What will be the winter in Siberia in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

The surprises of nature last winter, in the form of abnormal warming, make the inhabitants of Siberia think about what kind of weather awaits them in the winter season 2021-2022. According to the long-term forecast of weather forecasters, winter will come into its own before the calendar period and will be truly Siberian in taste.

Features of the Siberian winter

The territory of Siberia stretches for millions of kilometers and therefore weather conditions in different parts of it have significant differences. In Western and Eastern Siberia, the climate is homogeneous — mostly continental, but still it is very dependent on the movement of oceanic air masses. Due to Arctic cyclones and anticyclones in the North-West of the territory, winters are more severe. Severe frosts occur during the Arctic invasion 3-6 times during the winter, they last from 1 to 6 weeks.

The more southerly you are, the milder the weather is from December to February. In the East, the air is drier, precipitation is rare. In the West, year — round heavy precipitation is common for Siberians. In Central Siberia, most often from December to February there is Sunny, cloudless weather with negative temperatures. Residents of this region are not used to hiding behind hoods from strong and gusty winds. Verkhoyansk mountain range protects the valley from the sharp streams of air masses.

In the southern regions, the Asian anticyclone dominates most of the time. Therefore, record low temperatures are rare. In winter, it is pleasant to walk along the creaking snow slope on clear, frosty days. With the exception of mountainous areas, even milder winters in the Altai. Despite the mild climate, the ski season in the Altai territory usually opens in November and lasts until April.

What will be the winter in Siberia in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Weather in December

According to the forecast, in the 2021-2022 season, the first signs that winter has come into its own will appear in the Western part of Siberia. A small but stable snow cover will form in these areas at the end of November. In the first half of December, subzero temperatures will range from -7 to -11 C. In the second half of the month, there is a high probability of a sharp cold snap. Cold Arctic masses linger in Western Siberia for about a week. At night, the thermometer will break through the mark of -30 C, and in the daytime -18 C. In addition to the frosty air, a lot of snow will come from the Arctic. December promises to be gloomy, with a few Sunny days.

In Central Siberia and in the East, the climatic winter will come exactly according to the calendar. But residents will have to wait for a big snowfall. At the beginning of the month, only a small snow frost will fall on the frostbitten soil. The air temperature during daytime hours will not fall below -10 C. December will be Sunny, with a few cloudy days.

What will be the winter in Siberia in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Weather in January

According to weather forecasters, Siberians will not experience any signs of global warming in 2021. Record plus temperatures, as in 2017 and 2019, will not be. January is expected to be truly wintry, with no anomalies. The thermometer will not exceed the climatic norm. New year’s holidays will start with windy weather with precipitation. Heavy snowstorms can trigger snow drifts. Winds of up to 10 m / s, low visibility and a large amount of snow will complicate the road situation.

In the Northern regions, frosts in the second half of January will increase to -30 C at night and up to-17 C in the daytime. In Central Siberia and further South, January will be warmer: at night up to-20C, during the day up to-15C. In the Eastern part, dry weather is expected in January 2021. Precipitation will be insignificant, and the snow cover will be minimal — only what will remain from November. The whole of January on the territory of the last stable, frosty weather, with no temperature swings, strong winds and snowstorms.

Weather in February

The month of snowstorms and blizzards-February will fully justify its characteristics from the school textbook in 2021. In Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk, frosty days will last until March. The average daily values will be within the limits of climatic norms: at night up to -21 C, during the day comfortable-13 C. In the West, by the end of the month, it is possible to freeze to -40 C. Severe frosts will not last long in the region — from 3 to 5 days.

Snow and blizzards will come to the Western part of the country in the second decade of February. Cloudy days with precipitation will alternate with rare clear days. In the East, on the contrary, calm and windless weather is expected in February 2021. But the frosts will not weaken by the end of the season. At night, the average temperature will remain at — 20C, and in the daytime up to-15C.

What will be the winter in Siberia in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Only in the last days of February and early March will the frosts begin to recede. During daylight hours, it will warm up to -5 C. In the Western and Eastern regions, windy weather will continue, with a high probability of snowfall. According to preliminary weather forecasts, in the Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and Omsk regions in February there is only one clear and fine day.

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