What will rise from 1 January 2021

The increase in prices since the beginning of the new year has become an unpleasant tradition for residents of the USA. Experts have already calculated and told us how much more expensive from 1 January 2021. It is expected that the growth rate of prices for goods and services will differ from the projected government inflation.


The cost of the consumer basket in the new 2021 — a question that worries USAн most. Food average Russian family spends monthly a third of earnings. Even more, if we include in these costs the goods for children. The rising cost of grocery items in the first two quarters of the year 2020 according to official figures amounted to slightly more than 2%. Analysts predict that by the end of the year price increase will be not less than 3.5%.

Significantly risen in price (over 8%) bakery products will continue to rise in price in the new year. The price of bread, because of the fancy flour’s going to add at least 10% in the worst case 20%. Sweets, pastries and other confectionaries will also become less available. It’s all in the change of rate of value added tax on such favorite manufacturers product as palm oil. The exception is oil of plant origin from the preferential list on taxation, probably will not have to change the recipe of cooking. Most likely, a tax increase simply will project the price tag.

What will rise from 1 January 2021

After reviewing the plans of the government concerning increase of rates of environmental fees, it becomes clear which products will rise in 2021 the most. All goods Packed in plastic and metal containers, will jump in value. Although, in fact, this tax should cover producers. But according to past experience, hardly anyone of them wants to sacrifice their own profit. Since January 1 change in the price of meat and dairy products. It is expected that most more expensive chicken and pork. Latest in 2020 have increased in price almost on 3%. The introduction of compulsory labeling of “milk” from June 1, 2021 will respond to a change in the final value on all milk assortment. The excise increase on wine and spirits and cigarettes, as before, will be offset by rising prices for ordinary people.

New year’s eve food and alcohol will be cheaper than the usual. Chain stores have already launched programmes with new year’s discounts for the products on the holiday table.

Housing prices and cellular

Schedule increase housing services for 2021 have already been identified. Unlike last year, in 2021 the amount of receipts will change once summer. The percentage of appreciation will differ depending on the region. For each locality set its own limit values for indexing. The increase will be 4.5%, but in some areas the communal grow by 6%.

The combination of several factors may lead to higher prices for cellular service in 2021 at 17-18%: implementation of the law on sovereign Runet, “Spring package”, a rise in VAT and the abolition of intra-network roaming. In addition, the costs for operators will increase because of higher prices for goods and services that are involved in the production chain. Presumably, most expensive rates of medium and high price categories, and the minimum and social — within the limits of inflation.

In 2020, the growth of prices for cellular services amounted to about 5 %.

Cars and appliances

The experts forecasts, which cars will rise from 1 January 2021 the most. Improving recycling collection and termination of state support for companies supplying automotive components, can change the price tags on cars from 10 to 15% with a plus sign. But, on the other hand, the demand for cars continues to fall, so big avtodillerami will keep prices to the last, analysts say. And in an average year the appreciation will not exceed 5%.

The introduction of labeling on technically challenging products trigger the growth value of electronics and appliances. December 2020, the law comes into force regarding photographic equipment, and in the summer of 2021, the rest products of this sector. While analysts hesitate to make predictions on how much prices rise.

What will rise from 1 January 2021


From 1 January 2021 introduced the mandatory labelling of medicines. With the exception of the drugs from the list of vital and essential medicinal products, as well as “penny” means. According to the legislation from January 1, all medications must have a packing code encryption to 44 characters. This will eliminate fraud, and every buyer will be able to authenticate and all the way tablets from a factory to the pharmacy.

To implement the plan, all pharmacies will be required to establish a connection to a single electronic system “Honest sign”. Therefore, unforeseen expenses will arise not only in medicines, but also pharmacy. According to preliminary data, the cost of “fair” packaging will add to each pack at least 1 RUB.

Initially the government had proposed to introduce a more complex encryption of up to 88 characters. This innovation reflects a large increase in drug prices.


More expensive tickets and on city routes. Several regional companies have already announced the imminent rate change. So, in Nizhny Novgorod, representatives of the shipping company, OOO "Lider-TRANS" has decided to increase the fare in the six urban routes with 30 to 35 rubles. But the increase will relate only to passengers paying fares with cash. In the cashless ticket price will remain the same. In a similar way the increase will take place in Samara.

What will rise from 1 January 2021

The cost of tickets also will change with the coming of the new year. In the services for booking note that tickets for the first quarter of 2021 has risen from 3 to 18% depending on direction.

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