What will happen to MOE in 2021

The MOE, in 2021, ending a massive structural reform, under which the Agency is upgrading all control centers in crisis situations, abolishes regional centres and proceeds to the two-tier system of management.

More rescuers – less leaders

The plan of reforming of law enforcement agencies and approved by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin: the corresponding decree he signed in January 2017. Reform, is designed for 3 years, ending in 2021.

Quantitative changes in the state of emergency is not expected – the total number of employees of the Ministry will remain at the level of previous years and will be 288 565 people. This will increase the number of firefighters and rescue workers and reduced the number of officials of the regional centres of the Ministry. The elimination or subordination of such centers in the regions of the Volga region, NYC, the Northern Caucasus, the Far East should simplify the administration process and funding of the garrisons on the ground.

What will happen to MOE in 2021

Before the start of the reform of the managerial hierarchy consisted of three levels:

  1. The Federal – level Ministry of emergency situations.
  2. Regional management Centres in the regions.
  3. Local fire and rescue the garrisons in the settlements.

In the new scheme of administration is no regional link. In some departments it previously introduced and successfully operates, confirming the efficiency in practice. In garrisons in areas dealing with operational elimination of fires and other emergency, major structural changes are planned.

Risk assessment – new

In 2016, the emergencies Ministry and Roscosmos signed an agreement on cooperation in the space sector. The deepening of cooperation provided rapid access to space imaging units of the Ministry of emergency situations. The shooting is done in potentially hazardous areas where there is a heightened threat of fires, landslides, unexpected situations.

In cooperation and reform of the Ministry also planned to create joint centers of receiving and processing space information. According to the latest news, work in this direction will continue in 2021. It concerns the development, implementation and use of innovative risk assessment systems and telecommunications technologies.

What will happen to MOE in 2021

Positive experience already exists – the Center for crisis management (CMC) in Murmansk region. It professionals receive the data from space, quickly assess risks, model the situation and take measures of operative reaction. Similar centers are successfully operating in Vladivostok, e, will be introduced in other regions. One of the main advantages of space monitoring is the possibility of rapid detection of forest fires in places where they did not find an aerial reconnaissance.

Along with technical innovation, stricter requirements for training and retraining of specialists. Development of common requirements for applicants for employment in CMC, as well as uniform standards for schools preparing staff for emergencies. The formation of a new state order for major universities – the question is not one of the day and year. The ex-Minister of emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov believed that the process will take 10-15 years.


One of the burning questions, what will happen to the salaries of emergency workers in 2021 to wait for their increase and how significant? In 2018-2020, the average salary of a lifeguard in Russia is 20-25 thousand rubles. In the Vladimir region and Stavropol Krai remuneration does not exceed 15 thousand. The highest salary of 30-35 thousand rubles.

Will decided the question next year is still unknown. The issue will be clarified with the adoption of the Federal budget. It is known that in 2021-m the salaries of the lifeguards is to be indexed to inflation. Consequently, labor income will grow by 3.8-4% — projected official rate of inflation.

What will happen to MOE in 2021

Preferential mortgage

In 2021-m starts a special program for rescuers and firefighters which will allow them to acquire a house mortgage with benefits. Start the social project was announced by the Deputy head of the Ministry of emergency situations Igor Kobzev at the meeting with journalists.

The essence of the program is that the state will subsidize employees of the Ministry who want to buy housing in the mortgage. With the help of subsidies will be possible to pay 30% of the cost of housing. The remaining debt will be repaid at a reduced interest rate (6%). For comparison, the average rate mortgage loans in USA is 10.5%.

The concept of subsidy has been developed. According to experts, governmental assistance for the purchase of their own homes will use about 5 thousand boys.

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