What will be the winter of 2021-2022 in USA: forecast

Correctly predicting what winter will be like in 2021-2022 in America is quite difficult, given the abnormally high temperature and the actual absence of frost last season. The next year may also become unpredictable, despite the fact that our country is characterized by cold weather, with snow cover and blizzards. Let’s try to figure out whether to wait for something unusual or still prepare for traditional conditions.

General guidelines for next winter

Until recently, the winter weather in many regions of the country was stable. Snow and frost were traditional attributes of this period. The 2019-2020 season has made significant adjustments to the statistics. Even in traditionally frosty Siberia, for many days there was a positive temperature, which is not typical for this time of year. Unusually warm weather significantly complicated the forecast for the winter of 2021-2022, which was not always extremely accurate.

What will be the winter of 2021-2022 in USA: forecast

Today, most experts cannot say with certainty what kind of winter will be in 2021-2022. The current trend is short-term forecasts based on an in-depth analysis of natural phenomena. Some meteorologists believe that next season abnormal temperature jumps should not be expected, while other experts do not rule out a repeat of last year’s scenario. In addition, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of individual regions, since the climate of the Central part of America and southern latitudes is not comparable with the Urals and Siberia, not to mention the Far North.

Forecast for December

Weather forecasters’ opinions on what the winter of 2021-2022 will be like in December are also mixed. Some predict frosts, especially at the end of the month, while others believe that relatively warm and rainy weather will form in December, especially in the southern Federal District. As for Siberia and the Urals, experts predict the appearance of frosts even before the arrival of the calendar winter of 2021-2022.

Forecast for January

In recent years, it is in January that meteorologists make the most reliable assumptions. This is facilitated by the traditional “Epiphany frosts”, which to some extent keep the changeable climate and weather features of January. In many regions, this month is considered the coldest.

What will be the winter of 2021-2022 in USA: forecast

Experts suggest that January of winter 2021 in Siberia will be characterized by frosts. Significant cooling is also expected in the far Eastern region. In the North, the traditional -40°C will be established. As for the Central part of America and the Western regions, we can expect weather anomalies in the form of low temperatures, with blizzards and snowfalls, and warm weather, which will be accompanied by rain and sleet.

Forecast for February

For many regions, February next year will be the last month of winter, both in terms of calendar and climatic conditions. Residents of the Central part of America at the end of February will be able to feel the full breath of spring. In the South, the situation will not be so clear. February 2021 may bring both sunshine and warmth, as well as icy winds with snow and low temperatures. According to forecasts of meteorologists, February of winter 2021 for the Urals and Siberia will be a month of snowstorms. Frosts will be pronounced, the probability of positive temperatures remains minimal.

What will be the winter of 2021-2022 in USA: forecast

Temperature indicators by city

It is still difficult to say what the temperature will be in the winter of 2021 in the largest megacities of America. Approximate indicators by month are presented in the following table:

Novosibirskfrom -12 to -25from -10 to -23from -5 to -19
Yekaterinburgfrom -7 to -19from -10 to -22from -2 to -11
Nizhny Novgorodfrom +2 to -7from -5 to -12from -2 to -10
Kazanfrom -4 to -10from -8 to -21from -6 to -13
Chelyabinskfrom -5 to -19from -6 to -22from -4 to -19
Omskfrom -8 to -22from -9 to -23from -5 to -21
Samarafrom -1 to -15from -6 to -18from -5 to -11
Rostov-on-Donfrom +7 to -4from +4 to -12from +12 to -8
Ufafrom -8 to -18from -7 to -20from -5 to -14
Krasnoyarskfrom -7 to -24from -5 to -27from -6 to -17

Temperature changes next year are expected to be mild, and the transition from warm weather to frosts will be even, within a few days. This option is considered the most likely for many American cities.

Weather in New-York

Many experts believe that next winter in the capital will pass without surprises. Thaws are forecast, especially if the weather is affected by air masses from the South. Moreover, warming will become noticeable, but short-lived, which will slightly affect the overall picture of the season.

What will be the winter of 2021-2022 in USA: forecast

In December, the weather will be light snow, moderate precipitation is expected, and the average temperature will range from -5 to -7 °C. January will also not be frosty, with average temperatures ranging from -9 °C to -13 ° C. Several frosty days are possible, with temperatures dropping to -25 °C. February is expected to be warmer with daily averages ranging from -4 to -6°C.

Weather in Saint Petersburg

The weather in St. Petersburg will “delight” citizens with traditional transitions through zero temperature with slight frosts, thaws, precipitation and slush. Several dry days with no precipitation are forecast for December. At the same time, citizens will hardly see the sun. Cloudy weather with high humidity is expected.

What will be the winter of 2021-2022 in USA: forecast

In January, more precipitation is forecast in the form of snow and freezing rain. Experts expect several Sunny days, as well as heavy snowfall. You should not count on severe frosts, as well as on prolonged thaws. The first half of February will also be overcast, with an abundance of precipitation. St. Petersburg residents are waiting for several thaws, with snow melting and subsequent ice. At the end of the month, in case of moderately frosty temperatures, Sunny weather is expected without strong winds.

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