What elections will be in 2021 in USA

Every year in the USA is election campaigns. Since October 2012, almost all of them, except the presidential, are held in one day. Single voting day established by Federal law, includes elections of bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation and elections of heads of local self-government. In 2021 in 16 regions of the country have passed the authority of leaders elected by the people in September 2015. Analysts forecast whether the choice of population as in previous elections, or the government will change dramatically.

Elections of the head of the Leningrad region

The term of office of the current Governor of the Leningrad region expires in September 2021. Alexander Yuryevich Drozdenko, a native of Kazakh SSR, Chairman of the Government LO may 28, 2012. Drozdenko candidacy was proposed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Legislative Assembly of the region, acquainted with the plans of the future leader, endorsed the selection of the President. In may 2012 Drozdenko was appointed Governor of the Leningrad region. But in connection with the return of the "popular" vote, you have decided to undergo the procedure for the election on a common basis. With the consent of the President Putin, Drozdenko resigned and was a candidate from the "United USA" in the election campaign of 2015. The population expressed its confidence in the current head in the form of 85% of the vote.

What elections will be in 2021 in USA

Whether the same high level of confidence in the Governor of the Leningrad region in the next election the opinions of the experts vary widely. A significant part of the population expresses its dissatisfaction with the current regime of power. The protest electorate was formed from a large number of defrauded investors. Several large settlements have expressed dissatisfaction with the inaction and unwillingness to help people recover lost funds or square metres. Also sociologists point out that in the area of acute for the population remain the issues of rising prices, quality of care, infrastructure development etc.

As for the cultural capital, the mayor and heads of municipalities will choose in a single day of voting in September 2020. Such a merger will significantly reduce the budget money SPB.

For information. For legislation to become a candidate for the office of Governor must obtain the approval of the so-called municipal deputies. Each municipality can support only one candidate. This “filter” could pass not for everyone.

Elections in Tatarstan

In the Republic of Tatarstan in 2021 will be held municipal elections and presidential elections. Interestingly, contrary to the Federal law, adopted in 2010, the leader of the Republic still has the status of “President”. On legislation prior to 2015, all the top leaders of the Executive authorities of national republics of the USA, naming the presidents, had to rename. The requirement for the letter of the law has fulfilled all, except Tartary. First, a derogation from the rules was in the form of deferral of one year. Then did not respond to the election campaign of 2015 during which Rustam Minnikhanov was again elected President of the Republic. Maybe in 2021 elections will be held in accordance with the law. Strong competitors the head of the Republic is not marked, and almost the entire population rather the political course of present government.

What elections will be in 2021 in USA

In the municipalities of Tatarstan previous elections were held on 13 September 2015. In total, they were attended by representatives of six political associations: "United USA", "Communist USA", KPRF, LDPR, Yabloko, "Fatherland" and 50 independents. The greatest popularity among the population is the party "United USA". According to experts, despite the fact that, aware of the existence in Tatarstan of about 65 political unions, no special surprises from the elections of 2021 should be expected.

For information. Direct and secret voting for governors and deputies of local government in the USA since 2012, is held once in five years, the second Sunday of September. That is, in 2021 the single voting day falls on September 13.

Elections on Sakhalin

In September 2021, the plan came time for the election of the Governor of the Sakhalin region. But in connection with the dismissal on the grounds of loss of confidence in 2015 khoroshavina a change of government took another plan. Last on the appointment of Vladimir Putin, acting Governor of the Sakhalin region was Valery Limarenko. To perform the duties of the head of the region Limarenko will be to the nearest single voting day, i.e. till September 8, 2020. The political fate of the Governor will determine the population.

What elections will be in 2021 in USA

Elections in the Rostov region

In the fall of 2021 will pass elections of the head of the Rostov region. Political analysts say that in advance to predict which political intensity of the election will be difficult. But that chances of re-election of the current Governor are minimal, experts say without a doubt. It is also possible that Vasily Golubev at the initiative of the President may resign as early as 2020.

Rating with negative characteristics happened according to political analysts, as a result of fatigue of the population. Golubev holds the post of head 2010. In the course of sociological surveys of the population saw no other suitable candidate for Governor. In 2015, more than 75% of voters gave their voices for him, the turnout was about 50%. According to some, the new Governor may be rude of mavliarov.

What elections will be in 2021 in USA

Mavliarov Rude Davletyarova

For information. The staff of the center of electoral practices has made a rating of election of heads of regions. Criteria for the allocation of places in the ranking evaluation have become regional experts. Deuces got 14 heads of regions, and blue in them. The chance of re-election for a new term with a rating of excellent was received by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

Elections in the region in 2021

In addition to the areas already mentioned, gubernatorial elections will be held in several regions of the USA:

  • Chuvashia;
  • Kamchatka Krai;
  • Krasnodar Krai;
  • Arkhangelsk oblast;
  • Bryansk oblast;
  • Irkutsk oblast;
  • Kaluga oblast;
  • Kostroma oblast;
  • Penza oblast;
  • Smolensk oblast;
  • Tambov oblast;
  • Jewish Autonomous oblast, etc.

The Central election Commission reminds that the full information on candidates for the posts of heads of regions can be found on the same official website. Leading politicians of the country, in turn, remind that who we choose, depends on the quality of our lives.

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