What will be the winter in the Urals in 2021-2022 | forecast

Ural residents should prepare for a prolonged cold season, severe frosts and snowstorms. According to the weather forecast prepared by forecasters for the winter of 2021-2022, in the Urals on some days the temperature may drop to -50°C, which will be due to the invasion of cold Arctic air. However, residents of the region are not used to bad weather conditions in the winter period of the year.

The climate of the region

This territory is characterized by a long winter with stable snow cover and heavy precipitation. What will be the winter in the Urals in the 2021-2022 season largely depends on cyclones.

Given the region’s location, they may come from the Siberian plain, the Atlantic, or the Barents sea. The Ural mountain range will also play a role in shaping the climate during the cold season. Acting as a natural barrier, it will trap some of the precipitation, so most of it will fall on its Western slopes.


Every year the Ural winter gets a little warmer and milder. But, as forecasters note, residents of the region should not rejoice at the increase in average daily temperatures. This can lead to natural and extremely dangerous weather events and lead to strong hurricanes and even floods.

The weather in December in the Urals in 2021-2022 will be cold and snowy. In fact, winter will begin in October, when the air temperature will drop to December -18°C at night and to -17°C during the day. In the second half of the month, experts note a high probability of invasion of icy Arctic masses. On such days, the thermometer can drop to -50°C. But the frosts will be short-term and the frosts will be replaced by a thaw with a slight warming and precipitation in the form of snow.

What will be the winter in the Urals in 2021-2022 | forecast

The weather in the southern Urals will depend on two anticyclones: Siberian and Atlantic. Therefore, thaws will be replaced by frosts and a significant deterioration in meteorological conditions. During the day, the temperature in this territory will remain at -6°C, and at night -8°C.

In December, there will be at least 8 Sunny days with clear and cloudless weather. In the southern part of the region, precipitation will not exceed 29 mm, while heavy snowfall is expected in the Northern and Central parts.


In the Northern Urals, January is considered the coldest month of the year for a reason. During this period, the average daily temperature, as a rule, is not less than -22°C, and on some days there are frosts up to -55°C.

South-westerly and southerly winds will bring blizzards and snowfalls to the region. The sky will be heavily overcast for most of the month. But due to the low humidity of the air (no more than 32%), frosts will be easily tolerated, despite the fact that in January there will be only one clear, Sunny day.

Moderate frosts and snowstorms are forecast in Tyumen. In Yekaterinburg, thermometers will show -17°C during the day and -20°C at night. In the first half of the month may be sudden thaw, which will provoke the melting of the snow. In the middle Urals, a plus temperature of up to +8°C will be recorded during the day.

The weather in January in the southern Urals in 2021-2022 will also be frosty and cold. But forecasters suggest that in some cities of the region, even an increase in the average daily temperature will be recorded.

What will be the winter in the Urals in 2021-2022 | forecast


The weather in February in the Urals in 2021-2022 will be formed by anticyclones and Arctic air masses. The whole month will be held frosts, and the daytime temperature will not exceed -20°C. During periods of severe frosts, the thermometer can drop to -53°C. Almost all the time the weather will be overcast, and the sky is covered with clouds. And only 7 days residents of the Urals will be able to enjoy clear, cloudless weather. However, despite the bright sun, its rays will not be able to warm up the air, and the temperature will remain at -15°C.

As daylight hours increase in February, frosts will gradually weaken. But residents of the region should not expect an early spring and a sharp warming. Cold weather with frosts will continue until the second half of March, after which it will be possible to observe a gradual increase in the average daily air temperature.

In February, forecasters predict snowstorms, and on some days-snow drifts with precipitation. By the end of winter, in some flat areas, the thickness of snow cover will be about 40-50 cm. And only in the southern part of the region will the last winter month be warmer and milder, which is typical of its climate. At the end of February, wet snow can cause a lot of inconvenience to the Urals. In case of warming, it will turn into rain and can provoke icing.

What will be the winter in the Urals in 2021-2022 | forecast

In the last 2 weeks of February, a sharp change in weather conditions is possible in the southern Urals. During this period, strong winds always blow with gusts of up to 15 m / s. and, given the forecast of heavy precipitation, the combination of these factors can lead to blizzards, snow drifts and even icing.

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