What awaits pensioners in 2021

From 1 January 2021 Russian pensioners waiting for indexation of insurance pensions by 6.6%, which is 0.9% lower than in 2020. Given that the average pension is 14.8 thousand rubles, then we are talking about the increase in 977 RUB this provision applies only to those who retired, has not accepted another job or receive other income.

The authorities are not deprived of your attention and working pensioners. Despite the fact that annual indexation will pass them by, their entitlements is also a little older — on average, 300 RUB of the Matter in terms of who carries out Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) each year on 1 August. As workers, pensioners continue to pay the premiums, the size of pensions will gradually increase.

Insurance and social pension

Insurance pension — a cash allowance, which is paid once a month as a compensation for wages or other lost income.

The recipients are as follows:

  1. Citizens who retired on attaining the statutory age.
  2. Disabled if there is at least one day of seniority.
  3. Dependents of a deceased insured survivors who were dependent on him.

What awaits pensioners in 2021These money is paid by insurance premiums. Additionally there is a set fixed amount, the amount of which is subject to annual indexation taking into account indicators of the level of inflation over the past year.

All insurance pensions will be indexed on 1 January 2021 6.6% (in 2020, the ratio was slightly more — 7 percent).

The social pension — the amount of money transferred on a regular basis at the expense of the state budget in order to provide material support to vulnerable categories of Russian citizens.

She relies on the following persons:

  1. The old-age pensioners, who for whatever reason have not earned insurance experience.
  2. Disabled people of all groups.
  3. Orphans.
  4. Residents Of The Far North.
  5. Those who came to a well-deserved vacation for years of service (employees of civil, law enforcement, military service).

In contrast to the insurance coverage, in the appointment of social payments does not matter how much money was transferred to these persons to the Treasury.

Social pensions promised to index from 1 April 2021 at 7% (in 2020, the ratio of the April index was only 2%).

Who do not the pension index

As was noted above, working pensioners may not be indexing from the beginning of 2021. It will affect only those Russian citizens who receive insurance benefits for old age and never officially occupied.

The only thing you are entitled to expect workers, is to recalculate the PFR, but the raise in this case is 3 times lower and will be around 300 RUB.

What awaits pensioners in 2021

Previously, the compensation inflation for working pensioners has been frozen for 3 years. This decision of the authorities was dictated by the fact that this category of citizens earns additional income from full or part-time employment after retirement. Currently, individual parliamentarians raise the issue of lifting the moratorium in respect of at least those of working pensioners, who has a disability. In response, the Prime Minister instructed to consider the possibility of indexation of social allowances for the disabled 1st and 2nd groups already in 2021.

As promised officials, workers, the elderly will be able to return the lost funds in case of refusal of official employment (after dismissal or reduction of staff), starting in 2016 (date of entry into force of the relevant law).

For example, if during the period the payments were increased by 14%, the total premium for all years will come to them through 30 days after the date of termination of employment.

How will payments to unemployed pensioners

From January 1, 2021 as a result of indexation 6.6% increase in payments to unemployed pensioners and persons who receive insurance payments.

According to plans of officials, if you will economic indicators, the growth of insurance coverage will continue at the same dynamics until 2024, with the result that this category of persons waiting for an increase to the current allowance in the amount of not less than 6 thousand rubles, which is 40% above the existing rate.

What awaits pensioners in 2021

According to the relevant legislation clearing in connection with the inflation is carried out in 2 stages:

  • from 1 February with the use of the consumer price index (monthly changes in the prices of goods and services included in potreskatsya) over the last year;
  • from 1 April, if the revenues of the pension Fund.

In the second case, when the annual growth index of the average Russian salary that exceeds the annual rate of growth of cost of potrebkorziny over the same period, an allowance of the sum insured equal to the difference of these indices.

The upcoming pension reform

2021 will be the beginning of the second phase of a large-scale pension reform in the USA. First of all, will continue to increase in age for retirement in old age. Now men can retire on reaching 61.5 years (previously 60 years), women -56,5 years (formerly 55 years), that is, to increase the length of service will be 1.5 years.

What awaits pensioners in 2021

The expected changes will affect so-called "beneficiaries", which include teachers and doctors. If until recently they could afford to retire on working 25 — 30 years (depending on region), it is now necessary for this experience will also increase by 1.5 years.

Meanwhile, some media appeared information that from-for failures with the previous reforms of the social sphere, namely the lack of savings for the budget from raising the age of access USAн on a holiday, pension funds across the country in 2021 are waiting for mass inspection by the Prosecutor’s office.

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