What will be the winter in Samara in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

If you want to visit Samara during the new year holidays, find out what winter 2021-2022 will be like in different regions of the region and what weather forecast forecasters give for the city itself on new year’s eve.

Geographical and climatic features of the region

The Samara region is located in a temperate continental climate zone with a predominant anticyclonic type of weather conditions.

The formation of climatic features of the Samara region is influenced by the following factors::

  • Voeikov axis crossing the South of the Samara region in winter and early spring;
  • Volga and Samara waterways, as well as 220 other small rivers;
  • Europe’s largest Kuibyshev reservoir;
  • differences in the topography of the left Bank and the right Bank;
  • artificial quarries, dams, and dams.

What will be the winter in Samara in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

During the winter period, which lasts about 5 months, the norm for the Samara region is:

  • stable snow cover of 40-60 cm (up to 150 cm may fall in some regions);
  • moderate frosts (average winter temperature-14 ° C);
  • strong gusty winds up to 30 m / s;
  • severe temperature changes.

At the same time, winter comes a little earlier on the elevations of the right Bank Than on the plains of the left Bank. The amount of precipitation is also uneven. The southerner the territory, the drier the climate.

Climate of the city of Samara

Samara (formerly Kuibyshev) is the Central city of the region, located on the left flat Bank of the Samara reservoir.

In the winter months, the average temperature in Samara is in the range from-8 ° C to -10 ° C with a humidity of about 75%.

The climatogram will help you understand what the winter of 2021-2022 will be like in Samara.

Global warming has also affected Samara. Once very cold, prolonged winters are getting warmer every year, and persistent frosts are being replaced by sharp temperature changes, short thaws, which are replaced by squally winds and snowfalls.

At the same time, meteorologists give quite a comforting forecast for the cold period of 2021-2022 – winter in Samara will be within the limits of the climatic norm, without serious disasters and extremely low temperatures.

Long-term forecast by month

In an effort to predict what the temperature will be during the winter months, meteorologists annually leave long-term forecasts for all American cities based on statistical data and taking into account the processes occurring in the atmosphere.

Important! The probability that the long-term forecast will hit the bull’s-eye and fully come true is only 60-80%, because it is simply impossible to predict the formation of atmospheric fronts and cyclones in 3-6 months.

What will be the winter in Samara in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

In 2021-2022, the first night frosts will come to the region in early November. Light snow is possible in the middle of autumn. which will not last long, as in the second half of the month frosty days will alternate with thaws up to +2 ° C.

December 2020

By the beginning of the calendar winter, a stable snow cover may not form in Samara, and in the first days of December, wet snow is expected, turning into rain. but from the 5th day, winter will declare itself with snowfalls and a sharp cold snap to -12 ° C at night, after which a stable sub-zero temperature will be established in the region.

What will be the winter in Samara in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

The first month of winter will not break climate records. In the daytime, the thermometer will not fall below -7 ° C. The weather will be comfortable for walking and numerous winter activities.

In the 20s, Samara will be decorated for the New Year, and guests of the snow-covered city will have the opportunity to plunge into a real winter fairy tale. On new year’s eve, they promise frost up to-11 ° C, although in the daytime hours of December 31, the temperature will be quite comfortable – only -3 ° C.

January 2021

The new year 2021 will begin with a short thaw and snow turning to rain, after which the formation of a crust is not excluded. But closer to January 5, the streets of the city will be covered with fresh soft snow, and night frosts will drop to-15 ° C.

The first really cold period of the coming winter for residents and guests of Samara will be the second half of January. At night, the temperature will drop to -22 ° C, and during the day the thermometers will show a relatively comfortable -10 ° C.

What will be the winter in Samara in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

February 2021

The most severe frosts in the region should be expected in the first half of February. Meteorologists believe that at the beginning of the month, extreme periods of lowering the night temperature to-28 ° C are possible.

Also in February, serious differences between day and night temperatures are expected, which may affect the well-being of weather-dependent people.

What will be the winter in Samara in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

When to wait for spring

Although December 2020 will be relatively warm, the spring of 2021 promises to be cold, with prolonged periods of frost and late snowmelt.

In the first week of March, sharp drops in temperature to -20 ° C are not excluded. Through the zero mark, the thermometer columns will pass only closer to the middle of the month, but timid +3, +6 ° C during the day will turn into -6, -10 ° C at night.

The real spring warmth will come to Samara only closer to the middle of April, which is the climatic norm for the region. A steady plus (and at night), as well as active snow melting, should be expected closer to the end of the second month of spring.

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