What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

Approaching the main holiday of the year, the holiday rush: need to have time to finish all the work to pay off your debts, decorate a Christmas tree, to think about new year’s menu, and of course buy gifts to relatives, colleagues, children and friends. And how do you want to please with a gift! Astrologers suggest that the New 2021 will be held under the symbol of the White metal bull – practical, strong, determined animal. the bull does not like gadgets, does not care about sweets and never gets on with other animals. It more like the original, practical and quality items that you can use more than one year. If you want to attract good luck and good will hostess the next time period, need to give gifts that she will appreciate and your family will be delighted.

Ideas original gifts

  • “Clothes” for Cutlery.
  • Hammock for your feet.
  • A set of personalized towels.
  • Organizer for the couch.
  • USB warmer for cups.
  • Instant camera print.
  • The bean bag chair.
  • The suitcase-scooter.
  • The genealogical book.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Audiobook.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • Magnetic wall Board.
  • Bedside table for Breakfast.
  • The dollar tree in a pot.
  • A collage of memorable photos.
  • Portable printer for phone.
  • Sofa organizer for remotes.
  • Chocolate weapons.
  • USB flash drive with combination lock.
  • Sensor touch gloves.

Ideas inexpensive gifts

  • Kitchen apron a Christmas theme. You can give aprons to all members of the family.
  • Cushion with painted or embroidered design of the mouse.
  • A scarf or Snood with bright Christmas ornament: reindeer or Santa Claus.
  • Bathrobe.
  • A personalized fountain pen.
  • Flexible keyboard.
  • Wireless mouse.
  • Car phone stand.
  • Thermos with soft handles.
  • Figurine of the patroness of the year in which the teeth of the coin.
  • Glowing shoelaces or headphones.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • Dryer for shoes.
  • Wall calendar.
  • Piggy Bank in the form of a mouse.
  • Beaded and sequins purse.
  • Kitchen potholders.
  • Coffee set.
  • Outdoor ceramic vase.
  • Keychain with the symbol of 2021.
  • Original case for your smartphone.

Gift ideas for parents

  • Surround the blanket with sleeves.
  • Large painting on canvas.
  • The state of the art Bluetooth speaker with many functions.
  • A sleep mask.
  • Tea set with engraving.
  • Massage bath for the feet.
  • Car recorder.
  • Car covers with massage effect.
  • The last book was a best seller.
  • Hand drawn portrait of children or parents.
  • Charger for smartphones.
  • Appliances.
  • Sweet gift – a set of honey jars.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • Grill for roasting meat.
  • Mini-safe for documents and gold jewelry.
  • Tickets for the performance.
  • The set of different exotic varieties of cheese.
  • Annual subscription exciting print edition.
  • The notebook of recipes.
  • A TV antenna.

Gift ideas for kids

  • Glasses 3D reality.
  • Game console.
  • A set of games for Play-station.
  • Mug in soft case with pockets for palms.
  • Board games.
  • Set for developing fine motor skills.
  • Alarm on the door.
  • The car on the radio with a built in camera.
  • MP3 player.
  • Fur headphones.
  • Snow Blaster.
  • Set for snowballs.
  • Sound or color projector that reproduces the sound of the sea or a starry sky.
  • 3D-pen.
  • An interactive toy.
  • Thermobalance.
  • Fashionable form of the famous football player.
  • Backpack a mouse full of sweets.
  • Set for creativity.
  • Encyclopedia about animals.

Gift ideas for colleagues

  • The flash and different functions: illuminated, with the ability to connect to the phone, equipped with a flashlight.
  • Diary.
  • Desktop organizer.
  • Electronic photo frame.
  • Portable laptop table.
  • Bath kit.
  • Handmade soap in the form of a mouse.
  • The original molds for ice.
  • Shakers for spices or grains.
  • The perpetual calendar.
  • Tea bouquet.
  • A container for a snack with internal compartments.
  • Wake-up light.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • Accessories for cars.
  • Ashtray.
  • Waterproof case for your phone.
  • Massage cushion for the neck.
  • Mug with the image of the bestowed person.
  • Decorative flask with an engraving.
  • Contactless headphones.

Gifts for friends

  • Drinking game.
  • A set of glowing glasses.
  • Bag-container.
  • The picnic set.
  • The skewer.
  • Jewelry box.
  • Tea set.
  • Massager for head or body.
  • Photoshoot for the whole family.
  • Christmas bed linen.
  • Knife credit card.
  • Wall collarbone.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • Stand for cups of tea heated.
  • Darts.
  • Glowing fruit bowl.
  • Movie tickets for a night session.
  • Dinner in the dark.
  • Home boots.
  • 3D lamp wall.
  • Gift basket with fruits, chocolate, coffee.

Ideas expensive gifts

  • A glowing brazier.
  • Storage for alcohol in the form of a globe.
  • Telescope.
  • A personal album dedicated to any date.
  • A set of silver or plated Cutlery.
  • Cognac.
  • Exclusive sundial.
  • Machine mini-fridge.
  • Wine set with a corkscrew.
  • A piece of jewelry.
  • Mini dressing table for jewelry.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • The journey (no matter where).
  • Mini bio-fireplace.
  • Car Communicator.
  • The silver coasters for the wine glasses.
  • Home theater.
  • The parachute jump.
  • Quadrocopter.
  • Certificate in Spa.
  • Drinking set made of amber.

That can not be present

New 2021 year of the ox are appropriate to give protective amulets with the image of this animal, but it is better to refrain from buying a live animal of a hassle then will not be gathered. Also, when choosing gifts, it is better to avoid cheap and inappropriate style of person objects. Such things can not only annoy the hostess of the year, but also upset the receiver an ambiguous message, which carries the show.

The woman

  • A live rat.
  • Soft toys, especially in the form of various animals.
  • Kitchen knives.
  • Grinder.
  • Cheap perfumes.
  • The wrong cosmetics.
  • Jewelry.
  • Home clothes.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

  • Bag.
  • Gloves.
  • Mirror.
  • Flowers.
  • Candles.
  • The glass objects.
  • Underwear.


  1. Trinkets in the form of statuettes and Souvenirs.
  2. Photo frame.
  3. Wallet.
  4. Socks.
  5. Underwear.
  6. Tie.
  7. Cufflinks.
  8. Watch.
  9. Shaving kit.
  10. Lighter.
  11. Elektroinstrumenti.
  12. Radio column.
  13. Alcohol.
  14. Money.
  15. Cologne.

What to give for the New 2021 year of the ox

Give gifts from the heart. It does not matter expensive gift or not, the main thing is it needs to please the person to whom it is addressed. Get creative and you will surely find the perfect gifts for each member of his large family.

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