint the participants, but mostly this year will be the unification of East meets West.

When and where will be held Kazantip in 2021

If you want to be as close as possible to the thick of things, look to the following hotels:

  • Novotel Phu Quoc Resort;
  • Calisum Hotel Phu Quoc;
  • OYO 326 Kim Ngoc Hotel Pq;
  • Berlin Phu Quoc Hotel;
  • Cherry’s House Phu Quoc;
  • Phu Quoc Villas;
  • Sol Beach House Phu Quoc by Melia Hotel and some others.

By the way, the first Kazantip was held in 1991 year. It was, in fact, a spontaneous act of party-goers and wind surfers, staying at the eponymous Cape, on the Azov coast.

It took just a couple of years, the event has earned a reputation as one of the most grandiose events in the former Soviet Union. In the “Crimean” days audience of the festival amounted to about 100 thousand people, and it is a fantastic figure for such events. Asian version of the festival received an impromptu cinematic console “Scene” to its main title.

When and where will be held Kazantip in 2021


Will start at 16:00 on 27 December 2020 year. The festival will continue for 11 days and nights until 19:00 on 6 January 2021, the year.

Organizers called his creation not just a mass-entertainment event, but a real mini-state. It is always specified that it is the density of happy people per square meter, the highest in the world. This is confirmed by our own Constitution, government, President and a set of rules limiting stormy life. The basic principle is the same – a short slogan “b U!”, which means the conscious pursuit of happiness, fun and enjoyment of life.

What is the price of participation?

  1. 11-day multi pass. For 1 person, per day unlimited entrance will be 23900 rubles (319 euros).
  2. Group multi pass. It’s a ticket for three for the entire festival at the price 61400 rubles (810 Euro). The benefit is obvious.
  3. Sister multi pass. The ticket is for two girls and acts all days. This is the best rate, the price of which is 23900 rubles (319 euros).
  4. 5-day multi pass. Rate are per person for 5 people. Offers unlimited access everywhere for 14950 roubles (€199).
  5. 1-day multi pass. The ticket will be granted to one person for one day. For 4400 rubles (€59) possible to obtain unlimited access everywhere.

To purchase is necessary to enter personal data and make payment. That’s enough to subsequently plunge into the atmosphere of music, relaxation and celebration.

When and where will be held Kazantip in 2021

Who will be the participants?

Everyone who will arrive to Kazantip-2021, expect:

  • 4 scenes;
  • 140 artists.
  • 230 hours music;
  • many laser and light installations;
  • the abundance of art objects;
  • countless rest areas and food courts;
  • interesting day programme for those who are not willing to miss a minute of the festival;
  • a huge number of pagodas, beaches and Vinpearl land amusement Park.

It is expected that on festival will arrive guests from 79 countries of the world. This means that you will not be bored neither night nor day.

See video about the festival the Kazantip 2021:

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