What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

The period from December to February is the best time to visit Voronezh, but before to choose the best dates to travel, offer to find out more on what will be the upcoming winter 2020-2021 years for residents of the city and the region as a whole.

Geographical and climatic features

Voronezh oblast is located in the Central part of the USA. In the region dominated by temperate continental climate with clearly expressed seasonality.

What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

For Voronezhskoi climate norm are hot summer, mild rainy autumn and a moderately cold winter with frequent thaws and rare dips below the temperature threshold at -20o C.

The city of Voronezh (the administrative centre of the region) is situated on the banks of the river in 463 km South-East from . Climate of Voronezh is somewhat softer than in the capital and in the winter it’s warmer. For the Voronezh winter is characterized by:

  • the steady snow cover, which is formed at the end of November (sometimes in December);
  • the average air temperature to minus 9.3 from -7,6 ° C;
  • storm with sharp wind;
  • ice and the formation of crust on surface of snow (during periods of thaw).

Occasionally night frosts can be down to -20 ºC or below. The absolute minimum of the region is -36,5 ° C.

More about climate and temperature in different seasons of the year can tell detailed climatogram of Voronezh.

What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

Real winter weather in the region comes few before the calendar winter. Snow and frosts are not uncommon here in the second half of autumn, and the ice on Voronezh reservoir, usually formed in the month of November.

The forecasts of meteorologists

Met pleased all USAн the statement that the coming winter 2020-2021 year will be relatively warm, as the weather forecast for the the winter months for Voronezh.

The first night frosts are expected in the region in late October. Possible even wet snow, which quickly melted, as in the first half of November daytime temperatures will still rise above +10 ° C.

Long-term prognosis by months

This kind of projections allows you to understand what will be the temperature of December, January and February, when there may be periods of weather deterioration as often in Voronezh there are cloudy and Sunny days, as well as whether to expect extreme cold in the winter season 2020-2021 year.

What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

December 2020

The first month of the calendar winter will bring warming. After a fairly cold and snowy November, December rains and raising the temperature to +10 ° C break winter idyll. Given the fact that at night the temperature will drop below zero in the morning we can expect ice, which is closer to the dinner to turn into a wet slush.

Winter will return to the region closer to December 15. Set of stable minus and again it’s going to snow, transforming the city’s streets before the upcoming Christmas holidays.

What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

New year’s eve be warm and snow. Daytime temperatures will stay around zero, and at night a comfortable -1 ° C will not prevent visitors and residents to enjoy the festivities.

January 2021

In the early days of 2021 will come to the region warming, which will bring zero temperature and rain, but by Christmas frosts will return, and approximately from 10 January will be snow, restoring the disturbed rainy beginning of the month the snow cover.

What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

Temperature January will be slightly warmer natural norm. On average, the temperature should not fall below -10 ° C at night. Day are expected to be comfortable for walking and active winter holidays, the temperature from zero to -5 ºC.

February 2021

The last month of winter for the city will be the coldest. Long term forecast for the winter of 2020-2021 says that it was in February in Voronezh expected temperatures down to -13 ºC. But this situation is characteristic only for the first half of the month. Already with 15 numbers in the region to come to the warming minus night and will again be replaced by a temperature above zero in the daytime. Possible precipitation in the form of wet snow or rain.

What will be winter in 2020-2021 year in Voronezh

Spring will come not on the schedule. March will still be quite cold, with periods of sharp temperature drop and snow.

Folk omens

Meteorologists warn that long-term forecasts come true only in 60-80% of cases. Meanwhile, nature is always accurately predict what will be the upcoming cold season. Plants and animals have no margin for error, as the quality of preparation for winter and the timely creation of the necessary reserves affects their lives. Therefore, in order to determine the severity of the upcoming winter, our ancestors always turned to nature and looked to animal behavior.

Here are the most known signs of a cold winter:

  • abundant crop of mountain ash, nuts and mushrooms;
  • deep and richly Packed with food hiding places of wild beasts;
  • unusually large cones on coniferous trees;
  • many layers of tightly dry skin on the follicles;
  • later defoliation and falling off of the leaves first with the tops of the trees;
  • dry and abnormally warm September.

Also, to make your own forecast for the winter of 2020-2021 year you can analyze what the weather conditions were in Voronezh in those days: 7 August (Anna Kolodnitsa), August 14 (Honey spas), August 19 (Apple spas), 14 October (Cover).

If you follow people sign that can predict what the upcoming winter, please share your observations in the comments.

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