What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

If you want to visit Voronezh during the new year holidays, we will tell you what the upcoming winter will be like for the region in 2021-2022, when to expect good and warm weather, when to expect snow and severe frosts.

Geographical and climatic features of the region

The Voronezh region is located in the zone of temperate continental climate, which is characterized by changing seasons, hot summers and frosty snowy winters.

What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Climate features are formed by the following main factors::

  • location of the region in the Central part of the continent of Eurasia;
  • significant distance from the seas and oceans;
  • the presence of large rivers don and Voronezh;
  • uneven terrain.

Since the Voronezh region is geographically located at the junction of the Oka-don plain and the Central American upland, air masses coming from the East and northeast are delayed, which is the reason for the cooling of the earth’s surface.

The difference in winter temperature regimes between the Eastern and Western territories of the region is only 0.4 ° C. But in recent years, there has been a clear trend of increasing average winter temperatures, which is a consequence of global warming processes. On average, during the observation period, the average winter temperature increased by 2.1°C, and the snowless autumn period lasted for 5 days.

When thinking about what the winter of 2021-2022 will be like in Voronezh and the region, it is necessary to take into account the climatic norms of the region, and this is:

  • the average temperature is about -6.5 ° C.;
  • severe frosts, sometimes up to-35 ° C or more;
  • formation of a stable snow cover;
  • strong winds with gusts up to 30 m/s.

Thaws with a positive temperature in the Voronezh region are rather an exception to the rule. During the entire period of meteorological observations, 33 natural anomalies were recorded in the region, most of which occurred during the winter months.

Climate Of Voronezh

If we consider the climate of Voronezh itself, the administrative center of the region, then the winter here is somewhat milder than in the Northern corners of the region. Cold anticyclones often bring a drop in temperature to extreme values, although occasionally there are short periods of thaw.

The climatogram will help you evaluate the temperature regime of Voronezh in more detail.

What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

The coldest month is February, with an average temperature of -6.5 ° C. Ice on the Voronezh reservoir and stable snow cover on land are most often formed in December, but there were years when residents and guests of the city met December 31 without snow. Also among the unusual natural anomalies of Voronezh, were noted:

  • Northern lights (combined with powerful magnetic storms and clear, dry weather);
  • winter rainbow (halo-a light ring around the sun);
  • storms that can develop into tornadoes;
  • heavy rains;
  • snow-storms.

What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Given the abnormally hot weather in Voronezh, which was recorded in the summer of 2020, the upcoming winter can also throw up a lot of surprises.

Long-term forecast by month

The long-term forecast for the winter of 2021-2022 promises that the cold period in Voronezh will be quite severe, with severe frosts and heavy snowfalls.

December 2020

The real winter of 2021-2022 in Voronezh will not come earlier than the calendar one – the long-term weather forecast promises that the first half of December will be wet and warm. But from the second week, rain will turn to snow, and night temperatures will go over zero, which will contribute to the formation of snow cover.

Truly winter will declare itself a few days before the New Year, shackling the city with frosts. The thermometer columns will drop below-10 ° C even in the daytime, and on new year’s eve they promise frost-16 ° C.

What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

January 2021

The first month of 2021 in Voronezh promises to be cold and snowy. During the holidays, the air temperature will be quite low (up TO-14 ° C during the day and up TO-30 ° C at night). In the period from January 14 to 17, sharp jumps in average daily temperatures are not excluded, which will affect the well-being of weather-dependent people.

What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Thaws, as a rule, will be accompanied by precipitation in the form of snow (extremely rarely in the form of wet snow or drizzle).

February 2021

In the coming year, February will fully justify its title of”the coldest month”. In 28 days, the weather will show itself from different angles, because meteorologists predict:

  • frosts up to-39 ° C;
  • strong winds;
  • heavy snowfall.

What will winter look like in Voronezh in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Even in the last days of February, winter will not give up its position, showing its power with quite strong frosts and precipitation of varying degrees of intensity.

Beginning of spring

The first spring warmth will come to the region closer to mid-March, although meteorologists predict night frosts in the coming spring until the beginning of April, which will slightly extend the snow period. It is possible that in 2021 the snow cover will not completely collapse even before the end of the first month of spring, because winter in the Voronezh region promises to be really harsh.

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