What will be the winter in Crimea in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Forecasters have already made their forecast of what will be the winter of the 2021-2022 season in the Crimea. According to Tatyana Lyubetskaya, head of the Crimean hydrometeorological center, there will be no abnormal cold weather and extremely high temperatures on the Peninsula. An exception is possible only if the penetration of cold Arctic masses, which can bring the Siberian anticyclone. The temperature indicators for the three winter months will correspond to the established climatic standards for the region. This means that residents and visitors of the Crimea will enjoy a moderately warm and mild winter without snow, blizzards and frosts.


Weather conditions in the Western part of the Peninsula will be formed by steppe and sea winds. Strong gusts of wind with a speed of up to 9 m / s are expected, which will be caused by the confrontation of air masses. In the first winter month, it will be relatively warm during the day — up to +6°C, and at night the temperature will drop to +3°C. In the Western part of Crimea, December will be mostly overcast and cloudy.

The forecast for the winter season 2021-2022 in the Crimea for its Eastern part looks a little different. In Sudak, Feodosia and Kerch, the wind will blow at a speed of at least 9-10 m/s. Due to this, the feeling of cold will only increase, despite the relatively high air temperature (up to +10°C). At the end of December, as daylight hours decrease, the air temperature will also decrease. But at the same time, forecasters do not predict frosts, which is not typical for this climatic zone. The whole month will be windy and Sunny with no precipitation in the form of snow and rain.

Residents and visitors of the Central part of the Peninsula should not expect warm weather. At the end of the month in Simferopol, even short-term night frosts of up to -2°C are expected, but during the day the air will warm up to +5°C. Strong winds are rarely recorded in this part of the region. And next season will not be an exception to this rule. The average wind speed in December will be only 4.6 m / s, but there will also be less Sunny days than in the Western or Eastern part.

What will be the winter in Crimea in 2021-2022 | weather forecast


The Peninsula is not threatened by January frosts. But in the second winter month, the sea will begin to give up the last accumulated heat. And from the North, cold masses of air will come, which will bring precipitation with them. High humidity and frequent rain – this will be the weather in the second half of January in the Crimea. On average, the air will warm up to +4°C during the day, and at night the temperature will drop to -1°C.

According to the forecast of weather forecasters, in the East of the Peninsula will be slightly colder. Despite the fact that this climatic zone is characterized by a large amount of precipitation (usually in the form of rain), in the first half of January in Sudak and Feodosia, the sky will be mostly cloudless and clear. Almost spring weather is expected with air temperatures up to +5°C.

A pleasant surprise for residents and guests of the southern part of the Crimea may be warming up to +15°C. In Yalta, it will be cold only in the second half of the month. During this period, there may be frosts of up to -1°C at night, and no more than +2°C during the day. An unpleasant bonus of December for the South coast is strong winds that can develop into storms and storms.

For the Northern and Central part of the Peninsula, January will be wet and overcast, and at night the temperature will drop to -3°C. Simferopol residents may face the biggest troubles on January 25-31, 2021. For this period, forecasters promise a large amount of precipitation, which will fall, most likely, in the form of snow.

What will be the winter in Crimea in 2021-2022 | weather forecast


In the mountainous and steppe parts of the Peninsula, the last month of winter will be cold, but not too frosty. According to the forecast, during this period it will be quite cool (-3°C), and in the first decade of the month a more significant decrease in temperature at night is expected. But at the end of the month, the situation will change: a sharp warming to +6°C is predicted during the day.

February will be relatively warm and mild in the South Caucasus. Weather conditions in this area largely depend on the temperature of the sea, which even at the end of winter does not cool down and does not freeze. Sunny weather and the absence of clouds will also contribute to an increase in air temperature. It is expected that the day will be at least 12°C, although it is virtually impossible to accurately predict the highest possible temperature in such conditions.

The Western and Eastern parts of Crimea will be shrouded in fog. Cloudy weather with short-term clearings – this is exactly what February will be like for their residents. Forecasters predict wet snow, which will periodically turn into rain. And in Sudak and Feodosia in the last month of winter season 2021-2022 will be warm. According to the weather forecast in the Crimea, during this period in the afternoon the thermometer will rise to 8°C.

What will be the winter in Crimea in 2021-2022 | weather forecast

Despite the relatively favorable weather conditions, the water in the Black sea in winter is absolutely unsuitable for swimming. Even at the end of February, its temperature on the coast of the South Caucasus rarely exceeds 12°C.

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