What will be the winter in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Last winter in Siberia turned out to be abnormally warm – instead of cracking frosts, unusual December thaws were observed here. What will be the winter in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022? Will the weather return to its usual temperature levels, or will global warming permanently change the climate of this harsh region?

Description of the region’s climate

Novosibirsk is the largest regional center, the capital of the Siberian district, and the third most populous city in America. The climate of the region in which the city is located belongs to the sharply continental type. This leads to consistently hot but short summers and very cold winters with significant precipitation.

It should be noted that the climate of Novosibirsk is much more continental than that of other American regions located at the same geographical latitude. To present an accurate weather forecast for the winter of 2021-2022 in Novosibirsk, it is necessary to take into account local climatic features:

  • Severe winters with heavy frosts and lots of snow.
  • Rare and short thaws.
  • Late arrival of spring.
  • The coldest winter month in the region is January. Its average temperature is -17.7 °C.

What will be the winter in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

The absolute temperature record was set in January 1915 at -51.1 °C. Real winter, rather than calendar winter, usually starts around the second decade of November and ends in mid-March. It lasts 120-130 days a year. In recent years, winters have become noticeably warmer. Obviously, the reason for this is the processes of global climate change.

The overall Outlook

One of the coldest winters in Novosibirsk was in 2000-2001. Then the thermometer dropped to -50 °C at night. Subsequent years were marked by a gradual increase in temperature. The winter of last year turned out to be abnormally warm – on some days positive temperatures were recorded in the region instead of the usual marks of -15…-20 °C.

However, forecasters do not believe that this season will repeat last year’s records. Winter will probably start early, in about the last third of November, and in December it will return to its usual temperature range. There will be more snow this year than usual. Already in the second half of December, a lot of snow will fall and it will get much colder. The weather in January in Novosibirsk will be even colder, but there will be less precipitation this month. The last month of winter will bring blizzards, snowfalls and overcast skies.

What will be the winter in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022 | weather forecast


The weather in December in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022 will fully meet its usual standards. There are no thaws – only snowfalls, severe frost, blizzards and heavy winds. Forecasters expect that in December this year in the region will fall at least 43 mm of precipitation. And the main part of them is expected for its second half.

The average daily temperature in the first decade of December will be -11 °C, and in the third it will drop to -14 °C. The effect of frost will be enhanced by high humidity (up to 80%) and strong squally winds (up to 15 m / s). On some days, the thermometer will drop below -20 °C. On the eve of the new year holidays, it will get a little warmer. December of this year in Novosibirsk will be overcast, only a few Sunny days are expected.

What will be the winter in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022 | weather forecast


This winter month is traditionally considered the coldest in the Novosibirsk region. Forecasters promise that the average daily temperature will be -19 °C. However, precipitation in January will be less than a month earlier. Strong Epiphany frosts are expected, which are traditional for Novosibirsk and the entire Siberian region. The low temperature will last without much hesitation until the very end of the month.

In January, there will be several clear and low-cloud days, which will certainly add to the city’s residents ‘ good mood. Also this month, the wind is expected to weaken to about 5 m/s. This weather forecast for January 2021 can be seriously corrected by sudden abnormal warming events that have regularly occurred in recent years.


Unlike other regions of our country, where spring is already approaching in the second half of February, in Siberia this is a full-fledged winter month with frosts, snowstorms and heavy snowfalls. Weather forecasters predict that the weather in February in Novosibirsk will be frosty and dry. The chance of snowfall is higher in the last third of the month, but no particularly heavy snowfall is expected. The total amount of precipitation is no more than 27 mm.

What will be the winter in Novosibirsk in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

In February, it will be slightly warmer – the average daily temperature of the month will be -13 … -14 °C. On some days, it can drop to -25 °C. Strong temperature fluctuations are another feature of the pronounced continental climate. It will only start to warm up in the last week of the month. In the twenties, the thermometers will show -6…-8 °C, and the sky will be overcast. In the last month of winter, almost no Sunny days are expected.

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