What will be the winter in Saint Petersburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

St. Petersburg is the northernmost megacity in the world with a population of over a million people. Due to extremely high humidity and the impact of Baltic sea cyclones, the weather in the Northern capital of America is unstable throughout the calendar year, so it is difficult even for forecasters to accurately predict what winter 2021-2022 will be like in St. Petersburg.

Climatic features of the region

Winter weather in St. Petersburg is rated as cold and wet. There is little sun and almost constant winds. Summers are cool, and winters, although cold, are mild enough, without severe frosts and sudden temperature changes. These features are due to the location of Northern Palmyra between a temperate continental and temperate marine climate.

At the same time, meteorologists state that interventions in ecosystems change the climate in the direction of warming. A direct proof of this is last year’s warm winter. The temperature broke a century-old record and exceeded the average climatic norm by 6 degrees. There was practically no snow cover. Natural anomalies are explained by the lack of a stable high-pressure zone beyond the Urals, which is why warm air masses of the Gulf stream were able to get into Northern and Eastern Europe.

Opinion on what the winter of 2021-2022 will be like in St. Petersburg is divided. Some meteorologists believe that it will also be warm, while others predict classic frosty weather, but without a large amount of snow due to the continuing trend of decreasing precipitation.

What will be the winter in Saint Petersburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

December 2020

In December, serious cold weather traditionally comes to St. Petersburg. Subzero temperatures prevail at night. During the day, indicators rarely rise above zero. In recent years, forecasters have recorded a constant increase in temperature to values ranging from 0 to +3 °C. A stable minus is set closer to the end of the month, but the temperature rarely drops below -5°C. Meteorologists predict 8 cloudy days and about 23 cloudy ones. Precipitation will be within the normal range of 51 mm.

New year’s holidays are characterized by windy weather and high humidity, which increases the feeling of cold. High probability of snowfall on December 31 and January 1. If the temperature is below zero, you will have excellent holiday weather with snow and light frost.

January 2021

The month is the frostiest, so the weather forecast in St. Petersburg for January of winter 2021-2022 is made taking this fact into account. Features of this period:

  • the wind direction changes, which contributes to a decrease in temperature;
  • humidity is low;
  • the amount of precipitation decreases;
  • fewer fogs, more clear days;
  • partly cloudy weather will last for 22 days;
  • snowfall is forecast for 7 days;
  • the ice thickness on the Neva river will exceed 1 m.

The most frosty time falls on Epiphany. At night, there may be frosts of up to -20°C, but these will be rare days that will not affect the overall picture. The precipitation level is 44 mm, and the main volume of snow is forecast for the last decade of the month.

What will be the winter in Saint Petersburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

February 2021

The month’s temperature indicators are predicted to be higher, as well as humidity, so frosty days are more difficult to bear. The temperature will range from +5 to -2°C, but more often it will freeze at negative levels. Possible warming is explained by an increase in the duration of daylight hours. The air warms up more strongly, so during the last decade we should expect zero indicators without sharp fluctuations. Thaws with rain and sleet are also possible.

Long-term weather observations show that February gets the least precipitation. At the same time, snow days are evenly distributed over the entire month. Forecasters expect cloudy weather with a minimum number of Sunny days. Meteorologists also assume a complete absence of Sunny weather. The wind is southerly and South-westerly with a speed of 4 m / s, on some days gusts will reach 9 m / s.

The Outlook on the national calendar

What will be the winter in St. Petersburg, you can find out not only according to weather forecasts made on the basis of information from satellites, but also by folk signs. In particular:

  • You can find out what the weather will be like on August 7 – this date is called Anna Zimonitsa day. If it is warm and Sunny, then winter is expected to be frosty, if the day is rainy-snowy and warm.
  • August 21-Miron-Vetrogon. The weather on this day depends on what January will be like. If the weather is calm, then January is expected to be calm and without snowstorms.
  • On September 4, they start picking mushrooms. If there are a lot of mushrooms in the forest, you should expect prolonged frosts.
  • September 23 – Paul-a Fieldfare. When harvesting a rich berry harvest, the winter will be frosty.
  • September 30 – all-World women’s name day. If the leaf fall has ended by this time, a frosty winter is expected. Otherwise, it’s warm.
  • On October 14, the intercession Of the most Holy Theotokos – the North or East wind on this day will bring a cold winter with a small amount of snow, the West – moderate frosts and snow, the South-warm weather. If there is no snow on the Cover, you should not expect it at Christmas.

What will be the winter in Saint Petersburg in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Thus, weather forecasters predict a moderately cold winter in St. Petersburg. Exact temperature indicators and dates of possible precipitation will be available closer to the end of the year, when meteorologists will make more accurate climate maps.

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