What should be on the new year’s table in 2021 | in the New year

If you like to plan a festive evening in detail – we will tell you what should be on the new year’s table in the coming 2021, and what should not be prepared in the New Year, so as not to anger the new patron.

According to the Eastern horoscope, the coming year 2021 will be held under the patronage of the White Metal Bull, whose tastes we will take into account in the menu and design of the festive table.

Basic tips

The bull is not picky in its food choices, but as a herbivore, it prefers foods such as:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables (fresh or boiled);
  • cereals;
  • fresh herbs.

What should be on the new year's table in 2021 | in the New year

That is why in the New year 2021, the list of things that must be on the table includes::

  • various salads that include fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs or lettuce leaves;
  • beautifully designed slicing (if you are not a fan of “spring” salads in the winter months);
  • a wide variety of potato dishes (boiled, stewed or baked);
  • cheeses (as a thank you to the symbol of the outgoing year);
  • mushrooms (they can be safely used in any dishes);
  • fish and seafood;
  • meat: baked poultry (with vegetables), braised rabbit or pork or lamb dishes.

Since the element of the coming 2021 year will be metal, you can serve food to the new year’s table in beautiful metal dishes, or classic ceramic, but with an original metallic pattern.

What should be on the new year's table in 2021 | in the New year

In the design, the main shades should be white and silver, but you can dilute them with any color accents. The bull will love the natural colors best:

  • green or light green;
  • brown;
  • light blue or light blue;
  • yellow or orange.

Bans for 2021

Important! On the new year’s table should not be dishes in the recipe of which there is meat of the tribesmen of the new patron. Perhaps this is the main ban of 2021.

Based on the announced rule, there should absolutely not be any items on the table.:

  • meat of veal and beef;
  • dishes based on combined minced meat (pork and beef);
  • sausages that contain beef.

Give preference to poultry dishes (chicken, duck, Turkey). Pork and lamb are also not prohibited, but nutritionists do not recommend putting a lot of such dishes on the table, because it will be much more difficult for the body to cope with plentiful and at the same time difficult to digest food.

What should be on the new year's table in 2021 | in the New year

Many Housewives, planning what should be on the new year’s table, immediately remember about the jelly, but here you should be careful, because in 2021 this favorite dish should be prepared in compliance with a number of important rules. First, it is necessary to prepare a jelly from chicken and pork (without beef). Secondly, do not use gelatin as a thickener. Perhaps few people have thought about how to produce this product, which is familiar to every housewife and widely used in cooking. And these transparent granules without taste and smell are obtained from waste products of the meat processing industry, which include, in particular, bones and horns of cattle. If you don’t want to upset your new patron, don’t put dishes on the table that can’t be prepared without this ingredient (aspic, jelly cakes, and jelly itself).

It is also worth remembering that the bull, like most animals, has a very negative attitude towards drunk people. Let in 2021, hot drinks on the new year’s table are taken not by quantity, but by quality. Please your guests with a good cognac or new recipes for creative cocktails.

What should be on the new year's table in 2021 | in the New year

Sample menu

In the menu for the New Year 2021, you should include:

  • hot meat dishes;
  • fish dishes;
  • side dishes;
  • salads;
  • canapes;
  • vegetable, cheese or meat cuts;
  • fresh fruit or fruit salads;
  • cake or other sweet treats;
  • juices or compotes;
  • alcoholic beverages.

If baked duck, chicken or Turkey, which has already become a traditional new year’s treat, seems too banal to you, please your guests with more refined options of hot meat dishes.

What should be on the new year's table in 2021 | in the New year

Also on the pages of our website there are many interesting recipes and design options for new year’s salads, which will become a worthy decoration of your table.

An alternative to classic sandwiches can be creative new year’s canapes, interesting ideas for which you will find in the corresponding article. Guests will definitely appreciate the creative approach, because this dish looks very beautiful, and there are miniature canapushki much more convenient.

What should be on the new year's table in 2021 | in the New year

Remember that not all people are happy to accept culinary experiments, so along with exclusive recipes, be sure to put on the table well-known and beloved dishes. In this case, it is the creative design and unusual presentation that will help create intrigue. An exquisite decoration of any dish can be spectacular flowers made from vegetables. How to make such a decor with your own hands, see the video:

Interesting cocktails should definitely be an original addition to your delicious and unusual new year’s menu. We offer you some interesting recipes based on champagne and stronger drinks.

Also make a note of non-alcoholic cocktails that will be appreciated by both children and guests who for some reason will not be able to enjoy the ideas from the previous videos.

The bull and the color red

Quite often, you can find information that in 2021 everything that is red (from decor to various dishes) falls into the category of prohibited items. Is this true, and is the symbol of the coming year really so negative about the color red?

Fact # 1– in China, the red color has long been an integral element of new year’s celebrations, and the upcoming holiday will not be an exception. Residents of China try to keep everything in red tones, from the decoration of houses and streets to clothes, gift packaging and festive dishes.

Fact # 2– scientists have long proved that bulls do not have any special reaction to red things. The vision of this animal is arranged in such a way that it perceives the world in monochrome and simply does not distinguish colors.

Let these facts please everyone who likes to celebrate the New Year brightly and does not want to give up their favorite color scheme in the design of the house and the decor of the new year’s table.

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