What will be the winter in Stavropol in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Plan to visit for the holidays Stavropol – we will tell, what will be in the region of the winter of 2021-2022 year, and also at what periods preliminary weather forecast promises weather deterioration: a sharp drop in temperature, strong gusts of wind and snow.

Geographical and climatic features of the region

Stavropol Krai is located in a temperate continental climate zone with a pronounced seasonality. But, due to the proximity of the Azov and Black seas, as well as the peculiarities of the terrain, winter in Stavropol is rarely really harsh and it is possible that residents of the region will also meet the New year 2021 without a stable snow cover.

What will be the winter in Stavropol in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

The Stavropol territory is characterized by the following climatic features::

  • long, but moderately hot, summer;
  • significant difference in weather conditions between mountainous and lowland areas;
  • mild winters with short periods of frost (typical for localities located in the South);
  • strong winds (more pronounced in the West of the region);
  • sudden changes in weather conditions and significant temperature changes.

In lowland regions, if snow falls, it rarely stays for a long time due to frequent thaws. In the foothill regions in winter, you can plunge into a real new year’s fairy tale, because here a stable snow cover usually forms at the end of November.

To understand what the winter of 2021-2022 will be like in Stavropol, we suggest that you refer to statistics. So, on the plain, the average air temperature in the winter months remains quite comfortable for walking and outdoor activities (from -5 ° C to +3 ° C). But extreme frosts are also possible. Within the normal range for Stavropol territory – short periods of temperature drop to -20 ° C.

The absolute minimum recorded in winter in Stavropol is 28 ° C. The absolute maximum of the winter months is +22 ° C.

You can more clearly assess the temperature regime taken as the norm for the center of the region on the climatogram.

General SYNOPTIC forecast for winter

Meteorologists promise residents of the Stavropol territory a standard winter with moderate frosts, normal precipitation for the region and the absence of serious weather disasters.

  1. The first snowfall in the region should be expected in early December.
  2. On New Year’s eve, the temperature in Stavropol will be positive.
  3. Significant frosts will come to the region in late January.
  4. The snowiest month of the upcoming winter will be February.
  5. Spring heat will descend on the Stavropol territory no earlier than the second half of March.

Long-term forecast by month

Important! According to statistics, long-term weather forecasts compiled by meteorologists based on the analysis of data available in the archive are only 60-80% true.

Nevertheless, the presence of a long-term forecast allows you to understand what the weather may be like in winter in Stavropol, in which month it is better to plan a trip, and whether it is worth waiting for snow for those who want to meet 2021 in the region.

December 2020

At the beginning of the month, the night temperature in Stavropol will begin to drop below zero and even a light snow will pass, which will not last long due to temperature fluctuations.

The first month of winter will be relatively warm, with a periodic increase in temperature to 10-11 ° C in the daytime and a nighttime decrease to -10 ° C in the last week of the outgoing year.

What will be the winter in Stavropol in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

On new year’s eve, the sky will be overcast, precipitation is expected. But whether it will rain or snow is still difficult to say. It all depends on the temperature regime. At the moment, the forecast promises a sharp increase in temperature on December 31, 2020 to +3 ° C after 10-degree frosts.

January 2021

The new calendar year will start with a thaw. A steady plus will last in Stavropol until January 10, but the weather will become truly wintry only after the 25th. Although in General, the winter of 2021-2022 in Stavropol will be quite warm, the last week of January will demonstrate how snowy and cold it is occasionally. The thermometer will drop to -14 ° C, you can expect strong winds and snowstorms.

What will be the winter in Stavropol in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

February 2021

Weather conditions in February will also not be consistent. Temperature swings continue and sometimes daily changes will amount to 10 ° C, which will affect the well-being of weather-dependent people.

February will be the snowiest month of winter in 2021. Most precipitation is expected in the second half of the month. If the forecast turns out to be accurate, then guests and residents of the region will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of snow-covered parks and squares.

What will be the winter in Stavropol in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

In early March, winter will be very reluctant to give up ground, so the arrival of calendar spring will not bring with it the desired warming. Night frosts will recede closer to the middle of March.

Folk signs

In ancient times, when there were no meteorologists and modern technologies, people were able to predict with a high degree of probability what the coming winter would be like, observing changes in the surrounding nature during the autumn months.

A prolonged and frosty winter is indicated:

  • the multi-layered onion peel;
  • uneven leaf fall;
  • plentiful harvest of mushrooms and berries;
  • high peaks of wild anthills;
  • a thick fringe of forest animals;
  • early departure of migrating birds;
  • abnormally warm weather in December.

And what other signs that speak of a cold winter, you know. We suggest you share your observations in the comments, try to predict together what winter will be like in Stavropol in 2021-2022 and which forecast is more accurate – long-term official or national.

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