What to do in the new year of 2021 in e

In for the holidays rushes huge number of tourists and visitors, not only from USA but also from near and far abroad. Such agiotage is quite explainable: to celebrate the New year and to spend new year holidays in this atmospheric city which cannot be compared with no other in the world, is the dream of many individuals, families, couples, and ordinary travelers. Moreover, on new year’s day in e have something to do for all categories of tourists. No exception and 2021, as an interesting program already prepared.

Active leisure activities are more focused on children, adolescents and young people, but in recent years, increasingly older people are connected to such activities. Measured and contemplative rest, visit interesting events, concerts and venues will be enjoyed by all without exception, so it remains to see different options and choose the most suitable.

Christmas fair

Fair – a favorite form of recreation USAн, which over time loses its relevance and becoming more variety and attractiveness. Long been a traditional fair in St. Petersburg, timed to the new year holidays. In them take part not only local or even the Russian merchants, you can see foreign goods that present themselves as manufacturers and their representatives.

What to do in the new year of 2021 in e

Visiting the fair is a great option to buy a souvenir in memory of e, and a great way to extend your Christmas mood as the festive atmosphere in such places is off the charts. Here you can see performances of various ensembles, theatrical performances, enjoy traditional winter dishes of Russian cuisine, etc.

The Grand fair will be held in such places:

  1. Manezhnaya square and Malaya Sadovaya street. Previously the event was held at Pioneer square, but in December 2020 decided to move the pad so that it comfortably accommodated all the participants and visitors. In addition to the trade stands there will be a skating rink for those who are after a walk want to ride on skates. The opening of the fair will be held on December 12. Work schedule – from 12 to 21 hours, but on new year’s night fair will run until 3 a.m., and the first number it will start with 14 hours. Last day of work will be January 6, 2021.
  2. Moscow area. On this huge site everyone can find for yourself or loved ones a gift for the holiday. The organizers claim that there is planned a special program for children, so younger visitors will be entertained as much as the time their parents will need to become acquainted with the range. The opening is scheduled for December 24. Last day of the event — January 8, until then the fair you can visit from 12 to 20 hours.
  3. Creative space "Weavers" at the Embankment of the bypass channel 60. For creative people this event is a real find, so here are the products of designers and the best craftsmen hand-made. The professionals will hold master classes for all comers, and while relaxing you can watch movies and cartoons. Schedule "Christmas Madewish Market" — from 10 to 21 hours.

What to do in the new year of 2021 in e

Creative space "Weavers"


The winter fun is skiing. They love not only extreme, but also ordinary people. In St. Petersburg for the holidays open several runs that vary in difficulty.

The most popular trail for local residents and visitors and:

  • "Red lake". Address — Moscow village korobitsyno. On-site cafes and restaurants, to order aerial surveys and even to stay for the holidays.
  • Park "Alexandria" in Peterhof. Here you can take ski hire and pass the initial training as a special ski school.
  • Elagin island. Riding in this place you can enjoy the amazing scenery, so aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.
  • All-season resort "Igora" in Priozersk district at the 54th km away, where there are trails for even the most experienced skiers with the experience, and miss them just do not have.

Just e more than 100 ski runs, so fans of this type of holiday for the new year holidays definitely have something to do.

What to do in the new year of 2021 in e

It is important to remember that in bad weather the track is closed. For this reason, before to go there, better to check whether they are working at the moment.


Not less visited places during the Christmas holidays – rollers. Here for the holidays, you can actively spend your leisure time, so long as the new year’s feast to bore even the biggest fans to eat.

The best rinks of Peter:

  • "New Holland", Admiralteysky canal embankment 2. Ice rink with capacity for up to 300 people will appreciate not only the opportunity to roll on skates, but the presentation of the festive program, which will be very dynamic.
  • "Ice Palace", D. PR Pyatiletok 1A. It is comfortable to spend time with the whole family as facilities include a skating rink for the kids, which for kids is no risk to face with adults.
  • The Sports Complex "Jubilee", 18 Prospekt Dobrolyubova. The ice rink is supported not only by day but also at night. At night during the holidays happen here skating themed with an interesting program.
  • Rink Udelny Park, St. akkuratova 7A. The largest rink and can accommodate everyone, so this option is ideal for those who have not provided advance.
  • The rink for the Spectators, the pioneer square 1. There are not just the sliding, and the whole family games and competitions, competitions to participate in which are fun and funny.

What to do in the new year of 2021 in e

On the water

Many of the guests are so inspired by the view of the Neva and channels that make the decision to continue the new year celebrations on the water. It can be a simple tour or a romantic trip.

For this there are several options:

  • walking on lake Ladoga with duration of several hours;
  • familiarization with the internal channels of the city;
  • routes with access to the Baltic sea.

Those who have sufficient time, may like the idea of a cruise for a few days, which starts in e but covers the city of Finnish and/or Baltic countries.

Program for children

Those who will go on the new year holidays in St. Petersburg with children, do not worry because there are a lot of options, from which will enjoy both younger and older members of the family.

These activities will be the following:

  • Big Multiele "School for wizards". Children will plunge into the atmosphere of the magic Christmas world, will be able to travel back in time, to know the power of magic spells and will rapidly move from the old to the new year. This event is suitable for the youngest viewers. The organizers designate the age category 3+, but indicated that younger children can attend the performance. The venue is the Theatre name of Raikin.
  • Christmas show Plushenko: "Swan lake 2021". This ice show is E. Plushenko and Rudkovskaya Ya in the "ice Palace" on the Avenue Pyatiletok 1. The action includes the elements of a fairy tale, but it strikes adults the incredible aesthetics of choreography on the ice. It is open from 3 to 8 January.
  • The tropical complex "MINDO", located in Pravda street 12. It is home to the largest collection of tropical butterflies, exotic birds, fauna and warm countries and the most rare animals. Sharply to get into a different climate zone can not only aircraft, but in the "MINDO" that will be one of the most vivid memories of Christmas holidays in the E.

Opportunities for the celebration of the New 2021 e enough to the holiday was fun, regardless of preferences and desires.

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