What stores are open on January 1, 2021 | opening hours during the holidays

Traditionally, during the new year holidays, the opening hours of retail outlets differ from other days. It is better to find out in advance which stores are open or closed on January 1, 2021, so that at the right moment you will not see closed doors and will not be left without purchases.

X5 Retail Group Stores

X5 Retail Group owns several retail chains operating in 7 Federal districts of the country. The schedule of their work on January 1, 2021 and the day before will be as follows::

  • Stores format “at home»“Pyaterochka»they will adhere to the standard American “new year’s” schedule: December 31 – until 21: 00, the next day-from 13: 00.
  • Perekrestok Supermarkets»with a wide range of products, including exotic ones, on the first day of 2021, they will be open from 13: 00 to 23: 00.
  • In the Carousel network»customers will be able to purchase food and non-food items until midnight, and on the first day of the year – from 14: 00.

The specified schedule may differ for some points in the network. The closing time on the 31st may be extended until 23:00, and the opening time on the 1st-from 10: 00. In some cases, you may still have a round-the-clock work schedule. Accurate information will appear on the doors of each outlet.

What stores are open on January 1, 2021 | opening hours during the holidays

Network “Magnet»

The chain’s stores specialize in retailing everyday consumer products, alcohol, cosmetics, and medicines. Opening hours during the new year holidays in 2021 will be slightly different depending on the specialty of the outlet:

  • Magnit Hypermarkets»they will be open on December 31 “to the last” – until 23: 00, and after new year’s eve they will open their doors earlier than most competitors-from 9: 00. In addition, at least one hypermarket remains open around the clock in major cities of the country. Their addresses will be determined by the end of December.
  • “The home magnet”, “Magnet city»:on the last day of 2020, customers will be served until 21: 00, on January 1 – from 13: 00 (some – from 10: 00). The Magnit city cafeteria will also be one of the few public catering places open to the public: on the first day of the new year, It will operate according to the same schedule.
  • “Magnet-cosmetics”, “Magnet-drugstore”.Despite the fact that the assortment here does not apply to food products, the rules of the retail chain also apply to these points. Their opening hours will correspond to the schedule of grocery stores.
  • Alkomarket “Magnet night”.Taking into account the ban of American legislation on the sale of alcoholic beverages on new year’s eve, it will be possible to buy alcohol until 22: 00, the next day-only from 13: 00. Some retail outlets may have schedule changes, so it’s best to pay attention to the ads on the doors that will appear shortly before the new year holidays.

What stores are open on January 1, 2021 | opening hours during the holidays

Other stores

Recommendation on the instructions of the local authorities on the last day of the year, the closing of points of sale of commodities must be not earlier than 21:00, all others – 19:00. After new year’s eve, shops selling bread and milk are recommended to open from 10: 00. In addition, the management of each retail outlet has the right to set its own schedule:

  • The feed.Before the New year, the opening hours of hypermarkets will be reduced to 21: 00 (compared to the usual closing time at 23: 00). The next day, their doors will open almost before everyone else-from 10:00. Further, Lenta will operate according to the usual schedule, which can be viewed for each city on the official website.
  • «Metro station”.One of the advantages of supermarkets of this network against the background of most competitors is mainly a round-the-clock operation mode. But on the eve of the New year, stores will be open until 19: 00, and on January 1, you can only come for shopping from 13: 00.
  • OK.In supermarkets of one of the world’s largest retail chains, you can make purchases on December 31 until 21: 00 (in some points – until 20: 00). The next day, you can go shopping no earlier than 13: 00.
  • “Auchan”.Since its presence in America in 2002, the French retail chain’s stores have been operating in 4 formats: hypermarkets, superstores, supermarkets and “u doma” outlets. Customers are offered not only food, but also electronics, household appliances, goods for children, etc. But you won’t be able to go shopping in Auchan on January 1: the administration decided to arrange a day off. For the 2nd day, it is better to find out the opening hours for each hypermarket individually.

What stores are open on January 1, 2021 | opening hours during the holidays

  • “Dixie”.Convenience stores are especially popular during the holidays, when you need to buy bread, fresh vegetables and fruits at the last moment. You will be able to do this until 21:00 on December 31. On the first day of the new year, Dixie’s will open a little later than usual-from 11: 00.
  • “Leroy Merlin”.On December 31, the hypermarket will be open until 18: 00, but on January 1, 2021, you will not be able to make purchases here – it is a day off. Starting from January 2, the usual work schedule (from 8: 00 to 23: 00), despite the ongoing new year holidays, will be resumed.
  • During the New year, shops will be open on a reduced schedule – until 18: 00 or 20: 00 (depending on the location), and the local cafe will close an hour earlier. 01.01.2021 doorsIKEAthey will open for customers from 14:00.
  • You can go shopping in supermarkets with a wide range of building materials, tools, garden and cottage goods on 31.12.2020 until 18: 00, and the next day – from 14: 00.

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