What shops are open January 1, 2021

Are coming to the house to hypermarkets and chain stores 1 January 2021 residents of the neighborhood to be informed in advance. Run on the first day of the new year and find out which ones are open, do not want anyone. The question remains relevant not only 1, but also 2,3 of January and so on until the end of Russian Christmas holidays. Daily needs, bread and other basic commodities in store will not stock up. So sellers remain behind the counter, continuing to serve customers. Especially this rule applies to the small shops “walking distance” that work and 1 Jan.

The schedule of work shops during the first days of the year

At the recommendation of the manual developed by the administrative institutions of cities, counties, and districts in New year’s eve outlets with goods of first need to work up to 21.00, the rest – till 19.00. On January 1, the outlets selling bread, milk suggest to open at 10.00, but the exact time is at the discretion of the Directorate. Therefore, the work schedule on the first day of the year at each store.

What shops are open January 1, 2021

Chain stores and hypermarkets product range

To buy food, other necessities, drinks 1 January 2021 in the number of supermarkets:

  1. “Metro”. 31 December 2020 network door open from 0-00 to 19-00. 01.01.2021 from 13-00. Day 2 of the month goes to a standard mode of service.
  2. “Carousel.” In this network it is possible to by December 31, the remaining packet of mayonnaise or peas up to 24 hours, longer than the others. And 01.01.2021 the sellers will start service at 14-00. Later in January the standard points of service in shared mode.
  3. “Magnet”. A very extensive network of mega stores and outlets at home. The number of missions close to 20 000. Learn the work schedule in holidays nearest to the place of residence, it is better to place. The administration of each informs the ad with the exact schedule. But tentative schedules are: 31.12.2020 to 21-00, 01.01.2021 from 13-00.
  4. “Dixie”. Completed in 2020, the number 31 at 21-00. And on the first day of the year to shop visitors from 11-00 to 21-00. Since January 2, according to the regular schedule.
  5. “Auchan”. On the last day of 2020 skimp can be from 8-30 till 18.00, some till 19-00. 1 and 2 January, the property market made by the employee the weekend, and with 03.01.2021 stores operate in the usual way.
  6. “Pyaterochka”. Finish the job the evening of the last day of December at 21: 00. And 01.01.2021 the sellers will return to the customer service at 13-00. Other holiday breaks in the store throughout the year is not provided.
  7. “Crossroads.” Sales offices of large chain holding 31.12.2020 work until 21: 00. January 1 come to the supermarket is from 13-00 to 23-00. Starting with 2 numbers chart is included to normal from 9-00 to 23-00, or from 8-00 to 24-00, depending on previously approved.
  8. “Okay.” The hypermarkets of the network until December 30, save clock mode. 31.12.2020 serve to 21-00. 01.01.2021 begin at 15-00. 02.01.2021 moving to a standard schedule.
  9. The Finnish network of grocery hypermarkets “Prisma” is presented only in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. Closes its doors for buyers in the new year’s eve at 21: 00. And 01.01.2021 starts work at 12.00.
  10. Hypermarkets “the Tape” 31.12.2020 work until 21: 00. Start the service in the new year 01.01.2021 at 10: 00. So to shop the Essentials here early just.

What shops are open January 1, 2021

Outlets non-food purpose

Job shops non-food range, it would seem, less interesting to buyers. But the practice of visiting hypermarkets in this direction shows the opposite. Long weekend, the opportunity to make a joint purchase with family or the need to purchase gifts – everyone has their reasons. Therefore, to learn the schedule of these stores too:

  1. Leroy Merlin. To make the last purchase in the past year 31.12.2020 in the salons of the trade network it is possible to 20-00. To buy necessities or gifts for loved ones in the new year will not earlier 02.01.2021, starting at 8: 00 ends at 22-00.
  2. OBI. Supermarkets construction of the category of goods, garden furniture and tools for the garden work 31.12.2020 from 8-00 to 18-00. On the first day of January of the sellers start service from 14: 00 to midnight. With 02.01.2021 in normal mode.
  3. IKEA on the last day of the year working to 18-00. And 01.01.2021 to make purchases in hypermarkets, the Swiss brand from 14-00 to 22-00. The second number, the supermarket comes on the usual service schedule.

Work shopping centers during the Christmas holidays

Most shopping malls will begin the work not earlier than 12-13 hours of January 1, 2021. But those where the main food are the representative of the group of hypermarkets “Auchan” on the first day of the year can be closed. Shopping malls operating on 1 January:

  1. TRTS “European” work: supermarket “Perekrestok”; a Starbucks on the 1st floor; Kosmik; Formula films; KFC; cafe “daily Bread”.
  2. TEC “Festival” involved in the work from 13-00 till 22-00. With 2 numbers as usual.

What shops are open January 1, 2021

Shopping malls and working Jan 1:

  1. Mega Mall Dybenko from 14-00 to 22-00.
  2. Mega Parnas from 14-00 to 22-00.
  3. SC Gallery from 14-00 to 23-00.
  4. TC Stockman from 14-00 to 23-00.
  5. The shopping center in June the shops are closed and the entertainment area are working with 14-00.
  6. The shopping center River House from 13: 00.
  7. The Mall and Waterpark Piterlend from 14-00 to 22-00.
  8. SEC Optimall from 14-00 to 22-00.

To postpone the purchase of products and gifts on 1 January, few people dare purposefully, but to find a way out of the situation. The administration of most of the major supermarkets has ensured that “zabijcie” buyers were able to correct an unfortunate oversight.

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