What will be the winter in Yekaterinburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Yekaterinburg is located in a region characterized by a sharply continental climate with pronounced seasonality. But even within one season in the Sverdlovsk region, the weather often changes, so in order to plan your leisure time in the cold season, you should analyze in advance what winter will be like in Yekaterinburg in 2021-2022.

Characteristics of the climate

A climatic feature of Yekaterinburg is the beginning of winter much earlier than the official “calendar” December. Snow and sub-zero temperatures are observed in October (after the traditional feast of the Intercession on October 14). November is characterized by a stable “minus” (especially at night), and by December the air cools down to -15°C, and sometimes to -30°C.

Often severe frosts alternate with short-term thaws and heavy snowfalls. This is due to the periodic influence of either warm air masses from the distant Atlantic, or cold ones from Siberia and the Kara sea. However, the last two decades indicate a General tendency to increase temperatures (by about 5°C).

Record low frosts were recorded by meteorologists about forty years ago, and last year’s season was characterized by the highest temperature and warming to +1 °C in mid-January.

Meteorologists, predicting the weather in the winter of 2021-2022 in Yekaterinburg, assume that the trends of previous years will continue with alternating thirty-degree frosts and relatively warm periods for the Urals (- 8-12°C), snowfalls and a large number of cloudy days.

What will be the winter in Yekaterinburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Features the weather by months

The average air temperature in early December is predicted to be between -9,5-10°C. In the daytime -8°C, and at night – cooling to-10-12°C. Short-term sharp drops (but not more than -30°C) are also expected due to the movement of air masses from the North. Frost will be steadily established from about the 18th (up to -14°C during the day and 4-5 degrees lower at night). Snow will fall in the twenties, most of the month (up to 29 days) is expected to be cloudy and partly cloudy.

New year’s eve will bring short-term warming (up to -8°C) and snowfall, which will end by the beginning of January. The air temperature will be around -14°C during the day and -16°C at night and will decrease until the middle of the month. According to weather forecasters, the peak of cold weather will be reached on the 4th and 7th.

No snowfall is expected at the beginning of the month. In the area of the 8th and 9th numbers (at the end of the holidays), dry Sunny weather will be established and it will be a good time for seasonal sports and walking (good snow cover will continue from December).

In January, strong fluctuations in air temperature are not expected. But the possibility of repeating the scenario of the previous year (thaw in the second half of the month) is also not excluded. But it is more likely that frost will remain at the end of the month (up to-15-17 °C). In the daytime, the warming will be no more than 3-5 degrees. Large snowfalls are not predicted, but the sun will please during the last week.

What will be the winter in Yekaterinburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Strong winds are not typical for this region, which makes it easier to survive frosts. The usual wind speed during this period does not exceed 3 m/s. In February, Yekaterinburg residents will have moderately frosty weather (average -11 °C). Frosts will last throughout February and, according to forecasters, will continue in March and April.

In the first decade of the month, the daytime air temperature will range from -8 to -12°C. After the 12th, its slight increase will begin both during the day and at night, which will be 4-5°C. After the 20th, the average daytime temperature will rise to -7°C. However, even in February, there may be short-term cold spells up to -20°C. This is due to the periodic influence of cold air masses from the Arctic, which bring frosts to the Urals until the end of March.

According to the forecast, snowfall in February will be a rare occurrence (only two days – on the 8th and 17th). Strong winds are also not expected, but warming due to the Atlantic cyclone is quite possible. Very few clear days are predicted (no more than 2-3), and the sun will always be overcast.

Folk signs

Folk signs about what winter will be like include several dates at once throughout the year. What concerns the autumn holidays:

  • August 16 is the day of “Antony-vikhrevei”, which promises a good snow cover in windy weather. This year there was no strong wind.
  • August 18 is a day that, according to signs, affects the weather in December or Evstignei-Zhitnik. This year it was characterized by partly cloudy weather and thunderstorms.
  • On August 19, Yabloko Saviour is celebrated according to the Church calendar. The second Spas with clear weather promises a cold winter. In 2020, this day turned out to be Sunny only in the South-West of America.
  • August 21, according to signs, is “responsible” for January. Miron-vetrogon’s day turned out to be cloudy at night and in the morning, with light rain showers in some places. This predicts snowfall in January.

What will be the winter in Yekaterinburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

  • September 14 is the feast of Saint Semyon and Martha or Semyon the guide of the years. According to the signs, if this day is given out warm, then the winter will also not be harsh. The wind direction matters: if it blows from the South, it should be warm in winter, and if it blows from under the sun, it should be the opposite.
  • Phocas and Jonah’s day is celebrated on October 5. If the leaves do not have time to fall completely from the trees, then the snowfall will start late.
  • The feast of the Intercession of the most Holy Theotokos is also a remarkable date. If by this day the leaf from the birch and oak tree does not have time to fall – wait for a frosty winter. Cold weather is expected in the East and North winds, and thawing in the West.

Following popular signs and forecasts, you can make your own opinion about the weather in Yekaterinburg in the winter of 2021-2022.

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